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  1. I've looked everywhere I can think of and still haven't been able to find a good description of how the gas system on the SLP operates, namely the gas regulating function of the piston's internals. Is it anything more complicated than the piston's spring rate determining how much gas energy actually cycles the action?
  2. Thanks, sport. I agree that if the specific question that I've posed had been asked and answered previously there would have been no need to ask it again.
  3. As a non-IDPA shooter without a dog in the fight I can state unequivocally that a clear reading of 3.4.2 requires for there to be ammo in the gun. Occam's razor and all that jazz....
  4. Right handed left-eye dominant shooter. No major vision issues other than those normally associated with 60 year old eyes. I'm able to shoot handuns with both eyes open by simply shifting the positon of the gun to the left. I'm sure that I also tilt my head a bit. It works pretty well for me most of the time, but inevitably the gun will find its way in front of my non-dominant right eye and the fun begins. I'm pretty sure that I've hit the "you can only shoot as fast as you can see" wall, so I'm wondering if there's a better way. I have trifocals with a relatively minor intermediate vision correction both top and bottom that I use at work. They're optimized for what is effectively front sight distance, and the front sight is noticeably sharper when viewed through them. What I'm wondering is if that intermediate correction was appled in the upper portion of the right lens only, would that trick my brain into preferring the image generated by the right eye over that generated by the left? My optometrist isn't a shooter. I've read through a number of threads on the subject here, and there seem to be some pretty knowledgable folks so I'm throwing this out there in hopes of learning something that might lead me to belive that spending the money on what stands to be a fairly expensive experiment might be worthwhile. Thoughts?
  5. The Diva factor is the biggest issue that we face in trying to keep matches going in a number of disciplines at our club. It boils down to 20% of the shooters doing 100% of the work. Factor in what the 20%'s time is worth in their professional lives and a 15 or 20 buck match fee doesn't even begin to cover it. People get burned out; sometimes there's someone waiting in the wings to take over and sometimes the activity just goes away.
  6. RKBA Holsters in Madras will have my Railmaster for a while while he builds one for me. I'll send all of the mounting bits in case someone else is interested in having one done while it's there. Local NW guy, does nice work, reasonable. http://rkbaholsters.com
  7. I'd be interested in some opinions from folks who've used this sight for a while. I'm considering it for shotgun use, so I'm especially interested in finding out how well it holds a zero.
  8. Is this national safety record you speak of documented somewhere? I came across this thread doing some research in connection with a revision of the rules at my club. I'm specifically interested in DQ rates, ideally broken down by type of violation. Minimizing the impact to recognized shooting sports necessarily ranks below clubs' responsibility to their general membership and their neighbors in the community. Our club, once fairly isolated, is now surrounded on all sides by human habitation well within the range of an errant round. Keeping one from leaving the property is a top priority. Though it's not the proximate cause, a muzzle elevated above the berm is a necessary condition for this to happen.
  9. I've got an Aimpoint on mine and really like it. I'm a left-eye dominant right handed shooter so red dot sights are a godsend for me. I'm just shooting against myself in local matches so the Open thing isn't an issue for me.
  10. I just put a slight radius on the edges of the port and it's been just fine for me.
  11. Are these compatible with the O.D. of the mag. tube on the FN SLP?
  12. Once I figured that the factory mags were junk my LR 308 B with the JP trigger upgrade has run like a champ with the C Products units. As previous posters have noted it really runs out of gas around 800 yards, but it's still comfortably under 1 MOA at 300 with 155 gr. Scenars at 2650 fps. and in the X ring more often than not at 600.
  13. Another possible solution in the freezing realm is the sort of aerosol fast-freeze that athletic trainers use. If you can fit a small pipette a la the red tube that comes with a can of WD-40 to the nozzle you can deliver the cooling agent right to the surface of the brass. My money's on some combination of cooling the stuck portion of the case and bore brush extraction for the win!
  14. FWIW I've found that detuning 55 gr. loads down to the 2600 fps. range significantly increases accuracy from my Sig 556 (1:7 twist barrel). Compared to fairly hot commercial loads like XM193 group size is roughly half-this is off a sandbag rest with a red dot sight at fifty yards. I'm not seeing any signs of gas leakage on the brass.
  15. That's pretty high. I'm generally satisfied with anything around 25. Without knowing more about your loading process it's tough to say where to look, but a light touch with a Lee factory crimp die was one thing that noticeably improved consistency for me. I'm hoping that you're using fairly new brass with a common headstamp; you're almost certain to be all over the place with found brass of uncertain vintage.
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