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  1. Surefire cans are definitely the toughest SOB's on the market, and have quite a few awesome options. Dead air definitely has the best QD mounting platform and are extremely good performers, both durability and suppression( I have a couple sandmans, the K and the S) and they have a new lightweight can out now too. Silencerco has some of the quietest cans you can buy.... WHAT are you looking for this can to do primarily?
  2. colt1911

    G19 rmr

    This is spot on. Take it from a guy that has 2 rm06's and one rm07, the 3.25 dot is perfect whereas the 6min dot is too big for me and has too much bloom. At least in the RMR. Now on the open gun all i had was 6min dots and i loved them. Moving from the rm06 to the rm07 my 25 and 50yd B8s usually suffer ~5-10 pts and ~10-15 pts respectively.
  3. What bullet are you running @9x45?
  4. Why SHOULD it suck though, it doesn't have to? Why not change the status quo? Your right, and over the years I've learned a lot about what's good and what's really not (though people still think it is), but I've had the best of dots and gear break, well-maintained dots/gear. Why not have that insurance when your 600 dollar red dot that you didn't think would die, dies?
  5. I see this train of thought everywhere on this forum, but having had numerous red dots on guns for years, I've learned that irons are insurance, (dot flicker, dot completely dying, dot breaking, dot flying off the gun (MOS system) have all happened to me or buddies guns in the MIDDLE of stages). it's not a matter of if it'll happen, its when. so, why not have them there to switch over to when crap happens... yes, irons are a slight distraction, but only slightly, their pros outweigh their cons every day of the week. you don't always get to switch to your backup gun and re-run the stage.
  6. just do this, or send it to me.... no more need for an extended mag release
  7. colt1911

    Magpul question

    Same here, also with magpul mags, exactly what I did
  8. colt1911

    Epoxy + grit

    is there a set of instructions anywhere on how to do this? might actually try it on a spare g19
  9. "lose the iron sights" he says, have you ever had a dot die in the middle of a match or even completely break in the middle of a stage (hood detach from dot body), or even something as simple as a little dot flicker in the middle of a stage? if you've had any of those happen to you, your happy to have those BUIS, just pick up those irons and keep rocking out.
  10. colt1911

    KKM for 147gr 9mm

    If you cant repetitively shoot 90's on a B8 at 25, an aftermarket barrel is only going to be a show piece for you, its not going to make you shoot lazerbeamz automatically.... But, here you go, this is just 1 of a few reputable tests done on glock barrel accuracy, I'll link another in a minute..... all in all KKM is top of the pack, s3f and blacklist aren't far behind, agency barrels aren't in any of these tests, but i know a few peeps that swear by the premium line ($$$) Barrel Race 2017 — Victory Gun Blog.htm
  11. what modern comps are you guys using on 9major?
  12. Please do it! Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk
  13. understandable, Ive been that LEO that got the finger as a Porsche 911 drives by...
  14. I believe they do have good content, I am here to stay and contribute as much as possible, I have been lurking and reading around here for years before I even created an account, I figured it was time to get more involved. I am not here to just fly in, sell some stuff and leave. I have read the classifieds pinned post. My post ^ was meant in jest, my apologies.
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