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  1. EGW used to have a replacement for the plunger tube if you took the scope mount off. You would need to check with them to see if they still have them. I bought one when I went to a cmore from the tube scope on an old para.
  2. I also do not like the mess with blue bullets. They seem to work just fine on the targets. Just leaves residue on the hands while loading.
  3. I bought one about 2 months ago. The dot on mine is fine, seems round to me, especially when I turn the intensity down or look at it outdoors. The buttons do seem to be a bit stubborn at times. I have to hold it just right to turn it off. I also have the 8 min dot. I really like the sight.
  4. Check Shooters Connection, Brazos, and Speed Shooters for pricing. I just bought mine at a cheaper price than you guys are indicating.
  5. That is the problem with "trying an open gun". As soon as you do, you will want one.
  6. I size almost the same way. But mine is not push thru. I use a super die, then I drive it back out with a hammer and a long bolt. Seems to work.
  7. I use either Mobil 1 5w20 or Dexron ATF. Seems to work for me.
  8. I have a 9x23. I use any brass that says "comp" on it in .35 dia. Not that much difference after sizing. Good luck with your reamed barrel. I did that to a couple of barrels a long time ago and struggled with bulged brass. Scott
  9. I did not go look at your scores, don't really need to. You are new, there is a learning curve to get better at this game. The scoring system may seem really screwed up at first, but it boils down to earning points per second. If you throw misses, you are not earning points. If you are taking a long time to shoot the stage, you are getting too many seconds. Either scenario will lower your scores. Whoever has the most points per second, wins. Everyone else is graded on the curve set by the winner. Now how to get better, in my opinion, get involved with all aspects of the match. Make friends with the people that set up and run the match and pick their brain about how and why they do things in the match. After you have made friends, ask for advice. Chances are they will give you good advice and coaching. The more you learn in the next few matches, the quicker your scores will go up. Good luck Scott
  10. I don't think 15 rounds is a good thing to want. Yes it will give you extra rounds in each shooting position, but not if you think there will be extras when you have a couple of positions to shoot. I cannot tell you how many stages I have shot that require 8 here, 8 there, then 8 at the next place. Drives me nuts to have stages like that all the time, but they are reality. Now in those stages, where are you going to reload? If you plan to do 2 shooting positions before reloading, you have no extra rounds to engage anything, you will be going to slide lock. If you are going to reload between each position, what have you gained? I think this has completely defeated the purpose of having 15 rounds in the mags.
  11. There is an IDPA match in Tulsa. You will have to google oil capital rod and gun club. Scott
  12. Saturday Steel Challenge Ponca City www.poncarpc.org Sunday USPSA Pryor OK www.alphatrainingacademy.com Ponca is about 100 miles west of you. If you are thinking about coming to Ponca, send me an email in the morning jsgraves@ecewb.com I will let you know if it is raining or not. I won't drive that far for a steel challenge match, especially in the rain. Pryor is east of you about 50 miles. Good luck. Scott
  13. thanks for the reply. I may give the AASA match a try. Scott
  14. I have been looking and reading but I cannot find a USPSA match on the 2nd Saturday in the San Antonio area. Is there one? I have a trip planned and would like to shoot while I am down there. Thanks for any help.
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