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  1. BelRiose

    PCC red dot. Which one?

    I’ll second the greed dot. I got an MRO at a prize table and didn’t notice it was a green dot until I turned it on. I decided to give it a try instead of trading or selling it, and ended up liking it. I get less of a halo than I do with red.
  2. BelRiose

    6" STI Holster Recommendations

    I appreciate the feedback, and will take a look at both the 014 and the WSM II. Any thoughts on non race-style holsters other than the RHT? Bladetech doesn't seem to make a 6" anymore.
  3. BelRiose


    Good point, and I appreciate the tip. The only issue then is that you can't practice mag changes without switching it back to a rail!
  4. BelRiose

    6" STI Holster Recommendations

    @waktaszI have an RHT holster for my current 3-gun pistol (SIG P320X5), and am very happy with it. The only potential issue I'm seeing is that the only 6" STI/2011 they list is the railed tactical model. Mine doesn't have the rail, so I don't know if the fit would be the same.
  5. I recently purchased a 6" STI in .40, and am trying to figure out what kind of holster to get in order to run it in USPSA Limited. Other than sending the gun in to get a custom holster made, does anyone have recommendations for holsters that work with a long-slide gun? 6" guns don't seem to be an option on most online holster-finder tools, and I don't want to buy something only to find out that it doesn't fit.
  6. I started out shooting a SIG P320 in 9mm for Production, bought an M&P 2.0 in .40 for Limited and slowly upgraded it (magwell, Dawson Sights, TT basepads, Apex FSS trigger), sold the P320 and bought a P320 X5 (w/GG PELT), and just made the jump to a 2011 with an 6" STI .40 that should be arriving this week. Other than the odd Glock purist or convert, it seems like most Limited shooters eventually end up in either the 2011 or CZ/Tanfo camp. I find the mag release button on CZ's to be in a very uncomfortable location that forces me to literally change my grip to reload, so I guess I was always destined for the 2011.
  7. BelRiose


    I know that this is an old thread, but since it's one of the first that comes up if you search MantisX, I'll still throw in my 2 cents. I've been using it, primarily for dry fire, for about 3 weeks. It's great for feedback on your basic mechanics, and definitely helps you isolate the little problems with your grip and trigger squeeze that you wouldn't notice otherwise. It definitely increases the value of dry-fire training. The only downside is that you need a light-capable holster if you want to practice draws.
  8. BelRiose

    Hello from TN

    I’m a USPSA and occasional 3-gun shooter finally putting together an account after a couple of years of leeching off the forum’s accumulated wisdom. If anyone has any recommendations for matches in Southern, AZ, I’ll be moving in a few months and looking for the local games.