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  1. Now THAT'S something I've never checked for. Until tonight.
  2. All stock at this point. I've changed the whole primer assembly, I've changed parts in the primer assembly, I've adjusted and whatever. Aligned the shell plate. Press is solidly mounted. Unfortunately, I have many, many thousands of CCI primers and I would really like to use them. Maybe I have a batch that's slightly out of round or something. I didn't mean to threadcrap on the XL750, it just came up because of the change in the primer mechanism, and I am far from a hater. It is just my particular issue.
  3. If the arm is bent, you can bend it back without a problem until you get a spare.
  4. When this happens to me there is often a primer (or piece of one) that kept going around with each stroke until it jams. It gets tighter and tighter as it gets wedged into the primer assembly. The index arm can also be bent, which means the return spring sets at an angle. Take it out and look at it - it should be straight and not bent upwards.
  5. I'm probably one of the unlucky ones, but as far as I'm concerned the 650 primer system sucks. I end up with more flipped primers and jammed primers that don't drop out and keep going around to gum up the works. Small primers in particular, CCI especially. I've chamfered the primer disk holes, run it dry, run it lubricated, etc., etc. I have multiple full primer setups. My SDB never fails me but the XL650 sometimes is a PITA. I'm not getting rid of it, as I generally love the machine but in my case the primer system is the Achille's heel. I'd welcome an XL750 "just in case" it would be better. If Dillon sends me a core I'll update and report back ...
  6. I like that a lot. I may also, for the short term, try to bevel the Sinclair. It is stainless, though, so that might not be as easy as I think.
  7. I sometimes feel the need to clean my .223 brass if it gets too crappy. I remove the primers before I send them through SS tumbling or Brass Jioce. I'm looking for a decap only die to run in my XL650. The Sinclair one has a sharp edge on the pin retainer that catches the mouth of the case unless it is perfectly centered. It makes for a long session to have to manually "feel" the fit almost every time. Everything is lined up fine and there's no vibration - there's just some variation and the sinclair retainer isn't ideal. Anyone have a die that works?
  8. I once set off the primers in the tube - totally my fault. Other than my pride, the priming tube was toast and the measuring rod was stuck in the ceiling. I keep it hanging next to the press now so it is front and center. Never had one since.
  9. If you don't want to use pins, do your wet tumbling with brass juice. Even faster and easier than pins, who are collecting dust now. When i dry tumbled, I never had to turn the separator that long. Maybe 15-20 seconds, back and forth. Pistol cases are even easier to do than rifle. I would definitely look at your media and look for something a little bigger.
  10. For my soap, I use ArmorAll Car wash/wax along with Lemi-Shine. It gets the dirt and the brass doesn't dull at all over time.
  11. I use only CCI primers and with few problems on my RF100. I never switch it over, though. I've been using a VibraPrime that never flips a primer (knock, knock) for the other size. Still, I miss the "set and forget" convenience of the RF-100. When my son gets bored of the Franklin I'll probably add another RF100.
  12. Never saw that before. That's exactly what I have been thinking about making. I was doing a bunch of loading last weekend and had to change it three times (I didn't plan as well as I could have but loading went better than expected so I went in priority order!) and cursed it every time.
  13. Are you sure you are solidly mounted? Can you perceive the vibration that dislodges the casing?
  14. I popped a tube of about 30 primers, totally my fault for forcing it. Spectacular.
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