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  1. The back and corners. I just took a little bit of material, checked it in the gun, took a little more, checked, etc...
  2. Other than the one I posted above, which is obviously from after I did some sanding on the newer mag, no. Sorry about that.
  3. That's good info, and a big part of what I was curious about. I'll probably get a 2011 in 9mm or a 9mm upper eventually, but there's list of things ahead of that, unfortunately.
  4. I can now speak from personal experience, as this past weekend I had an extractor issue with my 2011 on my first stage. Even though I had an extra fitted extractor, I wasn't able to verify for sure that the extractor was definitely the problem until later. Fortunately, I brought my old Limited gun (an M&P), based in part on the advice people posted here, and I was really glad that I did. The one thing I messed up was not bringing the M&P mag pouches, so I just tightened up the 2011 pouches as much as I could and tried not to bounce too much when I ran. What's relevant there is that if your backup isn't identical to your primary, you need to make sure that you have the correct ammo, holster, magazines, pouches, etc... It definitely adds to the sheet amount of stuff you have to haul around. I'm definitely going to look into getting a new backup that is functionally identical to my primary..
  5. Did the Stormlake require any fitting?
  6. So to follow up on this, after replacing a lot of the guts (guide rod and spring, extractor, ejector, sear, and sear spring), I’m no longer having issues, despite no change to my grip. I think the problem was actually too much tension from the extractor causing misfeeds. I appreciate all the recommendations on shielded safeties, and my apologies on the incorrect self-diagnosis.
  7. Thanks, I hadn't checked them out before, and I definitely prefer a drop-in if I can get it without having accuracy issues. Anybody else out there had luck with KKM or any other brands?
  8. I've recently switched from a 5" .40 S&W M2.0 to a 2011 for USPSA Limited, and am thinking about converting my M2.0 to 9mm for 3Gun. I'm curious what aftermarket .40 to 9mm conversion barrels work well with the M2.0, and how much (if any) gunsmith fitting is generally required. Additionally, do the conversion barrels work with aftermarket triggers? I've got an Apex FSS in mine.
  9. Rereading the SSS website, it does state, "Requires the use of a thicker-than-stock base pad. Our magwells are designed around the Taylor Freelance, and the Springer Precision base pads and magazine extensions. WILL REQUIRE SIGNIFICANT FITTING TO WORK WITH THE TARAN TACTICAL (TTI) magazine extensions that will remove much of the finish on the inside of the magwell. The factory full size or compact base pads or Arredondo extensions will not work with this magwell." As a side note, maybe it's just the angle, but one of the pictures of the ESP (the blue 2.0 version) looks totally different than the other colors to me.
  10. My apologies for the dirty gun and poor image quality. The TTI extension with the silver lip is one of the newer ones, which required quite a bit of sanding to fit. The magwell also required some sanding/filing. It's not quite as clear where as on the magazine because I repainted it afterwards, but you can see where that has started to wear off. I was a little worried about removing too much material from the magwell, so it's a still a tight fit with all the basepads.
  11. None of the ones from the newest batch of TTI basepads that I received fit without a little belt sander/dremel work. I can’t say whether TTI or SSS has updated their specs again since I got those parts.
  12. Are they new TTI basepads? I have a SSS magwell on my 2.0, and it fits perfectly with the old TTI (approx. 2 years old), but the ones I got about 8 months ago had a smaller “lip” that required some shaving of both the magwell and the baseplate.
  13. I wonder if you could get a solid platinum DPP. Otherwise the optic would definitely hurt the aesthetics a little bit...
  14. What’s the recommended “parts kit” for a 2011? I’m guessing extractor, ejector, sear, firing pin, firing pin spring? I’m sure I’m missing some.
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