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  1. Look for a 450 or 550 seller looking for the new hots, might get a bargain.
  2. Don't use the RD, 3mm screws are meant to attach the sight not rack the slide.
  3. Fast burn powders are not meant for ham handed reloading. It's fast for a reason, don't expect AA7 forgiveness. If Betty Crocker sez only this much baking soda, experimentation on your part may not be good for the oven.
  4. See if Kimber has a reduced lb recoil spring, often 22 conversions are sprung for hotter loads. Marvel and Nelson Custom may also have springs.
  5. Nothing replaces actual firearm practice, but airsoft isn't a bad alternative. Good friend has a steel challenge course in his garage. Uses garden netting behind the plates to catch and collect the 6mm BBs.
  6. Go to the pound, a loving home is where a good pet should die.
  7. I use clays for 9, 40 & 45. Nothing wrong with trying new powders, but my 8lb jug still has a few lbs left. 98, talk with your squad members. There's ready info on the hoof.
  8. Low pressure loads don't fully expand the case against the barrel chamber. Think blow by. If your load cycles, feeds and hits where ya aim you're way ahead of a lot of people. Worry about minutia when it affects score.
  9. Try a thou more crimp, might help burn that powder
  10. Research your area for a mom n pop tool grinding company, can't beat personal service.
  11. Bounce back stems from dimples or plate angle, copper jackets are nasty. SWPL and NRG don't restrict PF, but nice to know
  12. What's wrong with using open loads? Dropping PF will change cyclic timing.
  13. Give the charging handle an extra bump during seating, also helps clear powder bridging when using Varget.
  14. 9 major AA7, Save the AA5 for open gun steel challenge loads.
  15. Bypass comp, built one for a friend. After it burned out we cut it in half. The powder deposits in the bypass port was interesting, wish I'd kept it/
  16. Take a look here, wish Blind Hogg's site was still up. Barrel Fitting the 1911 Auto | Top Rated Supplier of Firearm Reloading Equipment, Supplies, and Tools - Colt (brownells.com)
  17. She's really good when she sez "That one is cracked."
  18. Test for OOB hammer fall. Cock hammer, pull slide OOB 1/4". Allow slide to move slowly toward battery while tickling the trigger, if hammer falls before battery the problem is the disconnector nose is worn. Ignition is fast enough to prevent the slide from going to battery and start extracting the case. Brass fatigue will show a slightly shiny ring around the case internal web, usually mid way down. Annealing won't help. Accepting the risk is complacency, don't. Please, be careful. Powder measure, measure 10 - 20 powder drops to get an average. Most powder measures will vary 1-2 tenths of a grain.
  19. You'll say Fak when the chrono sez Minor Been using HS-6 & WAC, I like a little snappier powder. Be careful tho, WAC hot loads give my gun a bad side shimmy where HS6 doesn't. Look thru the reloading forum. Tread lightly with Open load development, disaster factor is a trigger pull away.
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