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  1. So, it comes down the RO's opinion, was the shooter shooting at targets when between the shooting areas? If so, then applies for Procedural(s). If not 10.4.6 applies for a DQ.
  2. This is a common challenge. I've had a lot of success with the 32GB Amazon Fire 8" tablet. They are relatively cheap, and you can pick up a childproof case that is extra drop resistant to go along with them, which is really helpful for use on the range. Typically, around the holidays, you can find the tablets with cases and everything you need for around $50 each.
  3. Live & learn, kudo's to you for digging in to learn the specifics of the rules. You are correct though, the competitor should have been DQ'd for dropping a gun during the COF.
  4. I think 7.1.1 is what establishes that only the RO can issue any penalty (including a DQ): ====== Range Officer(“RO”) –issues range commands, oversees competitor compliance with the written stage briefing and closely monitors safe competitor action. He also declares the time, scores, and penalties achieved by each competitor and verifies that these are correctly recorded on the competitor’s score sheet (under the authority of a Chief Range Officer and Range Master) ====== So, the shooter should have been given a reshoot due to the Peanut Gallery interference and no DQ since there wasn't an RO who observed a 180 violation.
  5. Agreed, you are still “D” class so that’s how you have to register. In the meantime, you can look into why the “B” class score was dropped. It may be the automated rule that throws out any score significantly higher than your current class. If that is the case you can request that the USPSA team reconsider and use that score. It won’t help you for this upcoming Level II match, and it will likely take a few weeks to take effect, but I’ve seen them accept the higher score every time this comes up. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. They way I've learned to treat this, as the RO, if I KNEW that the shooter didn't engage the target when the shooter was finished then I would assign an FTSA. If I only questioned the fact when we were scoring targets, then the shooter gets the mikes, but no FTSA.
  7. After the match, the competitor submits a charge-back on their credit card to get a refund they don't deserve per the clear match refund policy, and this has a significant negative financial impact on the match. Does rule 6.4.4.a give the MD the ability to declare this competitor persona non grata at his matches going forwards? I would agree that this is a bit of a subjective call - however I would say No, that doesn’t meet the criteria to ban someone from future matches per the rules cited. At the end of the day, you have a simple issue of managing a refund dispute. If you had a clearly stated refund policy which was well documented (as you state you do) then I expect you should prevail in your reasoning for not issuing a refund with the CC company. The attendee in question never showed, so he didn’t violate any gun safety rules nor showed any sort of inability to safely complete a COF. I get how frustrating it is for someone to back out of a paid event at the last minute, especially if you aren’t overcharging for a profit and you are counting on every dollar from every attendee. I’ve managed such events myself and it’s a tough line to walk - making the fee low enough that it is affordable but not putting yourself or your club at risk of losing money in the process. However, I personally interpret this rule to be intended to bar someone who has proven to be unsafe or mentally unfit to be trusted to be safe in a USPSA match. This refund dispute doesn’t meet that standard, IMHO. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I only see facts in his post, no hysteria. Furthermore, those 80% you reference will still be transmitting the virus to more people, likely before they even get symptoms themselves. That will cause more deaths and extended timelines for isolation. I agree that isolation is our most powerful tool right now.
  9. Well - most every state has a stay at home order in place, and the CDC has clearly requested that we don’t leave our homes if we don’t absolutely have to do so (like for a once weekly grocery run). So, you wouldn’t be following the requests and guidelines of our health officials and you would be risking the further spread of this virus. The fact remains that you can be asymptomatic and shedding the virus (contagious). We would all love to be out shooting matches but I wouldn’t host one nor attend one at this point in time. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Yeah, agreed - I think the RO was mistaken. The safety is not required when the hammer is down.
  11. For me, it was simply a matter of fact that they worked well, so I stuck with them. The backstory.. I decided that I wanted 147 and ideally 147 RN bullets. That eliminated Blue Bullets for me, so then I tested Xtreme (and also Berry) and found that the Xtreme 147 RN and 124 RN worked well in my gun, but the Xtreme 124 FP did not. Since I wanted 147 RN, I started using Xtreme and even continued to use them for a while after they declared Chapter 11 early last year. However, their already marginal customer service fell even further and then I started finding 124 bullets intermixed in my boxes of 147 bullets, from the factory. That was the last straw for me. Unfortunately I didn't catch that fact until after I had already loaded over 1,000 of what I thought were 147's but were a combination of 124's and 147's (thankfully it wasn't the other way around, so I just had a number of powder puff rounds and not overcharged rounds). I insisted on getting a full refund for the thousands I had stockpiled. At that point, I decided to never use Xtreme again (especially when I heard from numerous people who had experienced the same issue)! I had a friend who was using Everglades, so I tried a couple dozen of his 147's and they worked quite well. I made an order and found their customer service to be great, and their delivery time frame was really fast (especially comparing to the multi-month delays I was always dealing with through Xtreme), so I stuck with them. Their product works, prices are good and both service & delivery were great. For me, that was enough to select them and start stockpiling thousands of those bullets. My impression is that there are likely many other bullet manufacturers out there who I would also be happy using, but given that I'm happy with Everglades I found no need to keep searching. I was ready to start spending more time loading en masse instead of continuing to test / chrono various loads.
  12. As an MD, I see it from time to time. I have never seen a scenario where the shooter doesn’t eventually get the approval to include the Classifier. It can take 2+ weeks, but once you fill out the form it has been accepted in school case I’ve seen. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Red Hill Tactical Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Did you ask Joe at Patriot Defense? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. I tested over a dozen different types of 9mm bullets with both of my Stock II’s when I started reloading early last year. I haven’t modified my barrel either. For me, I found that I started to have feed issues if my OAL goes below 1.09”. With that said, for Blue Bullet specifically I found that the 125 RN and 147 RN wouldn’t work well in my barrel (they work great in some of my other pistols). I also validated that I could use 125 TC, 135 TC and 147 FP in my Stock II. Eventually I moved to Everglades 147 RN and I use those exclusively now. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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