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  1. CarlB86

    ZEV OZ9

    Just because someone can buy an STI for less, doesn't necessarily mean you should though.
  2. I would personally run the muzzle support as well. The rounded trigger guard allows some play in terms of y axis angle. No risk of it falling, but disliked the grip angle being different on draw. Muzzle support makes it super solid.
  3. I used the normal metal frame 1911 insert with my race master. The front trigger guard is pretty spot on traditional 1911.
  4. Yep, they just have the aggressive bogie texture. They can also do the lightening cuts if worried about weight for CO.
  5. I use LOK OEM aka wood profile bogies. Special order, but gives a place for support hand.
  6. Yep! I've been running their disco in two Stock III's for a few months. Now gonna test out the hammer.
  7. First batch of SRO's died early on due to defects. They seem to be the longest lasting along with the RMR Type 2.
  8. Less prone to break, better dot options, nice round window, most common optic mounting footprint. Someone might prefer the DPP which is a valid option. Removing the optic once a year to clean and rezero is my current plan. I generally can make it without a detail strip of the extractor in that 10k-12k range. I do use a small pin sized scraper to get build up off it and surrounding area after 2-3k.
  9. I'm pretty good at helping people spend money!
  10. I believe Scott at Impact Machine will be offering these for Tanfoglio. I'm the test subject and will be putting more rounds through it, but so far no issues. Just send him a message or call. I'm not sure if a Stock II needs lightening cuts to make weight.
  11. Finally ran it in a match yesterday. Only managed to record a few stages.
  12. I think that will be mostly related to the disconnector. The Cajun one I'm using isn't as short as the bolo, but I don't ride the reset in my shooting.
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