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  1. I have one, and not sure that it is any better than the stock barrel honestly. I did a comparison that I posted somewhere. I will see if I can find it.
  2. Doublehelix

    Romeo 1 Pro

    Sorry to be an idiot, but can you translate? I get the R1Pro, but what is the R1T? Thanks.
  3. Doublehelix

    P320 X5 Thread

    I assume you meant "recoil spring" rather than "main spring", but anyway, I have been running a 12# spring in both of my X5's (one is a Legion) and I love the response.
  4. Doublehelix

    Romeo 1 Pro

    I have to agree here. Having to go to Springer to get a mounting plate that will work is not always ideal, and adds to the height and cost.
  5. I have the GG competition trigger in my standard X5 and had Robert Burke (The Sig Armorer) work on the trigger in my Legion. They are different for sure, but I gotta say that the Burke trigger feels better to me. I did not even bother to measure the pull when I got it back it was so nice! I will do that with both guns and report back.
  6. When I first got my X5, I did not think it was very accurate either, although over time (1,000 rounds maybe?), it developed into an excellent shooting gun over time. My X5 Legion seems to be pretty accurate out of the box. I have 2 loads that I shoot: RMR 147 FN FMJ under 3.6 gr. Sport Pistol RMR 124 JHP under 4.3 gr. Sport Pistol (I have an old load of this bullet under 4.1 gr. of Titegroup that worked well too) Both of these shoot great in both guns. I don't see enough difference accuracy-wise between them to notice the difference. I did p
  7. So what do you think? Do you like it? Is the glass bigger than the Romeo 1, or are you not familiar with the Romeo 1. Any comparison would be great! Thanks!
  8. But some of us are OLD and can't see a thing!!!
  9. Has anyone seen the Romeo 3MAX's out in the wild yet? Optics Planet says 1-2 month, but they always say that! I wonder what the mounting pattern is for that optic? Will it require an adapter plate, or does it have the same screw pattern as the R1P?
  10. Have you shot with the Romeo 1 before? Can you compare it to the SRO? Just curious if it is that much of an improvement... quicker acquisition, etc.
  11. Someday "soon" they are supposed to release the Romeo 3MAX. Who knows when...
  12. When Robert Burke does the trigger job, that is correct. It is an easy swap, but I need to find a way to match them. Maybe a dot of colored paint or something.
  13. Ahh, thanks for that clarification. I did not see your correction as I could not remember where I read it! I was really hoping Robert was going to be able to remove the LCI, but my current plan is to use my old X5 upper with the Legion lower, so it shouldn't be an issue for now. Robert did tell me however that the work he does on the FCU gets paired and matched to the striker, so if he works on the FCU in the Legion, I will need to swap strikers if I swap uppers to keep the FCU/striker combination matched. I am assuming this means he does some work to the striker assembly as well,
  14. So I needed a backup gun for my original X5, and of course wanted the new tungsten grip, so I bought a new Legion. I have the GG comp trigger on the original X5, and I like it, but there is still a lot of overtravel, so I decided to send my brand new Legion over to Robert Burke for him to do the trigger job and then compare the Burke-ized Legion trigger to the original X5 GG comp trigger. He was supposed to receive it today, with about a 2 week turnaround time. My plan is to use the Legion lower with the original X5 upper. I have a Bar-Sto barrel and a tungsten guide ro
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