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  1. Thanks for the tip. Once I get the finish fixed, I’ll get a can and use it.
  2. After some research, WMD’s NiB coating looks interesting. However, since the gun is currently Hard Chromed, I’m a little worried that I’ll need to redo the chrome to maintain the current tolerances/fit. Am I correct in my understanding that the NiB coating is significantly thinner than Hard Chrome?
  3. I’m going to get the finish removed and re-chrome/refinish it to prevent any further damage. Any recommendations on what coating I should go with? I don’t care about color, I just want it to last.
  4. I was thinking that acidic sweat might be the culprit because the pitting is definitely where my hands touch most frequently (particularly the grip safety). That said, I have a hard chrome DVC-L that doesn't have similar issues, so I don't know why this particular gun is worse. Maybe a thinner chrome job?
  5. I've got a custom 2011 that was hard chromed by the previous owner. I've had it for about a year, and have started to notice some minor pitting on the chrome along the slide serrations. There's also slightly more major pitting on the grip safety. Is there a good way to get this issue addressed before it worsens? Can the hard-chrome job be "touched up," or do I just have to live with what I've got? I love the gun, and want it to have a long life. To preemptively defend myself, my guns never go more than about three days after shooting without getting cleaned and oiled, and my safe has desiccant that I charge regularly.
  6. The holster hangar sets the gun up in the best position (allowable within division rules) for a draw. The good ones are adjustable.
  7. The Shooter’s Connection belt is great. I have Ghost pouches on mine, and they work well so far. They’re more versatile than my Safariland setup. I use either a Blade-Tech or Red Hill Tactical holster. I had a few Blade-Tech DOH hangars, but just got the RHT hangar and it’s much better.
  8. Folks either don’t wear the inner belt, or only use the ratchet to tighten the last little bit once getting it on over the inner Velcro. I’m in the second camp, because I feel like the inner belt gives some added stability.
  9. I'll actually be shooting in Mesa this weekend, so hopefully I can stop by Bob's at the very least.
  10. Thanks for the recommendations! I knew there had to be some good ones around given all the shooters in this area.
  11. Anyone within a reasonable radius that will work on guns they didn’t build? Tucson or Phoenix would be doable. Otherwise I guess I can start exploring places to ship.
  12. I never used them in my former life as a skeet shooter, but Winchester makes AA Tracker shells that use a weighted wad to let you see where the center of your pattern is. Most clay shooters with decent eyesight get to the point where they can actually see their patterns with normal shells, but that definitely took me a while. I'd recommend finding a clay shooter who will take you to the range and give you some pointers. An experienced partner should be able to point out where you're missing, and give you tips on lead, how to shoot certain types of targets, etc...
  13. Chuck, thanks for the tip. @Intel6 Sir, it looks like you and I are in the same line of work. Any recommendations for 2011 gunsmiths in the SV area?
  14. It shouldn't matter as long as the tubes are the same length. Since it's a full FM weapon, I'd recommend getting in touch with them and asking for advice. I've contacted them a few times, and they are super responsive and very helpful.
  15. I’m newly moved to Southern AZ for work, and looking for a gunsmith to do some tune-up work on my 2011s. One is a custom 6” gun from a guy in Oregon that (I think) no longer makes guns, and the other is a DVC Limited. They’ve both been having some reliability problems that are beyond my limited ability to fix, so I’d appreciate any recommendations that you folks have.
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