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  1. I wonder if a Guga, or a DAA would work. Pretty short holsters.
  2. I used to shoot for Bobby. 1.175 will eventually cause you issues. I posted a vid of my rig, and adjustments I made years ago in YouTube. Look for it. Might help you out.
  3. I used to run 3n37 at 1.155. Not at all a pleasant experience on my hands....
  4. Having LOADS (pun intended) of experience with the bad parts of shooting Glock Open as a focus, just that pic alone shows me a serious improvement over past attempts at Open Plastic. One major thing is that the scope mount is attached to something other than the frame itself. I ran 25k out of my old Carver, and went through three SJC mounts in that time due to the aluminum stripping out (I assume to the stress/flex of the frame. Plausible). I seriously hope you update us once you throw lead downrange. Maybe a vid, or 5? Really curious to holster choices as well. Ghost? CR?
  5. Your gun came with a 9# spring? Did it say that on packaging, or something? And Mr. V is right, you're going to have a of close to major if that your plan. You can get away with a lot less powder. I sent you a PM, get back to me.
  6. Just for future reference- the frame and slide are a PVD coating and that every CK Arms gun is either pvd or nitride. None are offered in any other finish.
  7. Which one? The one in your pic on this thread. I may have built it, don't know for sure.
  8. I'll still focus my efforts in Jersey, and maybe Conn. We shall see......thankfully, I have a few FGW teammates in Jersey.
  9. Is SEPSA in fernandina no longer shooting the scone Saturday of the month? Also, don't forget CAPS in Brunswick, Ga every 4th Saturday.
  10. Well, I've gone and done it. Moved to Staten Island last month. Still getting settled, but I'll be looking for direction with uspsa/Steel shooting soon.
  11. Pretty sure I've held that gun.....
  12. So very sorry to hear this. John was one of the first people to greet me into this sport of ours and always had a joke, or a snappy comeback when I had a bad run to help me laugh and forget about it. You were a great man, John, and this is entire world is worse off without you in it. Fair winds, my brother.
  13. Just to provide a touch of clarity, the CK grip comes with everything needed. I.E.- The grip kit comes with a Magwell, Mag release button, and MSH. Proprietary, yes, but you don't need to spend any extra money to fill the grip with necessary parts unlike the other grip manufacturers mentioned by the OP.
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