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  1. Solo1000 rocks for 9mm. Use the dowel rod method for finding your max oal. Clear the chamber and stick a dowel down the barrel, mark the edge of the barrel with a pencil line. Remove the barrel, drop a loose bullet that you plan to load into the chamber and use a pencil or another piece of dowel to hold the bullet just snug up to the lands. Insert your dowel down the barrel again and mark it at the edge of the barrel. Remove bullet, dowel, etc and put pistol back together. Use your mic to measure the distance between your two pencil marks. That is your absolute max oal, and I recommend dropping down at least 0.010". FWIW, my XDM had a very tight/short chamber compared to my STI and Glocks...
  2. Roger that! It was my first; got it in 1996. It wasn't until I got into precision rifle a couple of years ago that I added a single stage.
  3. I placed an order for some 9mm 125 grainers about an hour ago, got a personal reply from David telling me that they will be shipping out tomorrow, woohoo. They might even get here before my vacation is over. I'm going to be using solo1000, and it seems that 3.8-3.9 is the commonly recommended starting point. The last batch I purchased, about 6000 rounds ago, I used Titegroup. The barrel temps get really hot using that stuff!
  4. Lasik was the best $4k I've ever spent! Sent from my DROIDX using Tapatalk
  5. Honestly, I've never bothered for pistol. However, I clean every .308 primer pocket since it gets used in a precision rifle. Sent from my DROIDX using Tapatalk
  6. You might try giving this guy a call, I keep hearing good things about his work from guys here in Houston that have used him in the past. http://www.rprifles.com/
  7. The newest Hornady Manual has a section for the "service rifle" category. Unfortunately, they don't have any load data using 8208XBR in this section... Flipping back a few pages to the .308 Win section, 168's are listed with a start of 33.2 and a max of 43.2. BTHP's and AMAX's were loaded out to 2.800 COAL. Brass was Hornady, Primer was Fed 210. If you've never been there, Sniper's Hide has a wealth of information...just read before you ask any questions...they're a grumpy bunch.
  8. If you want hoser bullets...I can't think of a better deal. If you're looking for any kind of accuracy, say, less than 2moa, you might consider a different bullet.
  9. I was just watching some Fox News (not that they are the only guilty parties here) and they were talking about the Soup Bowl game this weekend and how something got messed up and was a "SNAFU". I can't help but chuckle when I hear it.
  10. My last company had this bass ackwards mentality. I got yelled at several times for helping the guy that was looking at me, instead of answering the ringing phone. I figured, there were 3 others answering phone calls, no need to have 12 guys standing at the counter waiting to get helped.
  11. They get thick as locusts around here from time to time...they stink too...kinda makes me nauseous thinking about them. Damn pestilence!
  12. My chill out smoke: I love all of the Fuente Hemingway's or La Aurora 1495 series. My working around in the garage smoke: Punch, especially the Rare Corojo. My High power knock you out smoke: La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero. It packs more punch than a lip full of snuff. My Don't let the Feds test this one smoke: Opus X. I smoked one, and I swear there is more than tobacco in there. Was a great "high", but at $15 a stick, not something you find a reason to smoke often. I must say all of these go well with Maker's Mark or Knob Creek whiskey. But then again, after a few puff and a few sips, who really cares anymore.
  13. got mine in today...definitely a hot model.
  14. She's definitely a one of a kind... Her .44 mag bites her hand at 1:00 and then at 1:18 her boobs catch a piece of .40 brass. Notice the jig she dances with her finger on the trigger the whole time...
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