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    Short funny jokes

    Unless you are short changed.
  2. I was in a local gun shop the other day and one of the employees working behind the counter held up a 30 round AR mag and had to ask if it was indeed a 30 round mag for an AR. Are you kidding me? I guess it is too sad to be funny.
  3. I was able to move my gun safe with one other person and a dolly. It is a 14 gun safe and weighs about 450 lbs. I have a nice dolly, but the height of the safe extended past the handles on the dolly and alot of the weight (at the top of the safe) seemed to land just on my forearms. If felt as though it could snap my raduis/ulna with any bad bump. When we moved again we hired movers and I was amazed at what I had seen. Two guys layed the safe flat picked it up like they were moving a fold-up table and off they went. They made it look easy, and the kicker was they really didn't look that big.
  4. XSTP. I was right smack dab in the middle between E and I, and I remember reading somewhere that was an X. I might still have the book from grad school, but me going off memory is always a scarey proposition.
  5. Next time I will have to request to be on Jesse's squad! Added: you could probably charge a fare.
  6. I had a friend do one for me just to try it out. I will post pics if I can find it, I am on to trying a jogging stroller, but I think it might have worked a little better had I actually bought the ATV brackets. But basically, he mounted a 5 gal bucket to the base of the cart and put a cabbalas seat on it.
  7. So, with the recent news.....are your new videos going to be called Stagg Flicks?
  8. Looks a little difficult to push around!
  9. Some guys just can't help themselves. My local watering hole used to have a guy who came in and told tall tales. The thing is that if someone was at the bar who was an authority on whatever subject he was expounding on he'd just make the story that much taller! His favorite stories were about his time working for "the company" in Viet Nam, when they'd shoot him out the torpedo tube of a submarine on secret spy missions! If a vet sat at the table, the stories would get even wilder. I didn't shoot competitively back then, but I can just imagine the tall tales I could have heard if I'd mentioned a match! Thanks for the laugh. I think I know that guy! One of my uncle's friends in Joplin, mo swears he worked for "the company" while AWOL during Vietnam! Yea, about that.........I will buy you another beer if you shut up
  10. Broke down and now I have two Burris XTR's! 1 x 4 and 1.5 x 6 on the .308 (not liking the accuracy so far out of that barrel).

  11. My Brother-in-law tried to tell me that BS about the 50 BMG not having to hit you. "Your head will explode from the pressure if it comes within 10 feet of you. Thats how military snipers are able to hip people from a mile away" I asked him if he was retarded. The kicker.....he's National Guard I am former active duty and national guard (so I say this purely in jest) I thought retarded an NG were highly correlated!
  12. No Time to Shoot

  13. The two best foods to eat to maintain your blood sugar levels would be a bowl of oatmeal and an apple. Try it for a week (any fruit throughout the week) and you will be glad you did. I would also say you should know your body and how much caffine you can handle. Personally, I do a cup of coffee and a coke/pepsi with the above breakfast. Once out on the range a cliff bar, mixed nuts, a soda for lunch, a bottle of gatorade as needed and the rest is water. I do take motrin or the like when I wake up on the day of a match (too much weight on these joints).
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