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  1. New Atlas Open 2011

    (Duplicate post)
  2. New Atlas Open 2011

    I wish I could give more insight but to be honest I don’t know much either. I was just referencing the video. I will say though, give Adam a call. He’s very helpful and very willing to answer any of your questions on the phone
  3. Stepped Cases

    What about the cases that have that small dotted ring around the outside about halfway down? The brass isn’t stepped but is that something to worry about, especially for a 9 major load?
  4. 2018 Steel Challenge Nats

    Are results up yet? I know Max won but I haven’t seen the official results yet.
  5. New Atlas Open 2011

    I think it has a lot to do with weight distribution in the proper places. Adam talks about it a bit in this video
  6. Getting under 100 in Prod

    10 seconds is a lot of time to shave but if you break it down a little bit I think it’s doable. Look at it this way. 10 seconds split between 8 stages is 1.25 seconds per stage. 1.25 seconds between 4 strings (that count) is about .31 seconds per string. For me a string with a clean draw, fast transitions and no misses can easily be .31 seconds faster than a normal string. The kicker is doing that for an entire match
  7. What got you into Open?

    This was my answer. The range chicks make it all worth it
  8. I think a majority of the time the reason for not letting people shoot 2 guns is to allow more people in general to shoot the match. I don’t care where you go or how great your club is, at some point there is a limit to how many competitors you can have in a single day. Any match that I have seen that has a 1 gun limit is either full or nearly full every month. The clubs with less attendance never seems to have a problem allowing second guns to fill empty slots. I’d shoot 4 guns if it could but I’d rather see interest in the sport go up by allowing more people to participate.
  9. CCI Small Pistol Primers

    I paid $35 yesterday for 1k. That’s about normal price around here when buying in store
  10. Carry Optics and Front Sight

    I have suppressor height sights on my CO Glock. They sit right at the bottom of the screen on my DPP. They helped me when learning how to present the gun with the dot in the screen each time. Also they helped big time when shooting weak hand only. I don’t particularly need them anymore but they don’t bother me at all so I’ve just left them on.
  11. I’m signed up and got my Saturday slot. I swear the whole match filled up in like 5 minutes. I did see Doug and Max are both shooting CO on Friday. John Vlieger was the high overall last year I believe and he’s shooting it again this year. Ontelaunee is an awesome club. I shoot steel there quite a bit. You’ll have a great time.
  12. Problem with Grams spring and followers

    Crap I knew I’d spell it wrong.... I agree. He was more than willing to help in any way possible.
  13. Problem with Grams spring and followers

    Little update. I included my phone number in my original email and received a call from Bevin (I think that’s how you spell his name) from Grams about an hour ago. He was extremely helpful. First off he mentioned that there was a packaging issue for a little while that they thought they had resolved but apparently there was still a few out there. He said the correct number on the bottom of my follower for 9mm in STI mags is S92. He gave me quite a few good suggestions to try and remedy the problem but ultimately said that the most common problem is out of spec STI mag tubes. Which from what I’ve read online doesn’t seem out of the realm of possibility. He was a super cool dude and very helpful. Offered for me to call him back with any questions when I have the mags in front of me.
  14. Problem with Grams spring and followers

    Wow you’re quick. Thank you very much! I will compare your pictures to mine later when I get home.