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  1. Unfortunately, they said they don’t sell X5 slides separately at this time.
  2. Thanks, Eric. I think calling is my next step. Unless I'm missing something with my searches, I don't think there's an X5 slide available on the website.
  3. For an infinitely customizable gun, the 320 is actually fairly hard to customize at a decent price (minus the grip modules).
  4. Follow-on question, does anyone know whether it's possible to buy an X5 (or any full-size 320) slide by itself? I'd like to keep one around with the original sights on it for convenience in case I get the urge to shoot Production or a 3 Gun division that doesn't allow dots. I know I can always pull off the Springer adapter and reinstall the sights, but it would be nice if I could just swap slides.
  5. I ended up getting the Springer Plate and putting it on last night. After some slight modifications to my RHT holster, it looks like I'm good to go. I'm planning to sight it in this weekend and hopefully see what all the fuss is about dots on pistols.
  6. Looks like the Springer adapter is the way to go, then. I was tempted to try to file the back edge of the optic cut, because it almost fits, but I guess it would be dumb to do something irreversible when I can spend 50 bucks and have a better solution.
  7. I recently got a 3 MOA Vortex Venom at a price way too good to pass up. I've never had an MRDS, but I'm toying with the idea of setting my up my P320 X5 up for CO. What solutions exist for marrying the Venom with the X5? So far the only thing I've been able to find is a Springer Precision baseplate, but some other forums mention that it may be possible to mount it directly to the slide. What mounting solutions are out there, and what works best?
  8. That’s interesting. I didn’t know they had an official recommendation. Do you happen to know the reason behind that? Do they just not want to warranty their triggers for a system they weren’t originally designed for?
  9. What Glock-magazine BCGs work with the Geissele SD3G trigger (no doubling/full-auto)? I've found some old threads on the topic, but lots of the newer equipment isn't accounted for.
  10. I bought an FM Upper-lower kit, and it’s been running great for me. I had a little bit of trouble with buffer tuning, and even though I’m running a Franken-PCC (internals and barrel are all different manufacturers) the owner of FM, Paul, helped me pick the right buffer and spring combo. So in addition to a good product for a good price, the customer support is unbeatable.
  11. The back and corners. I just took a little bit of material, checked it in the gun, took a little more, checked, etc...
  12. Other than the one I posted above, which is obviously from after I did some sanding on the newer mag, no. Sorry about that.
  13. That's good info, and a big part of what I was curious about. I'll probably get a 2011 in 9mm or a 9mm upper eventually, but there's list of things ahead of that, unfortunately.
  14. Awesome, that’s good to hear.
  15. I can now speak from personal experience, as this past weekend I had an extractor issue with my 2011 on my first stage. Even though I had an extra fitted extractor, I wasn't able to verify for sure that the extractor was definitely the problem until later. Fortunately, I brought my old Limited gun (an M&P), based in part on the advice people posted here, and I was really glad that I did. The one thing I messed up was not bringing the M&P mag pouches, so I just tightened up the 2011 pouches as much as I could and tried not to bounce too much when I ran. What's relevant there is that if your backup isn't identical to your primary, you need to make sure that you have the correct ammo, holster, magazines, pouches, etc... It definitely adds to the sheet amount of stuff you have to haul around. I'm definitely going to look into getting a new backup that is functionally identical to my primary..
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