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  1. Thanks for the information! How is the reset difference? I feel that the stock xtreme trigger has a tiny bit too long reset. My SA has a crisp sub 2.2 lbs pull, but the DA is a different story with very noticeably stacking and a heavy pull.
  2. Glad to hear about less overtravel. Did the reset feel shorter? I was thinking about grabbing the GG kit but use the legion flat trigger shoe instead. Would you be able to swap the to the legion trigger and see if it makes a difference instead of the curved?
  3. I would assume it would give some differences and hopefully in a positive manner. Could you check if it's possible to run the flat legion trigger shoe with it as well and if that makes any differences? I remember reading a forum post on a different page and there was someone who claimed a 2-2.5lbs trigger pull with a cleaner break and shorter reset. But I find that maybe a bit too hard to believe.
  4. Keep us updated. I'm curious to know more about GG trigger in a Legion.
  5. My Vortex Venom held nearly 2000 rounds, started to lose zero and turn on and off during shots.
  6. Has anyone had the chance to try out the full Unica Trigger Group Set DA/SA? Just noticed they started to sell a full set with unica hammer, sear, firing pin, firing pin block and springs. https://www.tanfoglio.it/shop/tanfoglio-unica/unica-parts-and-accessories/gruppo-di-scatto-completo-unica-per-armi-doppia-azione-double-action-trigger-group-set.html How does it compare up against Bolo+Titan and Patriot Springs? In terms of pre-travel, overtravel, reset,creep and weight?
  7. Has anyone had the chance to check the Tango6T and compare it Vortex Razor HD Gen II-E and the Tango non T version? I'm interested to know how they stack up against each other in terms of clarity, dot brightness, fov and eye relief. There are plenty of info on the normal Tanog6, but not the T version. Currently I'm running a Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6x and I got very envious after looking through a Zeiss V8 and a Swarovski z6i. Those models are out of my budget range, but the Tango6T and the Vortex Razor HD Gen II-E is just at the limit.
  8. That's my concern as well with the Legion. So far I think the SRO might be a better option. Hope you can test the Max on the Legion soon.
  9. Could you post some photos of the entire gun from the side with the optic mounted? Would like to get an impression of the size difference and how far forward it mounts.
  10. Are there any mounting plates for Romeo3Max and X-Five Legion yet and does it uses the RTS2 mounting pattern? Can't find anything at over at Springer Precision's website. I'm about to pick up a X-Five Legion for the next season and I am considering between the Romeo3Max and SRO. So I am very interested in your comparison and how they hold up and function on a Legion.
  11. I have been thinking about going back to Glock for optics division from my Tanfo Stock 3. I really like how well and naturally Glock points for me, but I do appreciate the weight of my Tanfo during recoil. My splits are faster and I am generally more accurate with the 2.5lb ish SA trigger. However transitions and getting on the target feels faster with the Glock. I wish the Glock had a little bit more weight to it's frame.
  12. perob

    ZEV OZ9

    I tried this gun recently and I was thoroughly impressed by how well it pointed for me and how the grip felt. The trigger was also great, however I think you can achieve better (lighter) with other aftermarket triggers. I also liked that the RMR cut was very low and that co-witness should be possible with both RMR and SRO. It felt like a great gun for IPSC Production Optics where we are very limited on the mods we can do to a Glock 17. Although it was very pricey, nearly as much as my Tanfoglio Xtreme's. After I got home I decided to research the gun a bit more and I came across the following youtube video: https://youtu.be/ls6gC8f5UQs?t=71 At around 1:38 it has an unintentional discharge. How could this have happened? From my understanding the OZ9 functions as any other Glocks, should not the firing pin block safety have prevented this? How could the sear engage by itself? Or is it possible that these come with the pre-travel taken out so much that it already pushed the block out of the way? Also the firing pin would need to be cocked further back to set of the primer than its half cocked position. I was a bit interrested in this gun, but issues like this definitely deter me form buying straight away. I have not seen videos from that channel before so I am not certian how authentic it is.
  13. I have a small frame from 2015 and I'm pretty sure it looks like the photo on the right side.
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