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  1. Mecklenburg wildlife club. If u want lessons contact Morgan Allen. He will save u a couple years in your training. U can contact me if u have more questions. I think it's great family fun. B warned. It can b addictive.
  2. Hmm. I cleaned the chamber and barrel. I'll check it out for dark spots this evening. Thanks
  3. Actually aftec and egw extractors (I think) and it does it with both
  4. Affect extractor with good tension. Cases are just so tight. I'm getting ready to check it out some more. If I have anymore info I wil post it.
  5. I have a 2005 mat mclearn 38sc open gun. It has a Schumann aet hybridcomp barrel. It has always run well. The other day it started jamming with spent cases left in the chamber. The brass has marks on it from extractor ripping past it. The brass is so tight in chamber that u have to pull it out with pliers or pry it out with screwdriver. At first I that maybe a dirty chamber so I cleaned it but it isn't any better. Cleaned Fired brass is very difficult to push back into chamber. Could the chamber b cracked? I don't see any marks on the brass like a line or anything. They do have a bulge but they always have. Also when this started happening I thot my rounds were too hot. Chonoed the rounds and they were almost minor due to my lack of knowledge of my powder being reverse temp sensitive. I usually run close to 175pf. Now the gun won't run long enough to get through a stage so matches are out. I don't want to send it off quite yet. I was just wondering if anyone had some insight on it or the possibility of a cracked chamber. Thanks
  6. back to the op, I hav been wondering this myself- with help from my new girlfriend. Why? What drives me to constantly think about it and ways to improve? I'm getting to the point now where the constant pressure it puts me under isn't ggod. My job does that enough. I don't really have any down time. I did hav an evening of dry fire the other night that was amazing. I was sick with a cold and had a little antihistamine in me so I was calmer and more relaxed than usual. I got to a point where I could sense the present so well. Not half a second earlier or later. If I moved my focus just the slightest bit things didn't go perfectly. Recently I hav once again thought about quitting and doing something the whole family can take part in. This is supposed to b a hobby and fun. I can tell u though that I love it and the shooters. Even if I don't know them. They r the best group of people I hav ever been around and if I quit, I will miss both. For me, I like to run that perfect stage, beating my friends when they do there best and chasing the "Majestic spark of excellence." I wish you all well.
  7. Alright I finally got to it. I hav a Matt mclearn full size, double sided mount, alum more, svi grip with grip tape, titanium comp. no mags, no bullets. 55.5 oz
  8. had a 6 went to an 8. so there.
  9. yea I agree with a matt. right now im running an SV but I ran real well with a PT alum aggressive texture with no problems. nice and light now but right now im in the mood for heavy. that will change soon im sure. not sure of weight. its a full size with titanium comp but if I get a chance I can weigh it tonight.. btw its a Mat mclearn
  10. 20 for me. Just a nice compromise.
  11. I would think u cant go wrong with either one
  12. alum only way to go no matter what it is on
  13. i use svi mags exclusively. i did not do anything to mag release just put a little bevel on the frame so the mag would fit into it. made sure slide would not drag or mag hit the ejector. works great. drops out of my 2 phoenix trinity grips with no drag at all. come to think of it i did smooth out the mag release button holes in the mags but i am like that. everything needs to be smooth or polished.
  14. which carries up to NC. a lot more 38 something. runs like the energizer bunny
  15. they just slide onto an sti frame. my alum was tighter that the SS but both fit perfectly. you cant go wrong
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