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  1. I realize this is 9 months old, but can you please tell me what page of the May Blue Press it appears on? I've scoured mine and can't find it. Thank You.
  2. I can think of 5 different times with 4 different people, and I'm only 63. I don't mind helping someone in trouble, but there are limits.
  3. I don't understand how people that are too cheap to pay you for your time and material when you fix something for them, feel paid in full by telling you that "You'll get your reward in Heaven". I assume they must have a hotline to God, and it is OK with Him that they load their debt onto Him that He must pay in the future (when I die and go to Heaven) BUT they reap the benefits of my labor and material on earth NOW. Why didn't they pray to God to for Him to fix whatever it was that I fixed....seeing as they have a direct line to the creator???
  4. I know this is an old topic, but I wonder if anyone ever took the time to notice if, after changing shell plates, that the primer actuator arm is moving parallel to the primer slide? The clamp on the primer shield tube can be turned about 10 degrees right or left of center, and both directions off of center cause primer feed problems. This, in my opinion, is a poor design on the part of Dillon. The clamp block on the primer shield tube should have a locating nub so that it will only go back correctly oriented. No mention of watching for this problem is mentioned in my RL or Super 1050 operators manual.
  5. https://ballistictools.com/store/perfect-powder-baffle-for-dillon-powder-measure I use this on both my RL and super 1050. Orient the ears 90 degrees to one another and it makes the Dillon powder measure somewhere near useable. For any powder charge small enough to be within the range of the Lee auto disk measure, I use that because it consistently drops within 1/10 of a grain, something none of my Dillon measures can do, even with all the upgrades.
  6. I always screw the primer tube cap down until it contacts the top of the primer tube and then back it off a quarter turn. As long as the primer feed tube tips are OK and your primer slide is clean, that should cure your feed problems.
  7. I have been following these kits on Ebay for a while, since I first saw them when searching for Dillon 1050 parts. While the needle bearing seems like a good idea at first, you should take into account the fact that the needle bearing is much harder than the lock ring or parent material that the press is constructed from. Over time the needles will wear tiny depressions most likely in the press frame, since the lock ring appears to be tempered to be made tougher. I reload everything from 380 acp to 45-70 on my two 1050's with zero powder spillage problems. I don't use grease on the shell plate and lock ring area, I thoroughly clean the area with pure alcohol and treat all four surfaces ( bottom of lock ring, bottom or ram/press, top and bottom of shell plate) with Brownells Action Magic II. Use this as directed and snug your shell plate down as usual, with just a whisper of drag and the press is smooth as silk. The Action Magic does not hold or attract dust and dirt. I personally believe the bearing is a solution looking for a problem. PS. The delrin ball idea may help a bit, but I have not had trouble with the steel ball.
  8. Thems fightin' words around here. My piece of Dillon crap works very well. Sarge, you are right. The Dillon scale is an overpriced poorly constructed piece of crap.
  9. If you mount the swage vertically, with the handle on top you dramatically increase your production rate. It sounds odd, but I found this out when I tried it for the hell of it about ten years ago. A rubber band mounted to keep the handle semi-raised is handy.
  10. I had similar problems with my Dillon digital scale and finally the display quit altogether. Chinese crap. I bought a GemPro that weighs to .01 grains (ten times more sensitive than the Dillon) has a greater capacity and is more accurate according to the supplied spec sheet...for less money. Check GemPro for their guarantee if you want a pleasant surprise.
  11. I wore out a RCBS carbide 45acp die. It wore eccentric by almost a full .001 and overall by the same amount. It's not the brass that wears the carbide, it's the microscopic grit that wears it. NOTHING is impervious to wear. I have not used Dillon dies long enough to wear them out...so far. The RCBS die went over 200K before it went south.
  12. After much shopping and comparing I bought a MyWeigh Gem Pro 500 for $108 delivered. Accurate to .05 grains, 1543 grain capacity. It comes with an AC adapter and plastic box plus check weight. Tare may be set up to full weight capacity of scale. Super sensitive and not bothered by lite air movement. I am very pleased with this scale. Oh, lifetime guarantee.
  13. I polished my funnels on a lathe with emery paper and later rouge with a felt wheel. A smooth surface will not hold brass like a rough surface. See my post about using dry lube on the funnels to prevent this. (Dillon lube tips for the 1050)
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