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  1. Looks like they've got whole divisions just for gas guns, so I assume I'd be shooting against people with the same handicaps. I'd love to have a RPR or some other bolt gun eventually, but I chose the AR-10 to keep at least one AR in the safe.
  2. I'm interested in shooting PRS. I just built an AR-10 in 308 with the intention of shooting PRS some day. I'm trying to sell my AR-15 to get glass for the AR-10. Any resources or suggestions for someone getting into it?
  3. I have a 22 LEO trade-in. I thought it was a good deal but wish I had just bought new from the start. I got it sight unseen over the internet. It was the dirtiest and most cosmetically worn glock I've ever seen. I sent it to GA for warranty work and refinish, so I'm 100% certain it will run like every other glock. It's still not pretty though. I'll be using it as a Limited gun.
  4. It's been a while in the making, but here is my finished Limited gun. I didn't bother changing the barrel, but I'm happy with it. I still need a holster rig and reloading caliber change.
  5. I just finished building my G22 Limited gun!
  6. Don't see how it would be illegal. I've had a thought of taking an SJC lug used to mount the scope and screwing a thumb rest to them.I did that with my G22 Open when I switched from the SJC mount to the Carver mount. It worked pretty good. Pics?
  7. I just tried Tac-Grip as my first option for improving my grip, and its not sticking well. Is there some trick to get a piece that doesn't want to stick to stick better, or should I just peel it off re-clean and put on a new piece? Someone mentioned a hair dryer earlier, so I may try that before I get rid of this tac-grip.
  8. I see on sjc's sight they have a dowel thumb rest for glocks but I can't see how it attaches. Anyone tried it? Does it use an existing pin hole or does it require drilling?
  9. Since thumb rests are legal for limited, would one that somehow clamps onto the bottom rail be legal?
  10. Yeah, I probably should give him a call, but pretty much any extra shipping for less than perfect upgrade would send me further into the hole on this deal. If it were just some rust in the sights or holster wear, I would be way less disappointed. The gunk on the slide and all of the grime and holster lint show he didn't even look at the gun he was selling or likely even check that it was functional. It was like orange juice was dripped on the top of the slide and allowed to get sticky and collect grime. In the end though, it's a glock. It will operate and meet all my needs after some upgrades. I want to send to the factory to let them give it a once over as well. I'm hoping the internals will get replaced but not holding my breath. Chris
  11. I don't blame you. I blame the dealer. If it was for anything other than a Limited gun that was going to get reworked and if it was something other than a Glock with swappable parts, I would send it back. However, I'm going to get it looked over and swap out a bunch of parts. I suspect it will turn out well anyway in the long run.
  12. Anyone else looking at this, don't do it! Buyer beware. The gun they sent me was disgustingly dirty and in pretty bad condition. I expected some wear, but I got no disclosure ahead of time to prepare me for the amount of wear or the fact that it hadn't even been wiped off since taking it out of the officers duty holster. The dealer should be ashamed for selling a gun in this condition. It was covered in holster lint/dust with some unknown crud along the top of the slide. The sights are rusty. The rear of the slide has no finish left, likely from the retention strap of the holster. The metal part in the frame that the barrel locks up with is losing its finish exposing some coppery color underneath. All of the dust on the sights and behind the trigger was present throughout the inside as well. The back of the grip is worn very smooth to the point that I suspect the officer who had it kept his hand on the gun as a habit while just standing around. The only thing that was actually clean was the bore and chamber. I have no way of guess how many rounds have been put through it, but my guess is it was used to qualify and not much else. Between the $422 it cost to buy, ship, and transfer this gun and the $530 it would have cost to buy one brand new, I would pay the $530 if I had it to do over again. Presently, it will be going back to Glock to refinish the slide and barrel for $60 and get a once over by their gunsmiths. Hopefully it will come back as a refurbished like new gun.
  13. Well, I got the Glock in from my FFL yesterday. I don't recommend anyone buy the $369 LE trade-in listed in the other thread. I can't believe how dirty this gun was and that a dealer would send out a gun in this condition without so much as a wipe off or cursory cleaning. I'll post pictures later. At least it is going into a Limited build where I'm going to be changing out a bunch of parts anyway. If I had it to do over again, I'd just spend the $100 more to get a brand new gun.
  14. Maybe it will be self explanatory when I get my glock, but can anyone shed light on how the SJC magwell locks into the grip? It didn't come with any instructions. Does the plug just snap in place, or do you just push it in so tight it doesn't come out easily?
  15. We'll see since I've already ordered the SJC. If I don't like it I'll post it to sell.
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