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  1. Major/minor at nationals

    It's easy to have a lot of laughs when Koppi's shooting. But since he did beat everybody on our squad, except Dave, I guess our days of giving him a hard time are certainly coming to a middle. Looking back I would have shot the 8 shooter. Then again, I did zero stage 4 so power factor's pretty irrelevant in that case.
  2. Damn. I was hoping to just shoot the match this year and not RO but now it looks like I may not be able to do either.
  3. Dr. Robert Perdue Jr.

    So sorry for your loss, Bob.
  4. Top Shot Season 3 Episode 5

    When I saw you grabbing handfulls of rocks to throw at the cans I was wondering if you picked up more than 6 at a time.
  5. Ya done good, Cliff! However, I too, was sorry about your balls.
  6. Area 3 wheelgunners

    I won't be making it, either. Spare traveling funds and time-off have become scarce these last few years. I should see you all in Memphis, though.
  7. Go get'em MR. Season 3 of top shot!

    Does Coors sponser the show, now? Exactly how much beer could you buy with 100K? Go get 'em, Cliff!
  8. Area 3 wheelgunners

    I'm still toying with the idea.
  9. Must be a full moon or something....

    Cabin fever seems like an appropriate term. Sunday during our latest snow storm I may or may not have opened up my patio door and shot some .22's from my kitchen. Don't know if I'll make it down to your match on the 19th, snertley. I may have to shoot the shotgun match the next day up at Harris, instead. I missed it last year.
  10. Merry Christmas

    A little late but seems somewhat approriate since it's Cliff's thread Christmas Eve, in the drunk tank. Hope you all had a good Christmas.
  11. IPSC Nationals

    Thankfully he has a sponsor now so he (hopefully) HAS to leave his shirt on.
  12. My Mother has passed away

    So sorry to hear that, Brian.
  13. S&W 617 Barrel

    I have a 6" but wish I had the 4". It doesn't really bother me that much but like Mike said I think I am going to just mill the underlug off. Maybe not the whole thing, though. Perhaps I'll start out at an angle kind of like the contour of my 627 and see how that feels.
  14. Cliff Walsh turns the big Four-Oh today!

    I checked the news but didn't see any interesting reports out of Florida this morning. Must not have been too crazy. Hope you had a good one, Cliff.
  15. Thanks to everybody involved! An entire day of shooting and I think I spent about two dollars on ammo. Tom is correct. It's a little different when you are limited to 10 rounds in the magazines and are shooting stages with up to 9 plates. There were definate times I should have been stepping on the gas more and wasn't. And a couple of times I did and shouldn't have. Already looking forward to next years. Especially if you do some weeknight shoots down at Hutch. I'm also rethinking my handgun choices and optics.