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  1. Im thinking notch in the mag. Check it with your mags that are known to work.
  2. I would go with Phoenix trinity frame and slide and scheumann barrel. Ive had good luck with kkm barrels also.
  3. Has it always been a problem with that particular mag? If so the mag catch hole in the mag could be out of spec. If its a new issue I also suspect the tube swelled a bit. Adam from Atlas gunworks has some good videos on tuning mags and dealing with those kinds of problems.
  4. I have used a racemaster and alpha x for about 4 years with no support and never had a problem. That said I have heard one really good argument for it. In seated starts, depending on where your holster is located it is a very real possibility that you could bump the gun up and out of the holster when you stand up. Having the support wouldnt allow you to put pressure of the muzzle end. The support would take the pressure and save you. This had never been an issue for me but it was an interesting observation.
  5. Love the PT aggressive metal grips.
  6. Please correct me if that is not correct.
  7. Any gun can qualify for open but if it is to be a replacement mid match going from a dot to iron sights could be a problem. Rule 5.1.7 states that "competitors must use the same firearm and type of sights for all courses of fire in a match..." In the end its up to the range master if its going to be ok. The way I read that rule is that even going from an open 2011 to a open glock may not even fly.
  8. My understanding is weight is the biggest issue and I don't see any advantage to having the rail. Not going to put weights or lights on it if it is just for competition.
  9. That’s impressive. But seriously what kind of camera are you using. Assuming canon or Nikon.
  10. Bulleit for me. Its on the sweet side which I like in a bourbon. Not crazy on the price either. Tried a lot of different stuff and I keep going back to it. The name doesn't hurt either lol.
  11. I’ve had good luck with the Wilson combat light oil. Works great in both summer heat and freezing winter temps. That said the cheapest would probably a quart of Mobil 1. I know a lot of guys that run all different weights with success. Stay away from frog lube or seal 1. It’s just coconut oil If my memory serves me right.
  12. Cerakote really doesn’t stand up well to much abuse. It will wear rather quick.
  13. I use the STI paddle that your having problems with. I too had issues initially. I ended up putting in a heavy mag release spring and angled it up a bit. That mroblems. Was a bit of tweaking to get it right but it was worth it.
  14. If you have calipers check the diameter of your existing pin and match the new nitro fin to it. Doesn’t take much to hang up the slide.
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