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  1. Extruded (according to a company rep on another forum).
  2. FINALLY MADE MAJOR PF 5” 2011 w/KKM Barrel 200 gr Blue Bullet 1.175” OAL 4.2 gr Sport Pistol Avg FPS = 865 (10 rd string) PF = 173 Temp: 79 Humidity: 93% I plan on adjusting my OAL back to 1.185” and testing again. It sounds and feels different than Titegroup.. Not sure if it “feels” softer than TG, but it meters consistently and I have 8 lbs left so I reccon I’ll use it for a while.
  3. Same gun today: 200 gr Blue Bullets 1.175” OAL (Reduced from 1.185”) 3.8 gr Sport Pistol = 765 FPS 4.0 gr Sport Pistol = 795 FPS No signs of over pressure.
  4. Update: Gun: STI Edge 5” Temp: 90 degrees Bullet: Blue Bullets Weight: 200 gr OAL: 1.185” Powder: Alliant Sport Pistol / 3.6 gr AVG Velocity = 702 ?
  5. I loaded with 3.4 gr of Sport Pistol with a Blue Bullets 200 gr and almost went sub minor. 3.6 is max so I’m a little concerned about going over, but I’ve got 7.9 lbs left so time to get loading.
  6. I’m in the same exact situation. I’ve decided I’m going to get the Mr Bullet Feeder now and save up for the MK7 for my XL650
  7. Just bought an 8lb jug. Trying to decide on initial load for 200 grain Blue Bullets.
  8. I host Ben annually and would probably recommend starting with the Fundamentals course. It is not a Fundamentals of Shooting class, it is a Fundamentals of Action Shooting class. You will gain a LOT from it.
  9. I've always been told 5K rounds. I'm not sure on a 9 Major gun, but I run a 12.5 lb spring on both my .40 Maj guns.
  10. I'm looking forward to next weekend Robert. See you then sir.
  11. You may as well buy a tumbler and head over to the reloading forum so you can begin to realize that you need an XL650 and a second or third job. Welcome to your new addiction! You're not alone.
  12. Hornady One Shot spray. Rubbermaid container and shake. Let dry 30 minutes.
  13. With a DAA Racemaster holster and a tuned 2011 @ 5 yards just under 1, but I'm trying to work down to .8 at 5yds.
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