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  1. Thanks so much for your feedback! I am *this* close to buying an MBX. What handguard is that? Is it a STNGR? Looks good. Is it slim and feel good too?
  2. I actually wore out my Radian Raptor charging handles from a season's worth of clearing malfunctions! (yes, on both MPXs)
  3. OK, I planned on trying out different bullet and spring combos. Thanks!
  4. 11.5# hammer spring. I tried the 8.5# but it felt a little bit kinda mushy.
  5. Hi guys, I'm looking for a little guidance please. I had my Shadow 2 slide milled for optics and to make CO weight by Primary Machine. I'm thrilled with the results and the gun is only 43.1 oz. I'm running the same 10# recoil spring as before the slide work. My load is Federal Syntech 150gr. Now, there's a bit more snappy recoil than before. Do I go heavier with the recoil spring? Or lighter? (yes, I'm gripping it harder )
  6. Right, if the rings don't spin, it's not clean and is a prelude to malfunctions. Mine is the same as yours... maybe a hundred rounds more before they are totally caked and locked up. Which is why I have several sets of plugs and they soak in PB Blaster for a few days before an hour in the ultrasonic. I was looking for a better soaking solvent (instead of PB Blaster) hence this thread. If I understand the plugs correctly, the small size plugs allow more of the gas to vent out with less obstruction. Perhaps that's enough force/heat to keep 'em cleaner?
  7. Thanks! They definitely get most of my attention
  8. I run Federal Syntech 150gr. These are pretty soft too. And yup, I also have the buffer in there too. I'm just not sure which direction to go with the spring. Softer seems to make sense, but heavier seems like it'll prevent it from slamming back so hard. Thanks for the reminder on the grip workout. I do this, but just like dry-fire, I should do more.
  9. Gun feels snappier since the weight loss. I have a 10# recoil spring in there now... and it feels like it could go even lighter. What have you guys done to regain some of that lost softness? TIA!
  10. It's my understanding that the Gen 2 and 3 barrels (and plugs/pistons) are interchangeable with each other. (I believe another forum member bought a Gen 3, and swapped his 10" Gen 2 barrel over.)
  11. ... and pick up some +20 springs too. Really helps keep the gassiness down with the suppressor. However, the nice thing with separate guns is not having to mess with re-zeroing optics. With mine, the different barrels lengths, plus the suppressor was enough to significantly change POI.
  12. Both One as a suppressor host for playing/practicing in the desert, and the other for competition. (SBR'd my competition gun, and have a brace on my suppressor host.)
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