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  1. Yes, both the RMR 124 JHP Multipurpose Rounds and the 147 gr FP Match Winners bullets are jacketed. Great bullets by the way! In my .40 Limited gun, I shot coated lead, but for my 9mm rounds out of the X5, I am loving both of these bullets.
  2. I hate to be the contrarian, but my X5 really loves the 147 gr. I am using the Bar-Sto Match barrel and the Springer Engineering tungsten guide rod, so that may make a difference. To be clear, I think the 124 gr are slightly more accurate for slow-fire, bullseye type shooting, but for rapid fire USPSA-style shooting, my gun and I prefer the 147 gr. by far. Softer shooting, faster follow up shots, and honestly, better accuracy at speed than the 124's, but that is due to the recoil profile at speed rather than the absolute accuracy of the bullet. Once again, slow-fire from a rest, the 124 gr is more accurate in my gun as well. I am using the 147 gr as my go-to competition round from now on. I just love them. My current loads are: RMR 147 FP "Match Winners" 3.6 gr. Sport Pistol CCI 500 1.10" COAL 132 Power Factor --- RMR 124 JHP "Multipurpose Rounds" 4.3 gr. Sport Pistol CCI 500 1.085" COAL 133 Power Factor Both of these loads are just AMAZING in my X5. YMMV.
  3. They are back in stock now, and I just ordered one (Springer Engineering).
  4. If you are talking about the tungsten recoil rods, they appear to be out of stock currently.
  5. Doublehelix

    P320 X5 Thread

    Haha! You will be glad you did, I promise. Best of luck with your new setup.
  6. I recently purchased and installed a Bar-Sto barrel in my X5, and I am not sure I can say that it is worth the investment. I paid $240 for the barrel, plus an additional $100 to get it fitted and throated. As @Rich406 mentioned, the throat was so short, none of my ammo would plunk. The accuracy is *MINIMALLY* better, but certainly within a margin of error, so I am calling it a push. Follow up shots are slightly quicker when using the GreyGuns fat guide rod and 14# spring, but I think with some recoil spring experimentation, I could improve the performance if the SIG barrel. I love the Bar-Sto barrel, don't get me wrong, but after spending the money and doing some extensive testing, it is not worth the cost of my application and level of shooting. Bar-Sto barrel on the left, SIG barrel on the right. 10 yards. I clicked the red dot one click to the left before shooting the SIG barrel, so the group is shifted slightly left vs. the Bar-Sto:
  7. That is great information. Thank you for that.
  8. I have the TRT Tactical mag well and a bunch of his basepads. It took forever to get them, and the response time to emails was pretty much non-existent. Once I finally got them however (after threatening to cancel my order), I love the products.
  9. Doublehelix

    P320 X5 Thread

    Honestly, I cannot say one is better than the other at this point. I think I prefer the glass on the Romeo1 a bit better, and I am certainly able to pick up the dot better on recoil, but that could be due to the bigger dot. The Venom is on a .22 with hardly any recoil, yet I can still pickup the dot better for followup shots on the Romeo 1 that is on my X5.
  10. 6 MOA all day long. I replied this in the X5 thread as well. I love the Romeo 1, but the Venom is a nice dot as well, but as others have mentioned, you need a mounting plate to get it to work. With the forces being applied to the sight being slammed back and forth repeatedly while on the slide, it is always better to mill and mount the sight directly to the slide. With the X5, you can mount the Romeo 1 directly, and the DPP with some slight modifications. That would be my recommendations. Did I mention 6 MOA???
  11. Doublehelix

    P320 X5 Thread

    All I can say here is that you should highly consider the 6 MOA red dot rather than the 3 MOA. I am going to be turning 60 this year, and my eyes can pickup the 6 MOA dot much easier than the 3 MOA dot for action sports. For action sports, I have a 3 MOA Venom on my .22 pistol that I use for steel matches (SCSA), and the 6 MOA SIG Romeo 1 on my X5. I MUCH prefer the 6 MOA dot. I will probably be ditching the 3 MOA Venom in favor of a 6 MOA replacement sometime soon. Now for more precision work like rifle accuracy stuff, I prefer the smaller dot, and have a 3 MOA dot on one of my AR rifles, which I love, but for action sports, go with the 6 MOA. You will thank me later!!!
  12. Doublehelix

    X5 Rumor?

    That was my thought when I saw it too. I have "heard" that it has the same footprint as the DPP, which shouldn't be too hard to adapt to a standard X5 slide. We will see come summer I guess. EDIT: OK, now I am reading that it has the same bolt pattern as the RTS2, so I take back what I said about the DPP mount.
  13. Thanks for the great reminder that these types of things can and do happen, and usually at the worst times. Good thing for you it was not at a match. I lost a P226 sear spring at a steel match several years ago. Frustrating.
  14. Doublehelix

    P320 X5 Thread

    Man, that is some ugly-looking brass! Something is (obviously) not right. Are these factory loads or hand loads? If hand loads, how long are you making them? Do they all pass the plunk test? Good luck, I hope you get it figured out. I would not feel comfortable shooting something that generated brass like that.
  15. Is the 2011 still available?  Where are you in TN? I'm in Huntsville, AL, and could possibly come meet you in person.

    1. Doublehelix


      I am in Indiana. Any out of state transactions have to go through an FFL.


      The gun is still available, although I do have someone else who is interested, although he is still trying to get his funds together.


      Let me know if you are interested.





    2. gilliamjc


      Thanks. Yes, I'm very interested.  I'm assuming it runs fine with no issues?  

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