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  1. I prefer the old logo, but I will read the forums anyway. I come here for the consistently high quality content. Thanks, Brian!
  2. I think I had read somewhere online that the stock slides did not have enough material in the sight area to be milled. That it interfered with the striker channel or some such thing. Did I mis-read this or has there been changes in the slide and/or milling technique? Or was it a bogus issue to begin with? This *is* the Internet, after all.
  3. I would as a separate match or a separate discipline. I would even spend money to participate. It would be good for me in many ways. One thing I don't understand is why are some trying to make USPSA all things for all people all in one match? At least it seems that way to me. Now, getting USPSA really cranking on Steel Challenge and 3-Gun and *adding* PCC to the list of disciplines it offers is an idea I can get behind. Mike
  4. Not optics ready just yet. When I called Sig the customer service rep I spoke with told me probably first or second quarter 2016. So I picked up a full sized and put a FastFire III on it. Used the P226 mount. I plan on shooting Carry Optics with it at the next GMPS match if you want to get a look at it. Hope this helps. Mike
  5. When I last looked, only the full sized was on the production gun list and that is needed for Carry Optics. I picked up a new full sized just to build into a CO gun for just that reason. Could be mistaken, tho.
  6. Excellent! Now to count pennies and get an order in. Thanks for the help. Mike
  7. Thanks for the info! The 226 plate matching the profile of the top of the 320 slide is a question I have, too. This isn't happening right off anyway so waiting a couple days is no big deal. Thanks for checking. Mike
  8. I'm looking at trying the new Carry Optics division and am trying to find a way to mount a FastFire III on a P320. Burris tells me they don't have a mount for that model. Is there a non-permanent way to mount a red dot on this pistol? Sig tells me that their Romeo equipped model won't be available until Q1 or Q2 2016 or I would just pick that up and be done. Thanks for any help. Mike
  9. Lensman

    P938 Extreme

    Not a Unicorn. I picked one up a couple months ago and really like it.
  10. Could you give us your thoughts on what constitutes a non-crappy holster, please? Waiting for both books to arrive. Well, sorta. You post a lot of stuff I can do in the meantime. Thanks! Mike
  11. Great drill! Found a lot of areas to improve. Old can be overcome! PM sent for Part 2
  12. I got my HP Edge a few weeks ago as well. Shot it in a match this past Sunday. Ran *really* well. Used the loading Bob recommended with no issues. I don't think I'll have to fiddle with a gun for some time now. Thanks Bob and Ingi! Great service!
  13. I've switched from a mouse to the Magic Trackpad on my Mac. It has really made quite a difference for me. Hope this helps.
  14. I like this idea! My poor old knees! But, never give up, never surrender. I'll keep shooting as long as I can. And until they run out of calendars to time me with.
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