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  1. Drop the slide 20 times, if no hammer follow it's good to go.
  2. I drain the oil bottles after vehicle oil changes. Been using that oil for years. Tried Slide Glide on a whim purchase, haven't looked back. Now my local indoor range uses Slide Glide exclusively on customer's guns. Little goes a long way.
  3. Lawboy has the right numbers for reliable ignition, 17# mainspring is not enough. Some of the newer double stack mags may have mold flash on the mag feed ramp, pocket knife fix. Agree with the lube too. BTW, Nelson/Marvel will work with Clark/Para or Wilson/Nowlin frame cuts.
  4. Next time go to Sarco and get GI parts for practice.
  5. Dot MOA is determined by a mask, same LED.
  6. Just stuck a Sightmark Tac Red dot on a AR22 for indoor rimfire steel challenge. Dot is not a problem, works quite well.
  7. Some SC matches will allow holster draw, ask the CRO or MD for permission. Besides cost, few if any commercial competition holsters for rimfire. Doesn't mean you can't make one.
  8. Use a 20W incandescent bulb
  9. Bore spud + 4 jaw chuck, set the crown angle with the compound slide.
  10. Ejector hook is skipping off the rim, has to do with slide speed/PF.
  11. Finish the fit, see how it shoots. Otherwise use the barrel for practice or spare. http://www.blindhogg.com/gunsmith/barrel.html
  12. http://www.blindhogg.com/gunsmith/barrel.html
  13. If you don't dimple the slide release it can bounce up and hook the slide at the worst time. Learn to use stock parts.
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