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  1. Ben Stoeger class questions

    I host Ben annually and would probably recommend starting with the Fundamentals course. It is not a Fundamentals of Shooting class, it is a Fundamentals of Action Shooting class. You will gain a LOT from it.
  2. When to replace recoil spring - and how to know

    I've always been told 5K rounds. I'm not sure on a 9 Major gun, but I run a 12.5 lb spring on both my .40 Maj guns.
  3. I'm looking forward to next weekend Robert. See you then sir.
  4. Should I Collect My Brass

    You may as well buy a tumbler and head over to the reloading forum so you can begin to realize that you need an XL650 and a second or third job. Welcome to your new addiction! You're not alone.
  5. Does Anyone Lube their .40 Casings

    Hornady One Shot spray. Rubbermaid container and shake. Let dry 30 minutes.
  6. Time draw to shot

    With a DAA Racemaster holster and a tuned 2011 @ 5 yards just under 1, but I'm trying to work down to .8 at 5yds.
  7. New limited shooter questions

    I tried to shoot Limited Minor for a season because it's what I had from IDPA. It turned out to be a painful lesson. Much like everyone else, I now have a pair of 2011's and my Glocks keep each other company in the safe.
  8. https://www.regonline.com/builder/site/Default.aspx?EventID=1892103
  9. Trigger Control

    Thanks. I'll give it a try.
  10. DAA Racer Pouches Coming Loose

    Wow, thanks for clarifying. That could have turned out pretty bad for me.
  11. DAA Racer Pouches Coming Loose

    I guess I better be very certain that I have the right angle before I super-glue the teeth together.
  12. MBX 2011 mags

    Well, the two MBX mags arrived. Feeding appears to be great so far, but one of them will not drop free. (Neither of them are brand new, so I can't say definitively whether it's a production issue, or if this one has been dropped, etc.)
  13. DAA Racer Pouches Coming Loose

    I will also take this into account and see if it will help the problem. Thanks for the advice.
  14. DAA Racer Pouches Coming Loose

    Thanks, maybe that's what is going on, because the screw is VERY tight, but there is still some play as soon as I pull the mag out just a few times.
  15. I can't wait! We have a full squad of folks from down here in DFW. (Maybe I'll win some more gun lube from a random unknown company. =)