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  1. Looks like we all bought guns instead of cameras.
  2. Which basepads and magwell do you have on your XDM?
  3. Fits like a glove. Thanks. Time to spend some money.
  4. Does the 5197 actually fit the XDM 5.25? Safariland' website says they are not compatible.
  5. I was looking at both the primary arms and the millet, now I will wait for the vortex. I have owned things from primary arms and millet and did not have any complaints, I just think the vortex scope is a better quality product.
  6. Great post! Thanks. I was already considering the Millet 1-6 and now it's the one I'm getting, as soon as I find it in stock somewhere.
  7. I used Wolff springs and Dawson followers. With the Canadian mag bodies I got 20 rounds with no problems.
  8. Waiting to hear how you like the tactical model. I have been considering the Tactical 4.0 in .40 as a carry gun. I already use an eagle for USPSA so lots of training ammo and mags are covered.
  9. http://www.mgmswitchview.com/switchview-model-compatibility Here is a list of scopes and the size of power adjustment rings. Maybe there is one close enough to work.
  10. Is it possible to mount the bladetech doh to a safariland els attachment?
  11. Has any one tried the Odin Works 15.5" KMod? Website says it is 11.55 ounces with the parts kit.
  12. I am glad I saw this thread! I was about to pull the trigger on an MTAC. Now I'm going with a Vortex.
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