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  1. Doublehelix

    New shooter - Need advice on gun

    I would also recommend going Major PF (.40) if you decide to get a 2011. BUT... After two matches, it might be prudent to shoot a few more with your Glock before dropping that much cash, unless of course you are independently wealthy, and in that case, buy me another one too!!! If you do decide to buy a 2011, see if you can find a used one at a good price. They tend to hold their value, and if you buy a used gun, chances are good that you could shoot it for a couple of years and sell it for about the same amount that you bought it for in the first place. Best of luck with whatever you decide.
  2. Doublehelix

    Thumb rest slide stop Question

    Thanks for posting that picture, it helps a lot. So did this solve your issues shooting WHO? I am going to follow your advice and give it a go.
  3. Doublehelix

    Thumb rest slide stop Question

    I must have missed your comments here on the first pass... I have that *exact* problem with weak hand shooting with my Nitro Fin. I have learned to modify my grip to avoid this, but would love to see what you have done to modify yours. A picture would be great!!! Thanks.
  4. Doublehelix

    Thumb rest slide stop Question

    Another happy Nitrofin customer.
  5. I gotta say, everything was spot on except the part about the 1911s/2011s being hard to work on! I would much rather work on a 2011 than a striker-fired gizmo any day!!! Great post, thanks for posting that!
  6. Doublehelix

    Switching to Red Dot - need help

    So I just got a new 22 pistol that I want to add a red dot to start using for Steel Challenge, but I will continue to use my Limited Major gun with iron sights for USPSA. Sounds like this is going to be a problem switching back and forth (front sight focus to target focus). Does anyone else do this and find it is a problem? Also looking at the Vortex Venom. Recommendations for the 3 MOA or the 6 MOA dot? Thanks, hope this wasn't too much of a hijack!
  7. Doublehelix

    Can't Make Ammo Fast Enough!

    Looks cool, but probably not my cup of tea. What???? Seriously??? I probably load 100-200 at a time. So what is the trick to loading it that full? That sounds awesome...
  8. Doublehelix

    Can't Make Ammo Fast Enough!

    Thank for that. I have watched the videos and will do some adjustments to get the flipped bullets problem rectified. Thanks for the advice on the missed drops, I will take a closer look at that as well. I actually do have the Vibra-Prime, which I know is not a nice as the RF100, but it beats the heck out of hunting and pecking by hand.
  9. Doublehelix

    Can't Make Ammo Fast Enough!

    So I finally got a chance to do a "real run" of 1,000 rounds today. Very nice!!! My run rate is about 800 rounds per hour at a real-life pace (I even got a phone call in the middle from my wife!). Total time to load 1,000 rounds was 1 hour and 12 minutes, but I was at 800 rounds just before the 1 hour mark. I hit 500 rounds at 36 minutes, which I just now realized is exactly at the half-way point! Ha! Didn't notice that before! First up, I loaded 10 primer tubes (1,000 primers), which took me 13 minutes and 20 seconds at my normal pace, so if you add that back into the time equation, it gets me closer to a total time of 1:25. Not bad, but not good enough honestly, plus, my shoulder was starting to squawk at about 500-600 rounds or so. I need to automate!!! Regarding the Mr. Bullet Feeder: I had 4 bullets load upside down, and 5 cases that did not get a bullet, so basically that is 9 "failures" our of 1,000, or about 1% failure. Not sure if this is normal or if I need to spend some time adjusting things a bit. I guess the better way to look at it is that I had a 99% success rate, right??? Any suggestions on how to minimize the issues? So back to the automation need... I honestly think I need to automate someday. 1:30 to get 1,000 is not bad, but like I said, my shoulder was screaming at me about half way through the 1,000 rounds and I started switching back and forth between my left hand and my right hand. For the last 100, I was holding onto the handle with both hands... hilarious! I am not sure that the 1050 is the answer. Maybe, but I think I need to bite the bullet (someday) and get the Evolution with the drive system. Turn it on and let it run (under adult supervision of course!). For now however, I have definitely increased my throughput significantly, and this was really the whole point. I am very happy overall (although a little sore in the shoulder), and I can recommend the MBF wholeheartedly. A great product and a great upgrade to my 650. Now excuse while I go dream about my new Evolution!
  10. Doublehelix

    9mm Conversion for 2011

    On the topic of softer "mouse fart" loads... Yes, I do reload. I have been using 9mm mouse fart loads for a while, and I find that they are just too unreliable to use consistently. I have a whole collection of recoil springs that I have worked through for the SIG, and just when I think I have it worked out, I start getting random failures that are just not worth it for competition. I gave up and went back to full power 9mm loads with the standard spring. I did work up some .40 minor loads based on some advice I received on this forum, and actually found some decent soft .40 loads, but after my 9mm experiences, I am not sure I want to take a chance. If I can work up a minor load that uses my standard 12# spring for my 2011, I will consider it, but in the back of mind, I will always be expecting a FTF or FTE. I worked up some light loads with Bayou 140, 155 and 165 gr. bullets, and then even some minor loads with my standard BBI or Blue 180's. I will have to go back and look at my data again to see which ones I favored, but I did find a couple of really great loads that seemed to work with my 12# spring in limited testing. EDIT: I just went back and checked a couple of the light load's chrony data, and I had a decent load for the Bayou 140's at about 129 PF (4.2 WST at 1.180"), and a 155 gr. that I got to 134 PF (3.8 WST at 1.180"). I am just not sure I want to go down that rabbit trail again after my bad experiences with the 9mm soft loads... I really appreciate the advice and suggestions so far.
  11. Doublehelix

    9mm Conversion for 2011

    I have gone around and around on this for a while: Should I get a 9mm conversion kit for my 2011 (currently chambered in .40) for shooting steel challenge matches? I am currently shooting a SIG SAO 9mm in Limited, and it is so different from my USPSA Limited gun that I have a difficult time switching back and forth, especially on back-to-back match days like I had this past weekend (steel on Saturday, USPSA on Sunday). I have considered going single stack and getting a Pointman or something, but that means a change in division, and I would rather stick with limited if I can. Looks like a new upper is going to cost in the $1,000+ range (slide, barrel, recoil rod/spring, extractor, firing pin/spring, sights, plus machine fitting work). Add mags to that cost... For slightly more, I can buy a whole gun in single stack. Otherwise, I think I am just going to start shooting steel with my .40 and say "screw it". It would be a heck of a lot cheaper! Thoughts?
  12. Doublehelix

    Can't Make Ammo Fast Enough!

    You are going to love it, trust me. I watched a couple of YT videos from DAA on how to adjust and fine-tune the collator, and that helped a lot. I am so impressed, totally exceeds my expectations. Can't wait to process a large batch!
  13. Doublehelix

    Can't Make Ammo Fast Enough!

    Once again, thanks everyone for the great advice. I bought more primer tubes (I now have 10 SP and 10 LP), and the Mr. Bullet Feeder on Friday. Had matches on both Saturday and Sunday, so even though I got it mounted and "sort of" working on Friday night, I wasn't able to get it adjusted and working perfectly until this afternoon. Pretty SWEET!!! ? As others have mentioned, this is really a GREAT upgrade, much better than I expected. Took my about 8 minutes to load 100 rounds, and that included 2 cases where the primers did not get popped out properly and 2 upside-down cases from the case feeder ?. It is smooth as silk, and really speeds up the process. This was just a 100 round test run to make sure everything is working right, so now I will get out my Vibra-Prime and load up 1,000 primers, and pump out 1,000 rounds and see how she works in a production mode where I have to replenish primers, cases and bullets.
  14. Doublehelix

    Suggestions on a Chronograph

    As others have stated, the Labradar is pretty amazing, but expensive. I love @Foxbat comment: Haha! Brilliant!!!
  15. Doublehelix

    Effective Live Fire Training

    Great advice so far, but I also think you need to limit the number of drills you perform on one day. 2-3 skills at a time, no more. As Cha-Lee says, this all depends on what you need to work on most at any given time. Common drills for me currently (not at the same time obviously) as I work on shooting sooner and accuracy: -Bill Drill -Blake Drill -El Prez -Accellerator -Small dot accuracy drills at 7/10 yds -Large dot accuracy drills at 25 yds -WHO and SHO drills at 10 yds A couple of months ago, I was really focused on movement drills and entry and exit work. Still have a long way to go there, but right now, my biggest needs are addressed by the list above.