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  1. I picked up a CMR-201 (red) laser and I can only see it within 6-8 yards.
  2. Gen 1: .0625” Gen 2: .0469” Gen 3: .055”
  3. Truth profoundly spoken.
  4. Thank you to everyone for all your helpful suggestions and troubleshooting assistance! While I was out testing my MPX, my friend witnessed my Radian Raptor charging handle unlatching and flying in-out, about 2-3 inches, as I shot a long string of rapid fire. I didn't believe him, as I always secure the CH, making sure it latches. And manipulating the CH, it seemed to work fine. Didn't feel loose or that anything was amiss. I never noticed it moving ever, but then again it's below my line of sight, so I wouldn't really see it while shooting. But we got it on video, and there it was. Happened every time. (did not happen during single shots, only during two or more shots in rapid fire). I can can totally see how this could slow/delay the bolt enough to kill the spring over just a small number of rounds. So I reinstalled the crappy OEM charging handle and lifter block and after 250ish rounds, the extractor spring looks totally fine. I even reverted back to my previous configuration, barrel, gas plug, springs, extractor (minus the Raptor) and it ran fine. Now a total of 500ish rounds later, the extractor spring still looks good. Thanks again to everyone for the help! OP, I hope this is the solution for your issue also! - Sergio
  5. As others have mentioned, SBRs are an advantage when your stages are tight, have leans, ports and walls, etc. where you can exploit the shorter length. At my local club, you'd swear our stage designers despise PCCs, as many stages are set up like that. Another pretty important factor is your body type. I'm 5' 6" with a wingspan of 66". So for me, an 8" barrel works great (when my MPX isn't malfunctioning, but that's another topic).
  6. Are you advising that +20% springs will help in this situation? Thanks!
  7. Short-stroking....hmmmm... I was so focused on the upper components that I completely forgot to mention I also have a Taccom recoil cushion. I know it seems hokey, but it really did make it feel a bit softer. (My MPX ran fine with this, while my barrel was at full-length) The Taccom is about 1/2" longer than the OEM bumper. Anyway, I just took this out and put the OEM one back in.
  8. Yes, my combo is: 8" barrel, .0625" gas port, .0520" gas plug, Federal Syntech 150gr @ 870fps. I've tried with and without a comp. And yes, killing extractor springs and weak/erratic ejection. I just placed my order for the -13% springs and will test again with the .469" and .0520" plugs. Thanks again!
  9. Thank you for the help! I really appreciate it! If killing extractor springs is a symptom of too-early unlock, wouldn't the +20% spring help that issue and the -13% make it worse?
  10. It has the .0520" gas plug in there now. (barrel and block port is full open sized, 0.625", I think). I've tried the open plug, but felt like the recoil cycle was really harsh. (and ejection was impressive - really high, and going about 10 yards!) I haven't tried it with the combination of +20% or -13% spring however. So I'll try that this weekend. Thank you!
  11. OEM. I've tried the +20% but they're too stiff and I can't get more than 2-3 rounds to extract
  12. Just as a contributing data point: I removed my Taccom comp and replaced with a flash cone (because my barrel is shorter than my handguard). And the BCM extra power spring still got squished in about 15-200 rounds. I also really tried hard to fit the o-ring but couldn't get the pin in, so I left it out.
  13. I've tried this (with the o-ring)... but couldn't get the pin back in due to so much tension. If you were able to do this, I'll give it another try.
  14. My 8" SBR also does the same thing. I'll get maybe 200-300 rounds and inspect the spring, and it'll be squished like yours. When I replace it with a new spring, my gun will start out the first 6-12 rounds with weak ejection, then progressively building to a fair pattern - about 8 feet away at 2-3 o'clock. 8" ILWT barrel .0520" ILWT gas plug ILWT piston ILWT/SSI extractor ILWT firing pin and spring I don't roll my own, so I run Federal Syntech 150gr. Softest factory ammunition that runs consistently and reliably in my MPX. Sig and ILWT extractor springs only last about 200-300 rounds before they look squished and I replace them before every match. However, I just started to run BCM extra power springs and they seem to last about double that so far.
  15. Are you also running the +20% springs Rob recommended?
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