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  1. I run small dots 4moa or 2moa. I don’t like having the dot cover up half the target or the steel plate. Currently running a Romeo 3
  2. Wow, I’ve been out of the loop a bit. Had no idea about what was going on with Burkett. I have one of the last FN SLPs he built from back in the day out of his shop. He was easy to deal with, I sent him a message about the 3gun shotgun on his website and he called me next day to talk me through it. He cut down the stock to fit me better based of my supplied measurements, tuned the gun, opened the loading port, worked the lifter, glass filled the opened area so shells easily slide in and fingers aren’t mangled and then coated the gun in a moss green instead of the standard FN blue color. Anyway, he delivered that shotgun build to me in 2 weeks. I always wanted a handgun from him but didn’t have the funding for one of his builds. If imagine the value in the pistol shouldnt really be effected. Sure you can’t get a warranty coverage but with a 4 year old gun and being a second party buyer, does anyone expect a warranty to pass over? It’s not SV money.
  3. light gold actually, lol. I still need to polish my racker, last thing to sand on. I'm actually waiting to see as the coating wears through to the black underbase how the aged effect will be. Then Ill just pay the hundred bucks again to re-coat when I want that fresh look again.
  4. I am a big fan of the Romeo. Ive only used a slide ride prior and will stick with a micro dot from here on out. just got my slide/frame/magwell back from cerakote in a copper color. sanded all my other parts, just need to hit them with a metal polish to get the mirror now. Will be curious to see how the coating holds up.
  5. gans is still building guns as far as I know. just have to send him all the parts.
  6. i can email it to you. just message me your email. it doesnt have every classifier on it, just the ones I can manage to set up myself for dryfire or range practice.
  7. Thinking this through as Im sending my Open gun for cerakote in a few weeks. Did you re-polish all those spots you did on the factory coating? I know you taped off the rails, but what about all the other frame spots?
  8. I need to put my hands on both the S2 and Stock2/3 to feel the grip difference. But I'm currently shooting STI with metal EVO grips and Glocks. If Im not able to touch both of these guns, which would have a closer grip profile to what I'm used to?
  9. To be blunt, this is a terrible idea. In mounting a frame red dot, removing the comp, adding irons to the slide, way to much work just to shoot a different division. Even running an iron sighted top end to swap in sucks when you unmount the red dot then have to loctite it all back on and confirm zero all over again. I tried this, which is how I know how much it sucks. If you swapped from a slide mounted red dot top end to an irons top end it would be a different story. But then I feel you won't really be situating yourself for success in either division.
  10. Is there a burr on the spacer which is snagging on the follower? Rip the mag apart and look it all over.
  11. I owned Dawson's for the longest time. I liked the added weight. I have taran now and that's when I noticed the weight difference on the mags. Both have worked well for me.
  12. I bent my stock spring and cleaned up the follower and it worked fine for 9mm. But would jam or roll with my 38super. The feedlips also were super undersized from what is recommended for STI tubes. I had to open them up to feed my 38super as it was too tight.
  13. Sometimes you all look at things with microscopes when it should be with beer goggles. Yes it's $240, no it's not going to lock up like a $4,000 gun. It works as intended and after some dry fire it's going to have scratches. My my only issue is during the draw it rolls inward and partially can bind slightly. It's probably because I draw hard out of the holster.
  14. Thanks! I love it, specially with the steel grip and stainless heavy magwell. Lots of weight in the hand.
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