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  1. It is really fun or we'd be pinching the waitress's butt at a bar. After the match of course.
  2. Look for a used 450, should be cheap and doesn't cost much for the 550 frame. You end up with shell plates n buttons and maybe some dies you won't use.
  3. Varget has a similar prob, give the down stroke an extra nudge. helps empty the powder slide and break up any bridging.
  4. try these guys, will hard chrome to your specified thickness. Tech Plate
  5. Snoopy, not sure where in Kommifornia you are but check with Jimmy or Jojo Vidanes at JV Dynamics. edit: use a better powder.
  6. 0.545 is the tap hole size for .575-40, ergo 0.015" thread depth.
  7. you need enough firing pin / hammer spring to ignite the round regardless of make/model.
  8. No, look inside your sizing die. Unless this is a new technique we've never seen.
  9. GOF has the best advice, weak hand is learning shooting all over again. As others have encouraged, plan on burning 70% practice ammo for weak hand. You won't fight the sights as much.
  10. Think hard primers, I run a 19 lb hammer spring on a 2011 and it is marginal (Nelson upper)
  11. 1960s standard issue side arm was a 38Spl, 5 shots with one make up round. Steel Challenge was an LEO training aid and still should be. Minutia: IPSC/USUSPA and Steel Challenge all started in Fawnskin, north side of Big Bear lake.
  12. I would like to see 8 mystery stages, only the RO and Shooter can see the stage layout. Steel has turned into a game, that is not it's intent.
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