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  1. Thanks Cuz. Yes, both SWMBO and my daughter feel that the "break" of the trigger pull is smoother and lighter with the "-" connector. SWMBO said that the original G44 trigger felt like her Gen5 G17 in terms of takeup. That was OK, but when the "break" happened (striker released and round fired) she described it as both harder and heavier then her Gen5 G17. She did not like the reset, saying it was not "crisp, easily felt" My daughter described the original G44 trigger as "heavy and hard" compared to her Gen4 G17 and she didn't like the reset either. Since they'd fired the G44 the most I figured I'd go with their "request", and try a factory "-" connector. At that point the round count was 1450. After the change, they both feel that the trigger pull is smoother, the break feels lighter, and they like the reset. 920 rounds have been fired with the new "-" connector. I agree with them about the reset. A very definite reset, with an audible click, where the original G44 trigger was not definite or audible on the reset. Not sure about the actual trigger pull weight, since I do not have a trigger weight gauge, but subjectively it feels lighter. SWMBO's scores on the indoor GSSF match CoF went from 457x20X (original connector) to 477x29X ("-" connector) The combination of the "-" connector and the new fiber optic front sight seem to be working for her.
  2. Glock 44 purchased 1/30 Serial # prefix ADUH Primary use: GSSF Rimfire Division 2370 rounds fired to date 900 rounds CCI MiniMag (40gr. CPRN) 730 rounds Federal Champion #510 (40gr. LRN) 3 FTF, 1 FTE 470 rounds Federal AutoMatch #AM22 (40gr. LRN) 1 FTF 150 rounds CCI Standard Velocity (40gr. LRN) 3 FTE 120 rounds Remington Golden Bullet (36gr. HP) 2 FTF (note: all FTF rounds fired after being rechambered for a second try) 12 indoor range sessions, including 2 Indoor GSSF matches (GSSF Alternative CoF Option A) pistol cleaned and lubed after each range session Modifications: Pearce Mag Well plug installed when purchased. After 1450 rounds installed a Dawson .205T x .105W fiber optic front sight and a Glock minus (3.5) connector Accuracy: depends on the Loose Nut Behind The Trigger. Using a B8 target, at 25 yards, very slow fire with spotter's help, was able to put 10 rounds each of the CCI MiniMags, and both Federal loads, into the 9/10 rings. Using a Bianchi D1 target and the GSSF CoF (10 rounds in 15 seconds, at 5,7,10,15 and 25 yards, 50 rounds total) the pistol is capable of keeping all 50 rounds into the 8/10 rings. I haven't been able to produce that accuracy on demand, kept pulling rounds into the 5 ring. Other notes: Primary users are my wife (SWMBO) and adult daughter. They are both experienced GSSF shooters, and use a Gen5 G17 and a Gen4 G17 respectively. The factory front sight was changed to a fiber optic front sight to match the sight on their other Glocks. The trigger connector was changed to a minus connector because they preferred that "feel" We like this one. It's done well for our intended use. And it's fun to shoot.
  3. I think you'll like it Gary. Diana & I have had a lot of fun during the last 7 BITB's.
  4. Depending on availability & price, I've used 148 grain hollowbase wadcutters from Zero, Speer, Hornady and Precision Delta with good results (at least by my low standards ) I prefer Federal Small Pistol #100 primers, and have also used Winchester SLP primers. In 2014, using Speer 148 grain hollow base wadcutters, Federal Small Pistol #100 primers Chrono'd from a 6" Douglas barreled PPC revolver: 3.2 grains WW 231, 739 FPS 2.5 grains Clays, 718 FPS 2.7 grains Bullseye, 741 FPS As long as I did my part, these loads were all accurate enough to stay inside the 10 ring of a standard NRA B-27 target at 25 yards. The WW231 load did leave some powder residue under the extractor star. I used a tooth brush to clean it out every 100 or so rounds, and it was not a problem. As always, YMMV.
  5. Thanks for taking the video. It's interesting to see what can be done with short, 5 shot strings, and still have good stages of fire (IMHO) Question: am I correct that you were both using N frame, .45 caliber Smith&Wesson revolvers for this event? Thanks.
  6. Diana & I want to thank everyone involved in this great match, the sponsors, the range staff and crew, the BBQ cooks, and even you, Gary, the great Super Senior Single Stack Range Master Squad 209 was a great bunch to spend a good day at the range with. The stage designers did a very good job, IMHO. For a match with only ONE No-Shoot, not too much hard cover, the walls, ports, barrels, vision barriers, etc, made hitting those wide open targets a challenge. (at least for this B class shooter) I would like a few words with the evil genius who set up "Can You See Me Now?" (Stage 2) How did you create the force field around the poppers? Because something was making my perfectly aimed bullets miss the wide open poppers, over and over and over again Diana & I have been at all five Battle's In The Bluegrass, and are already planning on attending BITB-VI Thanks again to all concerned for a GREAT match.
  7. Congratulations to both of you. Well done. Good POV camera work, showing what the stages looked like. It looked like you have some type of night sights on the S&W. If you don't mind, what are they? Thanks.
  8. I shot PPC a lot in the mid 1980's thru 1990's, and still catch an occasional match. As it relates to USPSA and IDPA, it helps with concentration and mental focus. If you get rattled by comments from the peanut gallery while shooting a stage alone, just wait until you're on a common firing line with 20 or 30 other shooters, all firing at once, trying to focus on your target, ignoring flying brass, etc. Accuracy, both in your gun and ammo. The B-27 target 10 ring is 4" wide by 6" high, with an inner X-ring of 2 3/16" wide by 3 1/16" high. You will need to be able to hit out to 50 yards. In the 1500 aggregate of the 150 rounds fired, 48 rounds are fired at 50 yards. With a maximum of 6 rounds loaded into a magazine (Rule 10.9) you will need to be able to perform slide-lock reloads, as in IDPA. If you are using a traditional double action automatic, all strings start with the first round fired double action. Single actions (1911's) start cocked and locked, 6 rounds are fired in each string, so in a sense, a PPC match is a series of Bill drills, with par times. An example would be Stage 4 of the Stock Semi-automatic course. From the 25 yard line, 6 rounds fired kneeling using barricade, 6 rounds standing left hand barricade, 6 rounds standing right hand barricade, 18 rounds total, 90 seconds total time including reloads during stage. Skill is needed in using both hands to fire the pistol. As an example: during Stage 4 of the Stock Semi-automatic course, (the 480) the left hand barricade portion, the pistol is gripped and fired by the LEFT hand, right hand used for support. during the right hand barricade portion the pistol is gripped and fired by the RIGHT hand, left hand used for support. Kneeling, prone, sitting and barricade shooting positions are something you'll need. Power factor IS NOT an issue. Rule 3.17 (a) "All ammunition must be loaded for and produce sufficient velocity to pass through the target AND the backer Hope this helps.
  9. "Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!" May you get the 2 Alpha's, down zero's, and all the other scores that you want. May you also NOT get the "mike's", no-shoot's, HNT's, FTN's, procedurals, etc, etc.... Take care, and hold everyone you love close, if not in your arms, in your heart.
  10. My compliments to the staff at Front Eight. An excellent rework of the magazine. SWMBO typically does not read it, but she read several articles this time, and commented on the improved look. Good job!
  11. That wins the cool match prop award for today, IMHO!!! And BTW, you were not the only one who really doesn't like the face huggers.... Corporal Hicks would approve of your choice of bug repellent :-)
  12. I "really" enjoyed seeing the moving platform that they used while firing the FN-FAL rifle. It brought back flashbacks of a certain "Shakey Bridge" frequently found in Ohio....
  13. My compliments to all the match staff and crew for another excellent Battle in the Bluegrass. The food for lunch and dinner was great. In fact, I am using the lunch barbeque as my alibi for my "SLOOOOOOW" performance on the first stage I shot after lunch. I was so stuffed, sleepy, wanted a nap, that I could not keep up with those three movers, so that's why I scored "Alpha-MIKE!!!!" on all three. That's my story anyway. The stages were challenging, and when I did my part, I did well. When the loose nut behind the trigger showed up...not so well. Diana only had to do the tippy-toe stance on a couple of ports, and she got her revenge on the barrel port (where you could hear my knees squeaking thru hearing protection) Squad 16 was a fun bunch to spend a day at the range with. My thanks to the "Squad Father" for keeping our paperwork straight, and the rotation going. Diana was very happy to be called out as a "repeat offender" She made her father VERY proud of her First Place Lady Production finish. Thanks again to all concerned, the sponsor's, the staff, the crew, cooks, and any one else I might have missed. We'll be back again.
  14. IF I copied the correct CoF's, and IF I was able to use the calculator correctly (both are questionable) the BITB-IV will have 255 scored rounds, plus the usual 8 rounds for the chronograph. Given the number of targets that I can miss with great speed :-) I am planning on packing a few more rounds then that.
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