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  1. It shoots flatter and softer than my SBRs. I guess it has to do with the additional weight of the comp/extension, plus all them ports. I'm running Syntech 130gr and Impact Ammo 135gr.
  2. I can confirm that despite the really light weight, it shoots super flat.
  3. I'm a lefty too, and I have a KE Arms lower. I like it so much, I bought another one for my back-up gun. The mag-release lever is easy to reach and actuate, the mechanism feels smooth, without needing a lot of pressure to drop a mag.
  4. Hey, it's only four PCCs, not five! And, for me, it's just cos I like to have my toys
  5. I'll take three! Where can I order these, Max?
  6. @BartCarter thank you for that! I need to find a pair of those pliers. I’ve been trying to do it with just my thumb and index finger all this time... @MemphisMechanic I think you meant to respond to Les about opening the port, but that was helpful to see. Thank you. BTW, I dig that cerakote.
  7. Thanks Brian. I'm not using the plug or o-ring. Just the BCM spring. Maybe I need to work on improving my grip strength, but man, I can't squeeze that extractor enough and get the pin all the way through. Perhaps my technique is wrong.
  8. Thank you, but the trouble I have is that the BCM spring is so beefy, I can't get the extractor pin back in place.
  9. Any chance you could please demonstrate how you do this? I picked up some BCM springs but man, it is super tough. I gave up trying to get that extractor pin in. Thank you!
  10. Thanks for these photos! The Techwell definitely LOOKS better.
  11. Thanks! I will give it a shot.
  12. Thanks for the feedback! I'm not too worried about the outside finish... But I've heard that printed magwells may have a rough inside surface that might catch or just not be smooth for reloads.
  13. Is that a Titan Rocket magwell? How do you like it? Did it need any trimming or sanding? TIA!
  14. I don't like how the BCM is too skinny at the top. The B5 is more consistently fat from top to bottom. It's a palm-filling grip and feels great in the hand, and comfy for the wrist. I just measured it and it's 2.5mm fatter than a Magpul K2. In addition, I wrap it with grip tape. This thing is glued to me, feels ultra secure and not going anywhere.
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