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  1. You are not the lone ranger in this...I fiddled for 30 minutes with both of mine. Broke down and asked the wife unit to look at it she had them on there in 15 seconds. 'Let me know if you need help with anything else' , well ok there little miss smarty pants.
  2. Well you have me beat I've only been using it since WW1...Kirb
  3. BigDawg how do you like the Tandemcross comp you're running on the Ruger? Thx Kirb
  4. Alas, the Taccom does not fit the new tactical forend Model. Since the tactical model forend will out sell the clunky original by at least 5 to 1, perhaps Tim and his boys will design one for the Tactical version...hint hint. Kirb
  5. kar45

    380 Brass: Sold

    Todd, pm me once more thx Kirby
  6. kar45

    380 Brass: Sold

    Todd, pm me your mailing address for payment thx Kirb
  7. pm me your address for payment thx Kirb

  8. todd, pm me your address for payment thx Kirb

  9. put me down for a box of 3200. pm your name & address thx Kirb

  10. kar45

    380 Brass: Sold

    Todd, is the 380 brass once fired? thx Kirby
  11. YouTube video says bolt locks back on empty...
  12. Does it have last round bolt hold open?
  13. has dies and needs nothing, ready to load, so...$295 including freight?
  14. I have an older ( but nice) 450 in 45acp. I am now out of the .45 business so this needs to go. It has the older push-knobs for priming and powder charging. It's a smooth running old girl. What do you guys think is a fair price to both seller and buyer? Thanks for your input. Kirby
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