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  1. I run a Goliath 50 rounder with 2 20 rounders on my belt. I find the smaller Mags work better for reloads during classifieds.
  2. I’ve ran both Flat and Round Nose Blues (147 & 125) through my JP GMR 15 with zero feeding issues.
  3. Good morning Recently, my 650 has been hanging up on the down stroke. It is very smooth when I am pulling the handle back, but when I’m pushing it forward it sticks. The linkage is tight and well lubricated. Its not sticking in the Dies, it’s happening right after it falls free from them and there is the transition where you have to move the handle forward. I hope all this makes sense, I want to be sure I describe it correctly. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
  4. I just got mine, 155mm with 3” extension, in the mail today. Question for those who have one. Are yours loose at the connection between the mag and extension. Mine is very loose and rattles. Thanks in advance for any replies.
  5. I’ll order one right now. Thanks.
  6. At least once a match, I am having a FTE on my MPX. I clean it religiously but nonetheless it happens. Extractor looks fine. I’m running 115 factory ammo. Any thoughts?
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