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  1. Not a PRS shooter, but I've got lots of rounds down range with an AR while shooting Service Rifle...out to 600 yds. I would look at trying some 77 gr bullets. Sierra makes a great one. BC of .362 v .305. And its made to function in magazine length rounds. Black Hills and Federal both make factory loads with a 77 OTM bullet. There really is a difference in performance between the 69 and 77.
  2. Back when I shot Service Rifle, I ran a White Oak Precision upper in 223 with a Wylde chamber. Normal SR matches wen to 600 yards. Occasionally, I would shoot a Palma match with that rig. Iron sites at 1000 yds is rather sporty. I don't think it would have worked past 1010 yards...let alone 1100 yds.
  3. I haven’t shot USPSA in 15 years...wow, it’s been a long time...but when I did, it was with a P16.40. Seems like I have an antique now. I’ve kept it all these years just in case I ever got back into USPSA....I might get rich if I would part it out! I never had a problem with mine.
  4. Larry Vickers is cross eye dominant and he's done pretty well for himself. He shoots pistols right handed and just lines the pistol up with his left eye. He shoots rifles off his left shoulder just like he was left eye dominant and left handed. I always think you should shoot your pistol with whichever hand has the most dexterity.
  5. Before the merger, I saw Bass Pro as the fishing store and Cabela's as the hunting store. Not 100%, but it was a trend. Since the merger, BP has not changed much but it seems Cabelas has slightly moved away from hunting...more towards fishing, hiking, etc. Just my perception. And they have gotten a smidge more expensive. Years ago, I tried to do a gun trade at a Gander Mountain...offered me about 50% of the trade value I could get elsewhere. I think it is normal for the big stores to low ball on the trades.
  6. I pocket carry a Ruger LCR and it has a great trigger on it.
  7. Since I haven't posted in the forum for about 2.5 years it's only appropriate the first post back is on this old post... I use the kitty litter buckets for dirty brass...and occasionally cleaned brass. Once I start processing the brass, it goes into the big plastic Folgers cans so the batch size stays reasonable. Loaded rounds go into the plastic ammo cans from Academy.
  8. Another vote for TAC...or RL15. Of course, with 55gr bullets at 100yds, H335 is very hard to beat.
  9. I have had plenty of good results with 748 in 223 with bullets less than 60gr. It has always seemed to me that the heavier the bullet gets the better results I get with other powders.
  10. I've loaded a boat load of 223 ammo for High Power on a 550 set up similar to what you've described. It shoots plenty good to clean the targets...if I can do my part. If GMM shoots good enough in your rifle, then you can load good enough ammo on a 550/650. I don't think Federal has a line of guys running single stage presses for their GMM. That being said, I really think you can load better ammo on a single stage, but you have to do the justification. For almost everything we do, ammo on a 550 will not be the lim fac, that's where the shooter comes in. I run two tool heads. One for prep and one for loading. The prep has a universal decap, a body die, a turning mandrel (to get the neck round), and a neck die. Then I uniform the primer pocket with a Sinclair tool chucked in a drill...more than anything this makes sure all the gunk is out of the pocket so the next primer can be set uniformly. Then a turn through the tumbler. Then primed with the Sinclair hand primer. Second tool head has another turning mandrel in station 1 to make sure any dings from tumbling are removed...and because something needs to be in station 1. Powder measured with a standard Dillon measure will all of the tune ups. Then, bullets seated with a Redding micrometer seater. I have the same setup for both 223 and 308. In both I have had great luck with TAC and RL15. Both flow great through the measure and get great results. The key to shooting better is less time pulling the handle and more time pulling the trigger.
  11. Might be that 1-2/100 is not getting sized enough and the resistance you think is the bullet is actually the case mouth rubbing on the seating die...again, that's a might.
  12. Fill a sock with bullets and stuff it in the buttstock. ThAt will let you see if you like the weight or not. If you like it then buy the weight. You can trim weight off the wedge, just remember to trim from the smal end. My XTC rifle still has the bullets in the sock...never got around to buying the wedge.
  13. AR set up for Service Rifle tips the scales at a little over 15 lbs...M4ish withe light, full mag, Aimpoint goes about 10.
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