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  1. Brooks

    Hello from Lynden, WA

    Welcome. Custer holds a great match. Unfortunately I missed today's match, but I usually shoot there. If you get bitten by the bug, Marysville, Puyallup, and Renton all have matches every month as well.
  2. Brooks

    uspsa.org Website

    It looks way better than the old sight. Good work so far
  3. Brooks

    iPhone / Droid, Merged

    I have the regular site working on my phone now. While in the internet browser I went to settings and then there is a checkbox next to "mobile view" I unchecked this and now everything is back to the way it was.
  4. Brooks

    iPhone / Droid, Merged

    I'm having the same problems on my HTC Incredible.
  5. Brooks

    Not getting enough sleep

    I made the mistake of not getting enough (3-4 hours) sleep two nights in a row last week for our sectional match. I felt sluggish and my times showed. I still won my class, but I feel I would have probably come in 3rd or 4th overall in production had I been as fast/alert as I should have been. Today I decided to skip a match because it is a 2 1/2 hour drive and I would have only gotten about 4 hours sleep. I decided it wasn't worth spending $100 + for ammo, match fee, and gas just to be exhausted all day.
  6. Brooks

    Must see link

    Thank you for the link. There is some great information in there.
  7. Brooks


    Good one. But that isn't the comparison I have in mind. be Am I on the right Zen Master?
  8. Brooks

    IPSC scoring for Android

    This sounds like a very cool program. I look forward to trying it out on my Incredible when it arrives.
  9. Brooks


    Shunryu Suzuki. He was known for keeping his shaved head when he came to the western world. He was also taunted as a child for his shaved head.
  10. The match was fantastic. Tim, the RO's, and all the staff were great. As a fairly new shooter at my first major match I couldn't have felt more welcomed by all the staff and shooters.
  11. I have a dumb question. I am coming into town friday night, but after registration has closed at the range. If I shoot at 07:30 on Saturday can I still register at 07:00 that morning? I know that isn't ideal.
  12. Brooks


    I am going 900 miles to get to Area 1 myself. Should be an interesting 15 hour drive. I'm leaving friday at 3am
  13. Brooks

    Kyle Riedy

    I am sorry to hear this. May he rest in peace.
  14. Brooks


    If you were then I guess the last thing you did was add cinnamon, sugar and vanilla to the milk and rice. or strained it.
  15. Brooks


    Were you making Horchata?