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  1. Hi Trying to buy your app via android market and having no success. Can you help?

  2. Hi. I've had so much to do on my regular job the last months, but I'll try to add new features within a week or two. Regards Arild
  3. Uploaded a new version --> Extends trial to November 15th.
  4. I'll add an option to do this.
  5. I'll add this to my todo-list...
  6. Is max 32 targets ok, as long as you can have multiple hits / target? There's now problem for me to allow up to 8 hits / target and 32 targets. But if I need to increase number of maximum targets, I have a problem
  7. Of course. This is easy. I'll fix it.
  8. I'm away for some days. I'll get back to this thread in the weekend
  9. Thank you Would 36 rounds be max, or could it be even more? PS: Uploaded a new version expiering 15. September. Havn't had time to make any other changes yet.
  10. I've been told 32 rounds would be maximum? Not correct?
  11. Back from vacation The app will not be dead, but you must upgrade to a new version to use it. I think the new version will be pulished within a week. As I've said before, I'm hoping to get a little back for the hours spent on this. So I've decided to let the app be free but display ads, and have an option where users can pay a reasonable amount to get rid of the ads.
  12. Here are som old screen dumps:http://www.psmsapp.com/screendumps I have some thoughts on making the app syncing with a computer. But now it's vacation :)
  13. Could you have forgotten to press the "Save / Next stage" button after changing scoring method? The penalty buttons should be right under the time field. This can be done, but it will take me some hours. Therefore I haven't done anything with this yet. I'm going on vacation on wednesday This can be done when fixing number 3. Could also be done when fixing number 3.I've uploaded version 1.6.2. I found a minor error for people having "," as their decimal marker, and the extra shot and extra hit buttons was to big when I saw them on a real device.
  14. I've uploaded the new version. I haven't had much time to testing, so please let me know if you find anything wrong. PS: The new version requires you to uninstall and reinstall (because of major changes to the database structure).
  15. OK. I've done a lot yesterday and today, so I hope to get the new version finished before I go on vacation next week
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