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  1. Update on this. I finally was able to get around to adjusting the dot in this gun. When I first installed the optic I sighted it in using a bench rest to be hyper accurate. All my shooting is standing and other positions not involving a rest. I decided to adjust the sight the way I shoot , standing and moved poi 2” right and up 1” at 25 yds. Once satisfied with the results I decided to see what it did from the rest and it was as I suspected 2” right of center. The gun shoots spot on now, it was not the problem of the gun twitching left when the sear disengages, turns out I was holding the gun with a slight cant and my head in a different position from the rest as compared to standing. Moral of the event, sight the way you will use the gun.
  2. Interesting thread. I guess my main concern was moving the sight to accommodate a possible problem I was inducing but I doubted it was me due to the tight groupings of offending gun and no such problem with the other 4 M&Ps. Btw I moved the slide for curiosities sake onto another frame and had the same results. I don’t like to adjust sights for my poor shooting, I’d rather cure my problem if this makes sense. After reading the Oct thread I’m satisfied that adjusting the dot won’t be a compromise decision, it’s just the way that particular gun is.
  3. Yes, I dry fire with dummy rounds chambered but not in the mag as part of my safety protocol for dry fire practice. Dummy rounds and live rounds with a full mag do not eliminate the exaggerated, in comparison to the other guns, jump. What my curiosity was in regards to overtravel is that if you are moving the gun in the trigger press due to overtravel you are moving it before the sear release, a bad trigger finger is bad the whole pull, at least that’s the way I assess it. I just found out how to access the thread which lior referenced, headed there now.
  4. I’m not sure what over travel bumps would do for you with regards to poi, if your trigger press is going to mess with your poi after the sear release it would certainly be upsetting poi before sear release. It’s not a grip issue as this is the only one of 5 S&W M&P guns, three of which are identical 2.0’s to move like this, as well, poor grip issues produce pretty erratic grouping in quicker splits which is not the case with this gun, it produces very nice groups with 1/4 sec splits. I’ll move the dot this weekend to accommodate it but I really wish I understood the root cause of this issue, what is mechanically happening inside the gun that creates this.
  5. I’ll give that a try, it does seem the easiest solution. The gun dies shoot real nice groups. I sighted it in on a rest but it does seem that standing is real life. Thanks for responding.
  6. Apex duty/carry triggers in all of them.
  7. I have 3 M&P 2.0c’s and 2 Shields, all 9mm. 4 guns exhibit a slight bit of muzzle jump to the left when dry firing, the 5th, a 2.0 does so more than all the others. With 4 their is no real noticeable influence on poi. With the one 2.0 it’s a noticeable left poi by the time I’m at 12 yds if poa is the bridge of the nose the poi is the eye socket. I’m left handed so I can’t use my thumbs to offset this in fact it exacerbates it. I don’t want to change my thumb pressure for one gun, I’d rather grip remain constant. Is this something anyone else experiences with these models? What about adjusting the red dot on the offending weapon to compensate, it is a very consistent left poi? Thoughts and suggestions please, thanks!
  8. I’ve never understood front sight focus for self defense oriented shooting. Our intent is not to direct a bullet to the front sight but to a remote target. My front sight is never clear but it is clear to me what my sight picture is telling me. When you use front sight focus your rear sight is not in focus therefore you are interpreting contrasts in the two sights, the same skill target focus requires. It’s all about being confident in what you see no matter how you see it.
  9. I'll give S&W a call about that, thanks
  10. I know I'm quite late on this but it's a new issue to me. I have 2 9mm Shields and 3 2.0 4" barrels, every gun but one a 2.0 chambers my reloads easily. The offending 2.0 seems to have a tighter chamber 3-4mm ahead of the extraction groove it always leaves marks on the brass there and is the only one of the 5 that does not plunk easily.
  11. I do not own one. My experience with them is as an RSO at a local range assisting with ccw qualifications, I consider them rather slow on follow up shots due to heavy recoil.
  12. Noylj's experience is the same as mine. When I first started loading 9's I was quite baffled by my minimum powder trial load and a flat primer.
  13. 4.1 gn of 231 with a 124 LRN from Badman, 1.135 OAL
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