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  1. Thank you for taking the time to reply. It sounds like I should replace primer feed housing for peace of mind. I already have the replacement primer magazine tube (mis-ordered two thinking they were the pickup tubes ) Thanks for identifying that is carbon buildup on the primer slide. VERY big blob. I hand sort my 45acp to make sure I grab small primer. But after the blowup, I checked the one that was in the station as well as some of the previous bad seated. None were small
  2. No injury except to my pride... maybe needing a change of underwear ? It was very much like shooting a gun but VERY unexpected. I agree, nothing wrong with calling up Dillon. Mostly frustrated with not being able to finish out 6k of 45 and bucketing it up I did not have the plastic tube which I assumed was part of the primer warning system.
  3. MikieM, By your description, I might as well drop the whole thing off at the dump. mach1soldier, I've got the insert and 'nipple'... that is part Primer magazine(22031). Are you saying I need to replace the whole assembly housing also? So far, it appears straight and the primer magazine dropped in fine. When you say shuttle, is this the piece that the primer sits in that moves back and forth? Dillon calls it a Primer slide assembly(20318) and aside from a pile of something on the top side, it slides fine.
  4. New to me 1050 for 45acp decided to blow up the primer tube before I got 300 rounds in Short: What will I need to fix/replace? Primer magazine(22031) tube for sure. Primer station retain tab(12930) also for use. Primer slide assembly(20318) top has the start of a 'pile' of stuff... can I sand it down? Or do I need to replace? Other things to look at? Longer: First 100 rounds went smooth but I was only doing case setup(belling mouth) Second 100 rounds went fairly smooth except last round ended up with a screwed up primer. Unsure if it didn't seat fully, turned, or something else. Third 50 rounds ended up with about 5 rounds or so with same primer issue above then blew up the primer rod.
  5. Has anyone done the LED on the case feed post for lighting? My current setup came with one. I still haven't reloaded so I'm not sure. At $50 for the toolhead version, I'll probably wait on it. Is powder spillage an issue with 45acp loading? Also, is an upgraded primer warning rod worth the money? Mine is missing
  6. Intended use: I have new to me 1050 for 45acp. I will only be doing 45acp. I will more than likely add a bullet loader in the future. Doubtful on auto drive. Short: Title basically states it. While I disassemble and lube, what parts should I upgrade or update? Longer: I see numerous upgrades available and even with reading here and elsewhere, I'm not sure. Shellplate : it sounded like stabilize for taller rounds. Worthwhile for 45acp? Shellplate bearing : smooths out indexing. Yes? lowmass detent ball : smooth out indexing: Yes? clear primer cover : check for bad oriented primers : Gimmick? Any other upgrades I should consider that are easier to do while apart? Only current 'upgrade' is a Hornidy bullet feed die. Not sure where this cam from(maybe Mr.Bullet mini?)
  7. Thank you for all the replies. It sounds like I can visually or tactilely tell without having to tear apart the machine; look for or feel for a step/grove. What makes the regular (non-pro) MBF better? I'm going from single stage press to 1050 so by itself, I'm seeing a huge upgrade
  8. Title kind of states it. I bought a used 1050 for 45acp that came with two Mr. Bullet mini-feeder tubes. It didn't come with the die. I'm trying to identify if it came with the Mr. Bullet powder funnel. I'm debating whether to track down any missing parts for the mini-feeder or 'splurge' on the non-pro feeder(~$500)
  9. I'm here to hopefully learn more about my Dillon 1050. Mainly reloading 45acp for practice and carry skills work. No competition. No carry ammo.
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