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  1. Stoeger M3000 Scattergun?

    Maybe just try calling stoger on the phone, not email, and ask them. If it's not supposed to do that they will probably just send you a new one.
  2. STI New style mags!

    I got 2 of the new style 140 9mm complete mags and the stock followers that came with the mags were sticking up pretty far but not actually comin out. I didn't even load them I just bought grams guts and ground off the lock tab. Been running perfectly so far.
  3. Shot Timers

    I have to recommend the pocket pro 2. Really simple to use, big screen, big numbers, loud beep, .10-199.90 par time. We love ours and the people at Competition Electronics are top notch.
  4. The next match is Sunday July 23rd. This match and all matches at Quinton sportsmans club are open to the public. Registration is now on Practiscore https://practiscore.com/quinton-sportsmens-club-july-3-gun-match/register 5 big bad ass stages. Website http://www.quinton3gun.com/index.php Remember, if you come out early, help with setup and stay after to help break down Santa will bring you a new gun. Setup starts at 7am. Registration closes at 8:30 and I will have a new shooters briefing at 8:30. Match announcements at 9 with the match starting after that. $20 for members and $25 for non members. I think this is the Facebook link https://m.facebook.com/login.php?next=https%3A%2F%2Fm.facebook.com%2Fprofile.php%3Fid%3D480685162262667%26tsid%3D0.8144195090284061%26source%3Dtypeahead&refsrc=https%3A%2F%2Fm.facebook.com%2Fprofile.php&_rdr New shooters are welcome to shoot. The kitchen will be open as always and will bring you what ever you order There are still spots open, just register and we will increase squad size as needed. The match will be capped at 60 shooters.
  5. Sierra 77gr Tipped Match King Loads?

    The standard load (go to load) for the service rifle guys is the 77gr SMK at mag length (2.260) and 24gn of Varget. That's out of a 20"HBAR with a 1:7 twist. I have a bunch of them left over from my service rifle days and now use them for 3 gun at anything over 250 yards out of a stretch 16 1:8 twist. They are really accurate, check out this shot at 42 seconds I'm sure you know that Varget does not meter well out of a regular powder measure and each charge has to be weighed either the old school way or with an auto scale.
  6. I'm not really sure what this thread is about I never had to much trouble with cases tipping. One problem I had was if I tighten the screw on the "V" blocks they jam up between the shell plate and the v block. I finger tighten the screw and back it off 1/4 turn and it runs smoothly. I used some blue locktite on that screw and that gummy gue keeps the screw from moving.
  7. That's a great idea, I'm going to do the same. Thanks
  8. Do you leave that in there for pistol brass to or do you have to remove it? Can you make me one of them?
  9. Charging Handles for AR-15

    Just checked my rifle mine is a Noveske not Nordic but like I said it's all the same with a different name and price. https://www.noveske.com/products/raptor-ambi-charging-handle
  10. Charging Handles for AR-15

    Here ya go http://graybadgerfirearms.com/product/black-ambidextrous-charging-handle/
  11. Charging Handles for AR-15

    I think you miss my piont, I doubt that radian actually makes/manufacturers/builds that handle. Much like receiver sets, very few companies actually make it. They just buy them, put their name on it and sell it. For example here's that exact handle without anyone's name on it for 1/3 the price http://graybadgerfirearms.com/product/black-ambidextrous-charging-handle/
  12. Charging Handles for AR-15

    Here's the gun deals site https://gun.deals/today?mobile=true
  13. Charging Handles for AR-15

    I have the nodic version of this one https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1086195223296/radian-raptor-ambidextrous-charging-handle-assembly-ar-15-aluminum There is a lot of companies putting their name on it, not sure who actually manufacturers them. Gundeals.com has them almost every day for any where between $40 and $100
  14. New STI mag rebuild ??

    I called them last week and they told me they have new ones but are not selling them yet until they sell the old style inventory first. Edit- I'm talking about 9/38
  15. New STI mag rebuild ??

    Where did you get them from?