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  1. The gear I use to film match videos

    Seems like a GoPro mounted on the visor is pretty popular. I just got one of those new AimCams for Christmas. It doesn’t seem as clear as a go pro but I like the angle better. I plan on trying it for a season and see how it goes.
  2. What sight is this

    Any idea what model? I just looked on their website and couldn’t find one that looked like that.
  3. What sight is this

    Definitely not a cmore. The lense is square. I’d be interesting in knowing too.
  4. Need magazine pad extension for stock Glock 34 10rd magazine

    I think Taran sells some too
  5. compressed power

    I’m at 7.7gr of Hs6 under a 124gr bullet with a 172pf. No compression at 1.165oal
  6. STI DVC Open gun ejection advice needed 9mm Major

    I did the same thing. Didn’t fire a shot with the slideride on it. As soon as I got the gun on went a DPP and I never had ejection issues.
  7. Glock 17/34 140mm Ext what's BEST???

    I use TTI as well
  8. Ruger PC Carbine

    Well they have it in a thread 15rd configuration and nonthreaded 10 rd. It’s a big deal for states like Cali and NY. Really the only reasonably non expensive way to get a PCC here Is to build one with a locked mag but that makes it so you can’t shoot competition with it. Between that, me being a big 10/22 fan and the fact that Ruger customer service has always been top notch to me I’m definitely in for on. Also there is preorders out there now for like $515 so I’d say that’s reasonable.
  9. 2018 Steel Challenge Nats

    I agree about the world record. I’m within a few tenths of a second of the (recorded) world record on 4 different stages and would love to get the chance to set one but I literally have to travel to the other side of the country to even get a shot. Why cant the stipulations just be a Tier 3 Match instead of it being in one location once a year?
  10. Clavus/Corn - Grip too tight?

    I have a permanent hump on my middle finger from glock knuckle. I remember it bothering me at first but now I don’t even notice it.
  11. Rate my recoil

    Interesting. I knew temp could effect my numbers but not by that much. 7.5gr felt better with my 10lb stock spring but my PF was around 167 average which I was worried about being to low. I’ll drop the charge a bit, keep the 8lb spring for now and try to find somewhere warm to shoot with attention paid to my grip. I think that’s a good course of action.
  12. Copy that. Thank you
  13. Rate my recoil

    Thank you! This is exactly the response I was hoping for. Could you elaborate a little more on the gas coming out of the front of the comp? I understand the principle and how it is suppose to work but what does that say about my particular load and setup? As far as my grip, I agree. See the comment just above this one. And I know you can’t see it but I do have a go gun thumb rest on. I was not a fan of the oem ledge that came with the pistol.
  14. Rate my recoil

    I was wondering if this question would come up. When I watched the video I thought the same thing and questioned if my grip was what it should be. I will say, it was -5 out when I took the video (you can see how red my hands are) so that may have played a part but regardless of the temp I agree with you. There’s improvement that could be made simply from this alone.
  15. Rate my recoil

    Thank you. I have one in the mail as we speak. I’ll try another video once it shows up.