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  1. Folks either don’t wear the inner belt, or only use the ratchet to tighten the last little bit once getting it on over the inner Velcro. I’m in the second camp, because I feel like the inner belt gives some added stability.
  2. I'll actually be shooting in Mesa this weekend, so hopefully I can stop by Bob's at the very least.
  3. Thanks for the recommendations! I knew there had to be some good ones around given all the shooters in this area.
  4. Anyone within a reasonable radius that will work on guns they didn’t build? Tucson or Phoenix would be doable. Otherwise I guess I can start exploring places to ship.
  5. I never used them in my former life as a skeet shooter, but Winchester makes AA Tracker shells that use a weighted wad to let you see where the center of your pattern is. Most clay shooters with decent eyesight get to the point where they can actually see their patterns with normal shells, but that definitely took me a while. I'd recommend finding a clay shooter who will take you to the range and give you some pointers. An experienced partner should be able to point out where you're missing, and give you tips on lead, how to shoot certain types of targets, etc...
  6. Chuck, thanks for the tip. @Intel6 Sir, it looks like you and I are in the same line of work. Any recommendations for 2011 gunsmiths in the SV area?
  7. It shouldn't matter as long as the tubes are the same length. Since it's a full FM weapon, I'd recommend getting in touch with them and asking for advice. I've contacted them a few times, and they are super responsive and very helpful.
  8. I’m newly moved to Southern AZ for work, and looking for a gunsmith to do some tune-up work on my 2011s. One is a custom 6” gun from a guy in Oregon that (I think) no longer makes guns, and the other is a DVC Limited. They’ve both been having some reliability problems that are beyond my limited ability to fix, so I’d appreciate any recommendations that you folks have.
  9. They’re not. I played around with my grip, and even locked my arms out just to make sure I wasn’t limp wristing. No joy.
  10. I’ve finally managed to spend some time at the range with my X5 w/Springer Precision plate and Vortex Venom, and I’m generally liking it except that my slide doesn’t lock to the rear on an empty mag consistently anymore. I’m still running the factory springs, and I suspect the fix is to go with a lighter one, however I thought I’d see if anyone here has experienced similar issues before I go that route.
  11. One thing to consider if you’re building stands and have steel targets is incorporating a spot you can mount a 2x4 as well, and making the legs long enough to handle the increased weight. Mine are similar to the design above, but the center of the H is wide enough to hold a 2x4.
  12. Same issue, same solution. It's a little nerve-racking because it feels like you're forcing the follower down, but I haven't had it hang up feeding yet, just loading.
  13. I’ve got an FM upper and bolt on mine as well, and the original MBT would fail to reset about once a mag. The only other trigger I had lying around was a Geissele SD3G, which actually worked a little better, but still failed to reset about 1 in a hundred shots, so I finally got a CMC PCC-specific trigger that’s worked perfectly. That said, I’d find someone who’s used the MBT 2s with the FM bolt. It may be compatible where the original wasn’t.
  14. I'd look for some feeback on the MBT2 compatibility with whatever BCG you're using. I love Larue triggers, but they're finicky in PCCs.
  15. I did the self-modification on an ELS belt, and it's both easy and worth it. You just need a drill and a dremel.
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