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  1. +1 on the Lee FCD. I actually prefer the Dillon size & Decap die on a progressive. I haven't tried the Redding bulge buster die, but so far, I haven't needed it.
  2. I would like to see a quick change primer seater for the 650, for switching from small to large primers. I guess if I get super lazy, I will just buy another 650 for large primers, but there are so many other toys out there!
  3. I did the same thing with a G35. I love how much lighter it is than my stock G17, but the reset does seem longer than the stock trigger. Now, it would be nice to know what all that trigger consists of in that video! I guess if you want everything in the trigger you are going to have to spend more $$$ than just the spring kit and connector.
  4. I will have to measure it now. I have a High Viz FO on the front now, but not sure how tall it is. I am tired of my slugs hitting high left, I don't want to bend the barrel, and I know that sometimes I forget my KY windage on the clock.
  5. Anyone have pics? I have been thinking of this for my ribbed M2.
  6. Yep, waves washer needs to frown instead of smile, all is good.
  7. I just changed the disc on my 650 from small to large and now it doesn't advance the primer disc.
  8. Yes, the shell plates are labeled. I also found my large primer conversion stuff, BTW.
  9. I just have to give a huge thanks to Dillon for excellent customer service! I couldn't figure out why my case slider was coming off the platform (or about to) and after two calls to Dillon I sent the press back (after about four years of use). Turns out they replaced a lot more parts than what I thought was needed, but hey, they are the experts. I got my 650 back in about 15 days (I wasn't in any hurry) and it is like new again!
  10. I know the feeling. I went to change my 650 from .223 to 45acp and I can't find the large primer seater or large primer disk. I know I had them, I guess I shouldn't have put them in a better spot!
  11. I do like the idea of shooting one bullet across the board. After a humorous post by "Mr. Weakhand" I decided to load 55gr across the board for .223 and haven't looked back.
  12. Those of you shooting 9mm are you using 124 or 147? I switched to 9mm just because I get more bullets for the $$$$$.
  13. I have a G17 g4 and G35 g4. The G17 has the stock trigger and I put the Zev trigger springs and race connector in it. I love how much lighter the trigger pull is. However, the reset seems a little longer than stock. If I could get a shorter reset with the same pull weight I would be very happy! When comparing the two triggers above I did like the shorter reset of the stock trigger.
  14. Not to steal your thunder, but I also made a post on their Facebook page stating the same thing above.
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