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  1. If you want cheap, this is what I did for my 2nd Stock III. It is my practice/backup gun mostly. -Xtreme Firing Pin -Xtreme Firing Pin Spring (Medium) -Xtreme Firing Pin Block -Xtreme Hammer Spring (Medium) -Dawson fiber front sight -Extra power extractor spring -Patriot Defense barrel reaming service (if you load longer OAL and current ammo won't plunk test)
  2. This is what I did on mine with a sanding wheel on a dremel. Fixed the issue.
  3. Mine broke during a Stoeger class this year. Gun was in the 6k+ round count area. He mentioned the stock ones are prone to break.
  4. Thanks, I don't see the barrel change listed, so must be a pretty "old" change by now.
  5. Dang, is there a changelog somewhere? Hard to follow what all has changed.
  6. https://uspsa.org/documents/rules/2019_USPSA_Competition_Rules.pdf I thought this used to sound like flutes or dimples in the barrel were illegal, but looking the rule it only specifies slide contour. It doesn't say anything about barrel weight or fluting. Did something change or did my reading comprehension change?
  7. Carry optics uses the same rules you cited distaste for.
  8. No, but even if allowed I wouldn't. Goal was to just swap slides to switch between production and open. Stock II doesn't have the rail.
  9. +1 I run the 8lb and it feels nice. The 6lb seems too light and I am worried it will bash the sights loose.
  10. @PatriotDefenseslide lightening cuts, optic cut, and lightweight guide rod.
  11. They have my slide for cutting right now.
  12. I've had much better luck from the factory firing pin than any aftermarket one, but I understand all guns are different.
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