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  1. At DK firearms. But now the price went up. It’s $19.99 now. Gunmagwarehouse has em for same price. Still, it’s a fantastic deal considering that’s still roughly half the cost of a +10 extension.
  2. Don’t be scared, Go ahead and order a couple. They’re only $17.99/each and they work great. (unless you’re using polymer jacketed bullets)
  3. I guess that makes sense from their perspective. Despite this, I still really like them. They've been more reliable than my Glock or ETS mags with TTI +10s.
  4. I agree. Perhaps they were thinking that it's easier to load em up with the flat base.
  5. Tested again tonight... This time with the first two rounds loaded in the mag are FMJ. Then filled with Syntech PCC. It worked great! I don’t think it’s the OAL because the FMJs were a bit longer than the Syntech, measuring at 1.15”.
  6. Syntech PCC 130gr are pretty consistent with OAL. I measured 10 and they were at 1.1250”.
  7. I love the idea of easy, simple, extension-free 40-rd mags, so I picked up two of these. They run the first 38 rounds perfectly fine. However, the last round gets jammed into the follower somehow, and so the last two/three rounds will fail to go up the mag. This is with Syntech 130 and 150. I suspect the polymer coating doesn't let the rounds slide inside the mag as freely as an FMJ would. I'll try again, but with an FMJ as the first round to be loaded, then fill with Syntech.
  8. Wow! Thanks for sharing. I wish I knew this trick before last Sunday's match.
  9. Thanks! Looking forward to your review!
  10. Pretty sure Keith won this Tron at the UML match in Fallon back in June. I got to handle it and yes, it's definitely a sexy gun. I'd love to hear your thoughts on how it shoots, compared to your MBX.
  11. I just bought a new MBX 2 weeks ago, and am really enjoying for the following reasons: - super light weight. It's under 6lbs, before adding the optic - it just runs and runs. (although if you want to run really super soft loads, you have to break-in the gun (buffer and recoil springs) for about 700-100 rounds first) - soft and easily tunable recoil system. can also short-stroke it, which I plan to experiment with soon. - truly turn-key racegun; it's already got all the go-fast goodies you want like the comp, magwell, trigger, lightweight everything... Just add your optic, load up your mags and play.
  12. Thanks so much for your feedback! I am *this* close to buying an MBX. What handguard is that? Is it a STNGR? Looks good. Is it slim and feel good too?
  13. I actually wore out my Radian Raptor charging handles from a season's worth of clearing malfunctions! (yes, on both MPXs)
  14. OK, I planned on trying out different bullet and spring combos. Thanks!
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