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  1. 38super

    Best Budget 1911 Ignition parts

    Next time go to Sarco and get GI parts for practice.
  2. 38super

    Battery Consumption - RTS2 vs DPP

    Dot MOA is determined by a mask, same LED.
  3. 38super

    Which Optic for Rimfire Rifle?

    Just stuck a Sightmark Tac Red dot on a AR22 for indoor rimfire steel challenge. Dot is not a problem, works quite well.
  4. 38super

    Rimfire pistol

    Some SC matches will allow holster draw, ask the CRO or MD for permission. Besides cost, few if any commercial competition holsters for rimfire. Doesn't mean you can't make one.
  5. 38super

    Rimfire Steel at Torrance Sharpshooter's

    Next practice nite, 23 Aug.
  6. 38super

    Gun safes

    Use a 20W incandescent bulb
  7. Bore spud + 4 jaw chuck, set the crown angle with the compound slide.
  8. 38super

    dvc open TROUBLESS AGAIN

    Ejector hook is skipping off the rim, has to do with slide speed/PF.
  9. Finish the fit, see how it shoots. Otherwise use the barrel for practice or spare. http://www.blindhogg.com/gunsmith/barrel.html
  10. 38super

    kart XACT Fit 1911 Barrels

  11. If you don't dimple the slide release it can bounce up and hook the slide at the worst time. Learn to use stock parts.
  12. Boring bar and a lathe.
  13. 38super

    Organizing and marking springs

    Paintball tubes.
  14. 38super

    Match DQ Fair or Not?

    Are you a squeaky wheel (whiner / bench warmer) or responsible for your actions? Do we promote unsafe gun handling for the sake of match fee or a score card? What do you do after a match DQ, kick the dog or jump back in and help the match where you can? I've DQ'd my self (lefty reload in a righty stage).
  15. 38super

    Which Optic for Rimfire Rifle?

    Ask around, see what your squad members use. Ask to take a look, most everyone will let you try their toys. Everyone has their preferences, your's is the one that counts. As dot size increases the more you have to know POA vs POI (parallax).