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  1. The debate of 9mm vs .38SC is long and varied but mostly revolves around cost of brass. The difference in price is really not that great especially given that the .38SC can be reloaded more times extending its serviceable life. Hey, Open is undoubtedly the most expensive division to shoot, why obsess over a very small cost item like brass when compared to equipment, cost of traveling to matches and registration fees.
  2. My CZ P09 from Angus with slide cuts, C-more RTS2 and Springer aluminum mag base pad came in at 31.7 oz. well within the 35 oz limit.
  3. Different strokes for different folks but I prefer sleeping in my own bed and showering in my own shower.
  4. Shot 15 stages yesterday WOW. Finished around 7:30 which is a miracle. (I've shot 10 stage matches that had trouble doing that.) Thanks to Ken, Lee, great RO crew and everyone else who worked and made this a great match.
  5. Three cheers for 4756. When shooting 3n38 I found that yes there were fireballs but also I was finding unburned powder residue in the barrel and action, kind of a corn meal looking stuff. I can't say it ever caused a cycling problem but it just looked like it could. I tried different loads and it pretty much remained constant. 3n38 is good but being hard to get I switched to 4756 about 3 or 4 years ago and love it. Now 4756 is discontinued but I think I've got the world market of it cornered, close to 70lbs of it should do me for awhile.
  6. C-More responded to my email today and said send the module back.
  7. Yep all is good here in Texas. Miss shooting with you buddy.
  8. Hey Eric, I agree that the 6 on the aluminum is smaller than the 6's I used to have on the plastic sights which I like. I'm going to try the batteries and if that doesn't do it I'll go to a bigger dot.
  9. Just switched to aluminum c-mores after shooting plastics for years. 6MOA dot just like with the plastics but what I'm finding is that on the aluminum sights I have to turn the intensity all the way up. I never did that with my old c-mores. I have two of them on two identical guns and both are exactly the same, have to crank it all the way up. I haven't tried new batteries but these batteries are brand new. On Friday I shot stage 1 of Double Tap as the last stage of the day facing into the sun and it really bit me. Anyone else have any input.
  10. Shot the match yesterday and again Robert and the Double Tap Crew have put on an outstanding match. No waits for stages, challenging fun stages, great RO's. Hats off to Double Tap.
  11. Remember the good old days, when we used to shoot this match in March. Remember getting sunburn the first day and shooting in freezing sleet and red mud up to your ankles... Maybe those weren't such good old days... Best thing Robert did was move the match to June and put down the gravel. Now all we have is memories LOL
  12. I'm so sorry ...Now we just need to make sure that the California infection doesn't spread.
  13. Shot the match Friday. Hats off again to a great crew putting this match on. Really good stages with lots of different ways they could be shot. Squads moved smoothly and we were done the 11 stages by 5:00. Thanks to everyone who made this happen, I'll be back again next year.
  14. I haven't seen anyone mention IMR4756 which I've been using for around 4 or 5 years now. Very clean, easily makes major, meters great, never have to worry about a double charge in .38sc because it's almost a scoop and scrape compressed load. Alas... It's been discontinued along with 7625 but I've still got around 60lbs so I'll be good for awhile but when it's gone???
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