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  1. 1. Limited minor 9mm can not make up the scoring disadvantage vs major with the extra 3 rounds. Limited minor 40 wouldn't even have the 3 extra rounds, so logically it would be even less competitive against limited major 40. Yes, 40 minor would be less competitive (at some fractional level) vs 40 major than 9mm minor is. Very simple, not sure how you got that confused. 2. I am arguing for a whole range of shooters that do or would choose limited minor. There are many people shooting limited minor that are far better than middle of the pack B class shooters. The game doesn't revolve around middle of the pack B class shooters. 3. I have supported, clarified, quoted others, humored the trolls, and even tried to help several of you with reading difficulties. That was my mistake. From now on I won't reply to the trolls and special people. I have already spent enough time on this thread with those people...I am calling it a thread. Later.
  2. You were the one crying about sarcasm and insult aimeds at those who disagree...and part of the guilty mob beating on us that disagree.. Shame on you
  3. PCC in USPSA

    Whether PCC belongs at a pistol match aside, no...I can't see any reason why your pistol classifications should be adjusted according to your PCC results. Is that actually being considered somewhere?
  4. Yuup, they have been mean to me the whole time. Horse has been beat. +2
  5. Can't clone people and have them shoot twice. Data is undeniable...an assertion made by one of the other thinking people in this thread.
  6. Most well informed people are drawing that conclusion. Even the trolls in this forum admit major has an advantage. Case has already been made...it is foolish to be in denial about something so obvious.
  7. What makes single stack so special? 1911s can shoot 10 rds just like any other large frame magazine fed gun...why do they need their own division? Why can't the 1911 "sissies" compete against everyone else with 10 rounds? Revolvers are quite a bit different than anything else and deserve their own division more than single stacks. Why do we need a division for every single type of gun?
  8. When you are cracking the top 60 in limited at Nationals, or even at a level 3 match, shooting minor then I might believe you know what you are talking about. Until then, I'd say the consistent results proving that minor is not competitive at higher level matches speaks volumes more than you beating the same two dudes at your local match each month.
  9. No, no, no....40 would be even less competive than the 9mm, which doesn't have enough extra capacity to be competitive as is.
  10. Making tens of thousands of 40 guns suddenly useless in USPSA would be like suddenly realizing they were useless in law enforcement. Lots of new 9mms will be sold and this will be great for the economy including ammo manufacturers, aftermarket parts suppliers, and grip stiplers. USPSA shooters have lots of money to throw around and the Fudds can still hug their obsolete 40s in the woods with the animals. Why do you hate America?
  11. I have lots of company in my wrongness. You can't win if you aren't competitive.
  12. That really isn't the joke of the thread. Better examples below: 15 pages in, still lost Think about that a while. Awesome, you are gonna tear up limited minor B class with even less rounds than the 9mm had!!! "Think about that a while"
  13. You must have the same 3 friends as motosapien. Gear is definitely what separates the winners from the losers...why would you make a silly statement like that when everybody else is saying you need the right gear and have to shoot major to win?
  14. Most limited shooters prefer 40 because it gives them an unfair advantage over 9mm. Most 40 shooters don't want that unfair disadvantage addressed because they feel like shooting gimped downloaded 40s in Limited makes them more macho than people who shoot the same exact guns in 9mm because factory ammo is cheap, readily available, and they don't have to sit in front of a reloader all week. Most limited shooters carry 9mms for self defense if they carry at all.