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  1. If anyone has signed up, can you check and see how many heavy shooters have signed up?
  2. Got a new 650 that im setting up for .45 and im having a problem adjusting the powder throw range and belling of the case. in order to get the case belled the proper amount, the powder bar overextends and the white plastic square with the hole in it goes flying. what am i doing wrong? Ive reloaded for years on Stars and 1050's but this is my first 650.
  3. Thanks again for putting on such a fun match. See you next year!
  4. im having an issue with a fresh shell jamming as its going into the barrel. I tried a variety of different shells and have about 1 jam per box. Any ideas? Thanks
  5. did one of the washers fall out of the forearm?? look up a schematic and see if your missing them
  6. Dont wait, just go shoot it and have fun. Also, run 69 or 77's, they hit noticeably harder than hot 55's
  7. Look at what the majority of shooters run and run that.
  8. Its not a drop in like the aforementioned triggers. I got mine back pretty quick.
  9. AR10 Ar Gold The slightly taller hammer on the ar10 variant helps with the trigger reset issue.
  10. Is there a better contact person for match sponsorship? Havent been able to get ahold of anyone.
  11. I got mine through Brian Enos, not sure if he still has the deal but if you send a check instead of credit card, youll get a better price.. Youll be hard pressed to find one local.
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