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  1. I haven’t used Precision, but Bayou are excellent.
  2. To be perfectly honest, mine seems to eat everything. I reload, and some wouldn’t chamber in other guns, but fed and shot fine in my Shadow2. Great gun. It really shoots well with 124gr Bullets. I’ve only tried 124 & 145gr so far.
  3. Great post. I’ve been using coated bullets from Acme & Bayou the past several years. Just picked up 16k recently. Both are very good. I agree with GOF, the 120gr Bayou are crazy accurate. Never using them before, I picked up 1k rounds to try in my 38 Super and took second Master at a PPC match. I shot 16 rounds as a test just a few days before the match.
  4. My 550 started doing this when I switched to the EGW(Lee) undersized die. I think it’s more like dust than shavings. If it bothers you, maybe true a different sizing die and see if it goes away. That is the only thing on mine that changed.
  5. Thanks for all the replies! I looked through the post mentioned earlier also. Looks like it may be worth trying.
  6. Tiregroup has a faster burn rate, but slower FPS with similar pressures and same Bullets. The 244 powder obviously has a slower burn rate. There are not many powders much faster than TG. Sorry for throwing that in the way I did. I may pick up Bullseye and mess with that as well. Seems to be a decent powder for 9mm as well. Over 25 years ago I switched to WST and haven’t looked back. I’ve only shot .45 for many years. Within the past 5 years, I picked up 5 different 9mms & a couple .380s.
  7. I haven’t chronographed them yet, but based on the Winchester reloading info, TG is quite a bit slower overall. The barrel length is something I didn’t think about however. Our family has 2 different .380 pistols. One is short (my 911), and the other (EZ .380) is about the same length as the Hodgdon test barrel. Most of my experience is with .45ACP, which I have been loading for 30 years. I do a lot of steel plate & bowling pin matches and have a lot of experience with different powders. I really like WST, but it’s not recommended for .380...
  8. Thanks Guy! I’m not trying to make major, just a decent plinking powder for 9mm, and a little higher performance from an .380 (I know a 9mm is better). TiteGroup works well, just isn’t ideal for .380 and high FPS loads. Seems to be a low-mid performance powder in .380.
  9. Has any tried this powder for .380 auto or 9mm? I’ve been using TG in both calibers with good results, but noticed in the manuals that 244 pushes the .380 loads about 100fps faster. I didn’t know 244 even existed! Thanks in advance. I have quite a bit of TG, but will need more powder Within the next month or so.
  10. I agree, it's not the load. Hand position may be holding down the slide lock or limp wristing. I use similar loads in various handguns without issues.
  11. I wonder the same thing as well.
  12. What type of Dies are being used? I never had set back with my Dillon Square Deal. I crimp, so the top 1/16" of brass is shiny. Over the past 30 years, I loaded more than I want to admit without this issue.
  13. The Pin Shoot has been cancelled this year due to the Covid19 pandemic... Hope to see everyone in 2021!
  14. Darrell, Thank you for all your data! I too have found that the Bayou 124 gr TC bullet very accurate. I loaded 18 rounds for testing in my 38 super a few days before a PPC match. They grouped great! I then proceeded to load 300 rnds for the match and practice. Took second at the PPC match, but it was a mental mistake, not the gun or load. I also like the 145gr 9mm Acme bullet for my 986 revolver and XDm5.25. I couldn't get those to shoot worth a darn with anything else. Acme has some 124gr RN I bought to use in my Shadow 2. Paul
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