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  1. What Tyro suggests. Did this on my .40 & 9mm.
  2. Try the connector first before investing in more parts, but not a bad idea to keep a spare striker around.
  3. Glockman1000


    I normally use 4.8 grns. of WW231 under a 124grn. JHP for steel shooting.
  4. I don't know if you're willing to go this route but try a metal uncaptured guide rod. Maybe the plastic rod is getting gouged & stuck. Where the retaining pin for the guide rod is, does it look like the spring might be getting stuck there? You're not using a shock buff or anything like that are you?
  5. Was it like this from the get go? Used or new 24?
  6. Glockman1000


    Try giving him a call or emailing him. I don't think it would hurt, he is a nice gentlemen to deal with.
  7. Are you able to pull the slide back a little, release it & chamber the next round or is it locked up completely where you have to fully clear it? If you can find those other mags, give them a shot.
  8. How deep is the nick on the breechface? You mentioned G4, does this mean a G34 Gen 4 Glock with the dual recoil springs? Glock revised the design on that part. Had something to do with breakage & reliability issues in early Gen 4 models. You may want to contact Glock to see if your model needs the updated RSA. As mentioned earlier, a full detail strip & locking block inspection may be in order. I would also suggest checking you slide release & spring. If they somehow get out of place they could cause some problems. Hope you get it sorted out soon.
  9. Where can I buy a Seattle slug? google Taylor Freelance. They also make great mag extensions.
  10. Glockman1000


    Nicely done! Been toying with the idea of taking a Deltapoint & mounting it 90 degrees. It would be taller that way & would look a lot closer to a C-More size window.
  11. California legislators are ramping up efforts to restrict gun ownership even more. If passed, possession of hollow point ammo will be considered a felony. http://www.sfgate.co...aws-4261890.php
  12. Glockman1000


    LOL! Yes, been busy working & motivating my local shooting community to support their 2A rights in my off time.
  13. Glockman1000


    The frame mount is very easy to install. However, it is required to mill down the ejection port to give the spent casings room to be ejected. I also installed a 40 cal ejector, so the spent casings would eject out the side rather than up. (9mm gun) Installing the 90 degree sight mount would have the benefit in that no slide work would be needed, and the sight would be lower. The down side to the 90 degree sight mount would be having to drill a hole in the frame. I thought all the frame mounts needed to be drilled into frame? Correct me here or enlighten me lol Not all frame mounts are drilled in to the frame. This one replaces the trigger pin like the SJC & Carver. Fits in my holster without modifying it.
  14. Try it with factory ammo if you haven't already, if you are using reloads, then maybe a different load might help. Have some other people try the pistol & see if the same thing happens. Narrow it down to the pistol before you make any changes to it.
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