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  1. It kinda pisses me off that they will go through all the trouble of writing rules but won't print a rule book like the handgun one. I'm not going to print all that out, put wheels on it and pull it around with me at the range. I would love to use this rule set at my matches this season but if they won't publish them properly I will just stick to the much shorter FN rules.
  2. Stoeger M3000 Scattergun?

    Send it back to stoger, they should take care of it. A couple guys at my club had some problems with it not going In to battery, sent them back and now they run perfect. Pretty sure it was free too, just cost shipping one way.
  3. Stretch 16 barrel info please

    Didn't glock come out with some new coating on their gen 5 barrels? Maybe Stretch is going to use the same thing...
  4. Getting Started Designing Stages in SketchUp

    Awesome video thank you so much for putting it all together.
  5. This website has data for that combo http://www.hodgdonreloading.com
  6. New style STI mags

    You have to take your dremmel and the little tab on the follower that engages the slide stop has to be cut off. It will no longer lock the slide back and every round will chamber and fire. It's almost impossible to have these guns reliably lock the slide open on an empty mag. There is a bunch of videos on YouTube on how to grind off the tab but it's really pretty easy.
  7. New style STI mags

    Did you cut the follower so it can't lock back?
  8. Thanks Jackson I tried Google too and found 2 different ranges in new holland. Wasn't sure witch one.
  9. fiber optics rod?

    Thanks for the link, just ordered enough for the whole crew.
  10. I like this video for beginners for drawing And I can't find the other one for reloads but it's a max Michelle video.
  11. I'm sitting in a corner in Marshalls while the old lady shops. Gotta pay my dues for the Cabelas visit a half hour ago
  12. Strike eagle good for 3gun??

    I'm not sure if we're on the same page. If you pull off the rear scope cap, completely off, there is a plus and minus with a zero in the middle underneath of that. That is the actual Focus for different vision.