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  1. Are you also running the +20% springs Rob recommended?
  2. Did you find out what size gas port and valve? Thanks!
  3. My favorite is the Sig skeletonized stock. Its skinny profile gives me the most straight up-and-down cheek weld... where my head isn't canted to one side to sight down my optic.
  4. Get an extended charging handle. You'll want one for those unloaded, bolt forward starts. And absolutely get rail covers or ladder covers for the picatinny rails along the top and sides, so you don't cheese-grater your knuckles. Reloads are way easier with an extended mag release too. I like the polymer one from HB Industries. For factory ammo - find the softest 147 gr you can find.
  5. Thanks guys. I think I'll pick one up to try.
  6. MPX +20 Mag Extension Has anyone used these yet? Any opinions or thoughts to share? I'm interested because at my club, United Multigun League (was 3gun) allows PCC. And PCC has to engage ALL targets (except for the long-distance ones), and most stages are about 45-50 rounds. Yeah I could reload, but because my 3gunner buddies are already a little pissy about PCC invading their league, I'm extra motivated to maximize all the advantages I can get away with
  7. I'd check out all the matches held by your local clubs. At my club, we hold these matches once a month: IDPA, USPSA, 3Gun/UML and Action Pistol/Sport Carbine. On USPSA day, I shoot my 16" MPX carbine. On 3Gun/UML day, I shoot my 16" MPX carbine again. And on Action Pistol/Sport Carbine Day, where braced "pistols" are allowed, I shoot my 8" braced MPX. Too much fun.
  8. Flat trigger? New handguard? New pistol grip and stock? Meh. I'm interested in hearing all about that "new piston system".
  9. You can definitely feel the spring when racking the bolt back. I see what you mean that it feels like not a full stroke. But it ran great! It does reduce the felt recoil. Not a huge amount, but noticeably. The only drawback is separating the upper and lower is a little more tricky. I can't just pivot the upper up. The whole upper has to come off.
  10. Hi, that's actually a Thordsen adapter, with an MFT stock. It's nice and comfy, but I switched to the Kate Moss stock.
  11. Odin works makes one. It's for both left/right sides too!
  12. I messaged Hiperfire to confirm that their trigger is covered by warrantee in the MPX. They told me that any of their 24 series works and is covered. I have the 24C in my carbine and the 24-3G in my pistol. Both feel fantastic.
  13. Maybe that's a broken guide rod, not hammer pin? Maybe it broke along with the guide rod holder thing?
  14. Even in stages with lots of walls and hard leans? I have 2 MPXs: one is 16" and the other is 8". I'm lucky where my club runs USPSA 1st Sunday of the month, where I'll run the MPX carbine. And the next weekend, we reuse the same stages, and run "Action Pistol/Sport Carbine", (braces are allowed) and I run my 8" MPX. Perhaps some of the better result is from getting a second run at the same stages, but I'm faster with the 8" gun. So I've filed to SBR my carbine.
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