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  1. Lots of matched in North Florida 1 Saturday Talon Tallahassee (Midway) 2 nd Saturday SEPSA Yulee north of Jacksonville 3 rd Saturday SAPSA St. Augustine 4 Saturday ACPSA St. Augustine 4 Saturday CAPS Brunswick GA All 5 to six stages including a classifier. Great stages - Good group of shooters. All on Practice Score.
  2. I used one shot then placed them in cob cleaner for about 15 minutes for years. Them someone mentioned articles regarding the dangers of doing so. While I never had any problems it made me wonder. Just search on "tumble cleaning loaded ammunition", then make your decision whether you believe them or not.
  3. It's really doubtful any case will allow enough powder to work the comp properly with a 147 grain bullet. I've loaded Dillon 9x25 for years but I doubt even it would work the comp with a 147gr bullet. 14 grains of N110 and a 124 JHP work well. AA9 uses about the same load. My preferred load is 115 JHP (38 sup and 8.9 silhouette). Why do you want to use 147 for open?
  4. Another option is the Montana Gold 357 sig JHP. Still .355 and a more traditional design. The body is longer to accommodate the necked case. They also work better in the STI old style mags for 9mm. Work well in my 38 Super. I switched back to Precision Delta as I prefer 115 JHP.
  5. I used one shot for years then the corn cob clean. I had no issues with it except the cost and shipping hassle. Then someone asked me if I saw the article regarding problems with power after running a cleaning cycle. I never had a problem I knew of the but the thought was planted. Then I tried dry lube. Works great and cheaper than one shot. No need to clean anything. I load 9x25 and they don't work well even in carbide dies without lube.
  6. I had the same problem last year. Dillon 650 dillon 38 dies but it only happens with CCI primer (small rifle). 10k winchester (WSPM) since then no problems. I changed nothing with the die settings or the pin.
  7. I have used CCi for decades with no problems until about two years ago. The problem was not with the round not firing but on my 650 about 10 of 100 the primer pin would draw the primer back into the case. I now use Winchester or Remington with no problems. I have never used ultrasonic cleaners, don't even own one. I never wash the cases. Walnut in case cleaner 45 minutes, cobs 45 minutes. They don't all look shiny but they all do fire. Nothing is added to either to make them shine. I load about 2000 per month with no misfires. Every time I change the load I make up 20 rounds check and test fire them. Then 50 to 100 same thing. If all goes well I don't touch it again. I hope you problem is solved.
  8. I had 3k 38sc brass so I didn't bother with the 9mm. The brass is the cheapest part of the weekend match so I just quit listening to everyone complain about 38sc brass cost. When I obsessed over picking it up at a match I usually got 50 back. That's about $7 saved. I got tired of hearing about the "old guys" scrounging for brass plus I wasn't really doing my fair share of the pasting. I have always shot the gun 38sc since new in 2014. I only tired the 9mm at a practice range.
  9. If the MG 125 CMJ is a winner you should try their 125 JHP for 357 Sig. It has a longer body. They work well in 38 supper and 9x25 Dillon.
  10. I have an STI Grand Master with two barrels - 38 & 9mm. Mags are both old style and new. 38SC virtually never jams ( maybe once every 20K) 9mm won't even feed 10 rounds without nose dive. All have Grams springs and followers. I fixed the problem. If I ever sell the gun it will be with a seldom used 9mm barrel. It's just not worth having problems at a match. Load up some 38SC if they work enjoy the match and don't look back.
  11. I have two open guns with Acc-u-rails, both work really well. Improve accuracy - no idea they have always had them. Both of these guns were built in 1995, have hundreds of thousands of rounds (new barrels in both) and are still as tight as when new. I've never broken a rail but have spares just in case. When stripping/cleaning I take them out, really no big deal to put them back in. I recommend them unless it voids a warranty. Doug from Acc-u-rails has always been easy to work with.
  12. I've been shooting my "factory" built STI now for 4 years. Under 4k purchase price. I admit once every 20k rounds I do get a misfeed. That's with at least 12k rounds per year. I also own two custom built 2011 built in 1995 that are still going strong with new barrels, just not a desirable caliber for todays matches (9x25) . My Grand Master has never been to a gunsmith and the only mod is a thumb rest. Tuned mags - no need my factory ones work just fine. There are probably some custom 6k+ open guns that allow improved scores but not for A class and below. In my case the gun is much more accurate than the operator. Go with a factory STI, once you have used it enough to notice the slide is too slow, too much rise or whatever then you will know what you like and dislike if you then want a custom gun. OPEN still the most fun you can have at a match
  13. While RO at a level 1 match the shooter shot the targets around the left side to a wall, then turned counter clock wise 270 degrees. Biggest barrel I have ever seen.
  14. Extra batteries for the red dot. I carry my (old) backup. Needed it once in 3 years average 3 matches a month. It's hardly worth the trouble but I probably will still bring it as all the matches are a 125 mile drive each way. I wouldn't work on it at a local match, just take it home and fix it. Factory STi GM Major match probably a different story, but there (used to be) supplies and gunsmiths there.
  15. I always clean my gun the week before a match and then shoot at least 100 rounds to verify everything works well. Most weeks I fire another 500 rounds before the next cleaning. Sti Grand Master with no modifications. No fancy oil, just gun oil. Mis-feeds about once every 10,000 rounds.
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