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  1. A tuned factory minus connector is where it's at. Polish it yourself, Vanek and Johnny glocks sells them tuned and polished I believe.
  2. THe gen5 barrels are traditional rifling which is "better" for poly bullets. Load and shoot, no need for a new barrel.
  3. I didn't make that parallel. I know how it works. I was explaining their marketing strategy. While also explaining that the Mean System, like the CMMG RDB, likely won't work well with Blowback Glock mag lowers.....because they've designed it for the Endo mag and standard AR lower. This is due to the mag height of normal glock mag lowers for blowback systems. The glock mag lower that should work is the CMMG one specifically for the RDB system. MkGs I believe.
  4. Because Mean arms makes the Endo mag and are marketing this roller upper as a bolt on to any standard 5.56 lower to run with a Endo mag. Since the Endo mag is also has direct compatibility with the CMMF RDB system that has known issues with non cmmg glock mag lowers, it makes since this Mean Roller upper may also, unless you have the $375 cmmg glock mag lower or use a endo mag with a standard AR lower.
  5. Sounds like you want a roland special. tons of options out there.
  6. "Trigger: 24 wins as tuned Gen3 triggers are much better than their Gen4 counterpart. " This isn't true. You can drop in Gen3 parts or if tuned properly they can feel nearly exactly the same. I actually run the Gen4 "bump" trigger bar in my Gen3.
  7. Marshal82

    ZEV OZ9

    The current model appear to only be RMR which also allows the Holosun 507c, same footprint. The longslide version coming I think will come with the bushnell optic. I'm waiting until they release the frame kits later this year.
  8. Marshal82

    Best Connector??

    I take the OEM - minus connector, and tune it for the action I want. Typically I smooth the top kicker that resets the trigger so it's smoother in the slide. Slightly angle and smooth the edge that interfaces with the trigger bar. True and polish the whole thing up. Typically gives a fast reset that doesn't feel sluggish and yields a smooth slight rolling break.
  9. Marshal82

    Best Connector??

    It's a standard - minus connector so depends on your spring rates but it's one of the many light connectors on the market. A fancy coating on a stock connector means nothing unless it's tuned properly. Most factory glock parts have a Teflon coating on them now.
  10. It's labeled that way but what they mean is the weight of the trigger. I'd wager it's a 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5 lb springs which depending on the rest of the parts may or may not give you the advertised trigger pull weight. I"m sure it's a lighter pin safety spring and the trigger spring they don't say so it's stock or heavy. I really don't like kits like this because they don't give you all the information and I think it's false advertising. They are trying to compete with lone wolf with a race to who has cheap crappy glock parts. The TTI kit I have used and trust. I order most of my springs from Wolff in packs because I use them and put them in friends guns when I do triggers. My preferred Kit is a 4.5 striker spring, reduced pin safety spring and factory trigger return spring. Then I tune and polish the other parts to get the feel I want. The TTI kit is a good kit at a reasonable price.
  11. The locking block may not be the cause. The take down lever that locks on the barrel lug does play a big role, change that and re-test. Sometime a barrel change is needed as well.
  12. Considering the RTS2 and Romeo3 share the same bolt pattern. There are some similarities in the design, probably the same parent company.
  13. I think it's a different housing but same bolt pattern, evidently it's the same as the cmore RTS pattern.
  14. 6MOA , Side load battery tray. Hints at a P320MAX made for the Romeo3Max in the near future. MORE:
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