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  1. I put one on my ELS belt, and it's really only good to tighten up the last inch or so. You still have to be fairly careful about how you set it up on the inner belt. It ends up being a big improvement, though. That extra click or two of tightness makes it feel much more stable and takes away the worry of having your whole rig peel off.
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    This is a great series of drills. While obviously the intent is to get the index as perfect as possible every time, how close do you consider to be "good enough?" I'm consistently indexing from the draw with the front sight partially obscured by one or the other side of the rear sight. It's close, but not right on.
  3. I ended up getting the NiB coating, and it looks fantastic. I'm hoping it holds up better than the Hard Chrome.
  4. This thread has some info that might help.
  5. Just wondering if you know what OAL your gun likes. I think there's some variance in offerings between the manufacturers you've listed.
  6. I assume you’re shooting a 2011? I’ve had great luck with Precision Delta so far. The price for their remanufactured ammo is good, and it runs in guns that like long OAL. The only downside is I’ve got 6” guns, so I don’t know of any manufacturers that make ammo that isn’t way over the minimum for Major with the longer barrel.
  7. The magwell doesn’t look like it would work with the TTI extensions because of the shoulder on them. That’s all I have, so I’m not sure about SP or Taylor Freelance.
  8. Same (it's actually for sale in the classifieds right now), but the barrel and slide cuts are definitely going to add some money.
  9. I think that price is about what you'd spend building that gun yourself.
  10. That's interesting. You shoot one?
  11. The Safariland 7TS for a regular 320 does not work, which is why there's a dremel-scarred mess of plastic in my gear drawer.
  12. I'm with the Foxtrot Mike guys. No issues, and great support when I've had questions. Like the other AR platforms, you can also upgrade as you go. New trigger would be my first buy.
  13. I think Shred hit it with the "Variable Rules" comment. The local variations on equipment divisions and rules makes it tough. I think part of the reason why USPSA is reasonably successful is the unified set of rules, ranking, and equipment standards. There have been attempts (3GN, RM3G), but nothing as comprehensive as USPSA.
  14. I love mine on the M2.0 in .40. It's only a minor step down from my 2011 triggers.
  15. The guys above have given you good advice. The only other thing I'll add is to get your hands on both. The TSO didn't fit my hands as well (even though I shoot a Shadow 2 in Production), so I went with a 2011. You won't know until you hold both.
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