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  1. I have the same issues in my 986…. Try nickel plated brass, that’s my next thing for me.
  2. No, it looks fine. Fouled though! My pin gun is almost a smooth bore, but still shoots really well. I give your barrel a good cleaning and shoot another 100k through it.
  3. With extraction, I’ve read the nickel plates brass works better. My 986 has the same issues…. I’ve tried separating all the brass, undersize dies, and my last ditch effort will be nickel brass. I use 145gr bullets in mine with 3.1TG. I tried 9x21but it doesn’t fit…. My father in law has the 929 & they didn’t work in his either.
  4. Do you have to knock the pins off the table? I shoot at The Pin shoot, and a 9mm won’t be competitive. They are not reliable to push pins off a table 3.5’ deep. Most revolvers are 45 ACP with 230-255, 38 special loads with 230gr wad cutters, or .357 mag with 230 wad cutters. Obviously the 44s & up work as well too. Typically heavier the bullets the better. Good luck in you competitions!
  5. I agree with out of battery. Glad you are ok!
  6. I have the AET 6” in my 38 super and it shoots amazing with 122gr Bullets. It does have the 1:24 gain twist rifling. My other Schuemann’s are .45ACP ultimatch bull barrel and Hybrids(6 port). I lose about 8-10% velocity in the hybrid, but the ports work as advertised! In my opinion, 3-4 ports would be pretty darn flat shooting. You may need to decrease your recoil spring in the slide, or it may not cycle.
  7. I’m considering using my S&W 686 this year for a bowling pin match. My preferred bullet would be 200-230 grains in a 38 special case. Typically people use Bluedot, TruBlue, #7, or #9 powder. Yesterday I went to every dealer I know of within 2 hours and no one has a powder needed. Most do not have any powder… I do have WSF, WSL, and 2400. Any suggestions? I’d like to get the velocity above 850fps.
  8. This should be US Optics 2.0 Enhanced DRS. Stupid spell check.
  9. I’m thinking of picking one up for a Gen5 Glock 34 for a carry optics. Any opinions? Seems everyone is running Holosun or Trijicon.
  10. Are you shooting reloads? Does the trouble happen with all brand cases? I’m wondering if the recoil/slide spring is too heavy and it’s short cycling. Other possibilities too heavy of a ejector spring. Just a few thought. Good luck!
  11. I also prefer Winchester primers in my semi autos. Never had a primer failure in the past 30 years with my 1911s, with lightening springs. Following.
  12. I use 122gr truncated Bullets with 4.8gr of WST. Great load for accuracy!
  13. 3.0gr of WST any Bullet from 148-200gr.
  14. I use Titegroup but bought 244 to try as well. Pretty much any of the 9mm powders should work for .380 also.
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