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  1. The 2020 "The Pin Shoot" will be June 6th to Saturday June 13th. More information will be at the link below. https://www.pinshoot.com/
  2. Yes, it is on the back range. Richard had new tables built for the main events and the BCBC & .223 Rifle ranges are the exact same. Many of the shooters from Second chance are coming. Hope you can make it!
  3. Hope you can make it next year! I shot the original Second Chance Pin Shoot for about 10 years before it stopped and have been to each of the past 3 of the "The Pin Shoot" matches. Yes, the format is similar, but 3 tiers and no shoot pins. More can be found if you search for "The Pin Shoot". This year I had my 16 year old son shoot the main event and some of the side matches as well. He took 5th place in a Ruger sponsored event using the new Precision Carbine! It's great that companies such as Ruger are starting to get involved. If you have questions, please let me know! Many of the old pin shooters are there!
  4. I had the same issues with my 986. Ended up buying the TK Custom Firing pin & light spring. This combination didn't work either! I then started trying combinations of things and now have it bullet proof. The factory firing pin & TK spring worked. Both the stock S&W & TK custom firing pins were the same length, but the S&W one is lightened. The inside of the gun was also full of burrs, but the spring is what did the trick. Good luck.
  5. My 38 super (Schuemann barrel) does best with 0.357 bullets. As mentioned by many others, you need to test out different diameter bullets or slug your barrel. Bullet profiles matter a lot as well. Mine loves the TC style bullets much more than round nose or SWC.
  6. Anyone who enjoys Bowling Pin shooting and competition, check out “The Pin Shoot”. Reduced prices for signing up through the end of the year. If you are a new shooter, say I (Paul Schwenke) signed you up. It would give me free optionals. This is a great match at Central Lake Michigan in June! This use to be called Second Chance. Many of the same shooters from 20 years ago still attend. Spread the word, it would be great to see this match thrive again. Please delete if not allowed.
  7. Not sure about the blue bullets, but 122gr lead 0.357 diameter shoot lights out in my 6" 38 super AET bull barrel!
  8. JDillon, that was exactly the load I was going to try next! My WSF load shot fine in my XDM5.25, but would get stuck in my S&W 986...
  9. Jcc7x7 - I will try Blazer brass. Back when ordering new moon clips from T-K Custom, they mentioned to use Win, R-P, and Aquila. So far I'm not convinced these all work. Thanks for your input! Mcfoto- Yeah, most revolvers benefit from using Federal primers. Federals are more sensitive & ignite easier. I've been reloading for 28 years and love shooting my 38 special 686. It always works, even with an extremely light trigger. My 986 has been back to S&W for timing issues and has always had issues lighting off primers. It seems to have come with an extended firing pin, which I replaced with a T-K extended anyway. This didn't help. Everything else is stock. Also I removed a ton of burrs, but still didn't cure the problem. I have a few more things to try, but open to ideas.
  10. Thanks for the starting loads. I went on and loaded up some rounds last night with 3.6gr of WSF, federal primers, and overall length of 1.115. They pass the plunk test in my xdm and fit similar to factory loads in my 986. Hope they are work and are easy to remove from the S&W 986... This revolver I really want to like, but continues to give me issues. I haven't been able to get 2 full moon clips through it without misfires or tough extraction. I bought a much of factory stuff to try as well. My XDM seems to not care too much and cycles fine with anything.
  11. I was wondering what overall length people running. My goal is to find a decent load with WSF or WST for use with my S&W 986 and XDM5.25. I was thinking a load of 3.8gr of WSF would be a good starting load. Any information would be useful. Thanks!
  12. I just bought 1k of the 145 Rn lead to try in my XDM 5.25 & S&W 986. Any one have loads using WSF, WST, or TG?
  13. I do not have experience on the TS, but my Marvel version1 runs like a top with CCI standard ammo. It’s extremely accurate with a test target of .8 & 50 yards. I think the key to any tip end is to figure out what ammo the guns like. Have fun, they are a blast !
  14. i guess this depends on what you call "Pin Shoot". If the pins are only on a 12" deep table, yes, a 9mm would work fine. I'd use whatever your gun feeds the best with a flat nose. If you shoot at "The Pin Shoot" (formerly Second Chance) good luck with a 9mm... The 45ACP & 50GI rule with large, flat, heavy bullets. I've shot this match the past 2 years, and prior to that 10+ years as Second Chance. They do have a 9x12 even which is knocking pins over 12 pins and the 9mm luger does rule this event. Nothing else.
  15. I’d like to know as well. I’m torn between a shield and a small 1911.
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