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  1. The ruger PC is just awesome and it runs.
  2. I count. It took some practice but I got it. Try counting when other people are shooting and it helps it to become second nature.
  3. Man that really sucks. At least a lot of the targets are steel and wouldnt be lost.
  4. I dont own one yet but might like to get a nice production gun and the shadow 2 is high on the list. Either the accu shadow or the regular.
  5. As it says, is it really worth it to spend the extra money on a accu shadow 2. Are you really going to see the benefit in USPSA.
  6. The mbx will almost always hold 21 but being re loadable is another story. There have been quite a few times where I felt that extra round was pretty useful.
  7. A guy I shoot with went through 3 dvc open guns. He would shoot the season with the cracked comp and send it back for a replacement at the end of the season. Started the new season with a brand new gun. Was a little pathetic they couldnt get it right.
  8. I wish there was some Chinese food worth eating in my area. Its all downright nasty.
  9. This is true but only by millimeters
  10. It would def help but wouldn't make up for that much in the end. Depends on how close it is before you switch.
  11. NY police officers and certain peace officers are absolutely allowed to carry in NYC. When you retire only police officers can get NYC carry permits. Peace officers need to get a good ole boy letter if they want any hope of getting it.
  12. Before I reloaded I used to buy quite a bit of ammo there. I would watch for the sales and it turned out to be good deals. Especially if you had their credit card or even there rewards card. Bass pro was always more money for shooting stuff. I never shopped there. Cabelas had definitely gone down hill since the merger. Its too bad but I saw it coming.
  13. in the steel challenge rule book states that during the course of fire you cannot be swept or pointed at. The only exception is when you are bagging or un bagging your firearm and not while touching the gun.
  14. The belt won’t help make it compliant. The measurement for USPSA is made from the belt not the body.
  15. At my local club set up is totally optional but you get your match fee compd. As far as tear down goes its pretty much expected that you will stay and help. It goes real quick. We have drills and all the necessary tools in the pits before break down starts. We also have shipping containers at almost every pit so the steel etc. goes right in there. I would say it doesn't take more than 15 minutes to tear down a stage. The set up guys do work hard and do a lot but it seems to work out well. Haven't really had any issues as far as set up or take down goes yet.
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