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  1. Go to the pound, a loving home is where a good pet should die.
  2. I use clays for 9, 40 & 45. Nothing wrong with trying new powders, but my 8lb jug still has a few lbs left. 98, talk with your squad members. There's ready info on the hoof.
  3. Low pressure loads don't fully expand the case against the barrel chamber. Think blow by. If your load cycles, feeds and hits where ya aim you're way ahead of a lot of people. Worry about minutia when it affects score.
  4. Try a thou more crimp, might help burn that powder
  5. Research your area for a mom n pop tool grinding company, can't beat personal service.
  6. Bounce back stems from dimples or plate angle, copper jackets are nasty. SWPL and NRG don't restrict PF, but nice to know
  7. What's wrong with using open loads? Dropping PF will change cyclic timing.
  8. Give the charging handle an extra bump during seating, also helps clear powder bridging when using Varget.
  9. 9 major AA7, Save the AA5 for open gun steel challenge loads.
  10. Bypass comp, built one for a friend. After it burned out we cut it in half. The powder deposits in the bypass port was interesting, wish I'd kept it/
  11. Take a look here, wish Blind Hogg's site was still up. Barrel Fitting the 1911 Auto | Top Rated Supplier of Firearm Reloading Equipment, Supplies, and Tools - Colt (brownells.com)
  12. She's really good when she sez "That one is cracked."
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