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  1. Hello, I ran across these comps today. Has anyone had any experience with them? The seem to be well built. I'm curious for a build I'm working on. http://www.binaryeng.com/products/cfd-titanium-compsensator Thanks, Jerrod
  2. Hello I'm going to be loading for my CZ SP-01 Shadow for production, and I'm needing some help on the load data. I have on had some xtreme bullets 115 gr., and some Winchester 231 powder. I have searched and haven't really found anything recent or exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks!
  3. I agree, I'm intrigued by these new mags. I'm really interested in giving them a try, especially if the solve the issues everyone is having regarding trying to fit the svi mags in a Sti frame.
  4. That's awesome, I just looked up the website. they look like a great design. I'll be keeping an eye out for when their available. Thanks!
  5. Just hold off a little while. New mags are coming out soon. 30rd big stick $160 complete New SV Mags?
  6. I appreciate all the help. I do have one more question. I've read where some bullets are .356 in diameter and some are .357..does that matter?
  7. thank you very much. I appreciate all the help and suggestions I can get.
  8. I've been doing some searching, looking for some load data for a 38 super. Everything I have found so far is fairly old. Does anyone have a good 38 super load using Silhouette powder? Thanks for your help.
  9. thanks for the help guys, I shot it today and seemed to go well. I've been told to shorten my OAL up a little bit, so ill try that and shoot a match next weekend.
  10. Awesome I appreciate it guys. I will check them out and hopefully get them going
  11. ive shot one full match with my Sti using the svi mags. It didn't go well, the bullets would nose dive right into the ramp. So I'm trying to figure out if maybe the bullets are to long or if it's the mags. As for the sps mags, I've got 3 tubes, 2 140's and a 170 but I've never used them.
  12. just an update on this issue, I received my CK Arm mag catch today. it solved the issues with my mags not dropping out of my gun and you don't have to force the mags in the gun for them to catch.
  13. I have. You have to jam the mags in for the catch to grab them, which of course when you go to drop the mag it doesn't drop freely. I ordered the ck arms mag catch to give it a try, as I heard it works well with no modifications. It should be in Thursday.
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