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  1. This is what I did https://www.sassybrass.com/sassybrass/product/casecage/ you can just make your own to. B seehawer's is pretty sweet to. For the mod in the first post I did that too but used some of that hard clear plastic from a safariland package or the Caldwell chronograph package and used one of those giant paper binder clip things. Also take some of that same clear plastic and bend it same as the funnel, put it inside to make the funnel less deep because a 9x19 case will sometimes drop in there long ways. I'll post pictures when I get home in a couple of days.
  2. I was recently asked by a friend as to why I don't shoot uspsa anymore...
  3. I didn't vote because I want to say both. I go to a few different ranges for steel challenge. Two of the clubs do 6 stages, four of them official stages and two outlaw. The outlaw stages are not like you described they are still 5 plates with a stop plate just like a normal steel challenge stage but they are just randomly arranged. Sometimes they will even use different kinds of plates like the Tombstone and bigger circles like 16inch. It breaks up the repetitiveness of the same eight stages every match yet still gives you 4 official stage times.
  4. Saw the title got excited, saw the date and got ready to sign up! Then I read the f*#ked up way to distribute prizes, pass.
  5. http://shop.fiberopticproducts.com/Fiber-Optic-Lighting/Fluorescent-Fiber?page=2
  6. You're not the only one buddy. I ran into it all over the country and it's very strange. Especially when those guys don't know a single word of the proper range commands. And no I'm not talking about idpa matches, I don't shoot those.
  7. Yes I've always said f*#k bass pro shop but I use to be a big fan of cabelas. Cabelas always had great sales and pretty much everything went on sale at least 2x a year. They also sponsored a lot of the local matches. Now they never have anything worth buying on sale and don't sponsor anything. So now I reluctantly say f*#k cabelas. And the prices are a lot higher...
  8. Rte targets from Pennsylvania! Tell him Lou Scarborough sent you
  9. Is the prize table order of finish or that random draw BS?
  10. Take the Dawson mag and cover it with sharpie marker, let it dry it may take a couple coats to get nice coverage. Carefully insert it and see where it's rubbing. Tap it with a brass hammer or gently squeeze it in a vice to make it work. Use calipers to monitor your progress.
  11. Just send the receiver and tube to https://moaprecisionllc.com/ for 125 bucks it's a no brainer and it's done right. Call them first.
  12. louu


    Were you looking at the ones on gun.deals yesterday? I was thinking about getting some but I don't think I want the exposed because it probably smells like lead when you shoot and I don't want to breathe it.
  13. Anyone planning on trying it on a Stoger?
  14. I did and it did so I guess your attempt at calling me a Millennial that complains on the internet didn't work LOL.
  15. Exactly. This is why I beat my kids and my mom beat me, so we grow up strong and winners lol.
  16. Absolutely that's life, winners are winners for a reason and the same goes for the losers. Thats the way the whole world worked until the Millennials started crying that they want to be entitled to everything without having to do any work for it. I really don't understand people that see it any other way. Just like Tony the tiger said, if I got 149th out of 150 and won a better prize, or any prize at all I would feel guilty about it.
  17. Who exactly? I've read none of that in this thread. There's 2 kinds of people in this thread, order of finish or random draw. Can everyone pease stop comparing this game to sports like basketball, baseball etc. It's no where near the same. Anyone that wants to win a shooting competition can period. Jerry is old, slow and blind, Taran is huge, fat and slow, no offense to either of those guys I love them both. There are a lot of people that are just like them and are incredible shooters.
  18. Quoted for truth! Entitled is a key word in this post, oh how I hate that word/mentality. I'm not to sure how true the part about what class of shooter people see on YouTube to get them to want to try it but either way the come and goers will be just that no matter if they win a custom gun through random draw or a pack of stickers. Nothing sucks more that when the guy that it's his first match wins the best prize through random draw and never comes to a match again.
  19. No one really cares or is going to remember anyone that won unless their name is max, kc, Jerry, or jj... They just care about what they got themselves. Just look at the cesspool called social media, it's just a bunch of people trying to one up each other bragging about how great they are and what they have. I don't think I'm picking up what your putting down but it kinda sounds like you would rater compete against a lot of so so shooters rather than a slightly smaller field of top shooters? There's a simple solution to the whole debate of random draw prize table thing, don't call it a competition or a match, call it a fun shoot or a charity event.
  20. I totally see where you are coming from and respect that. For me I have fun testing myself, constantly improving and winning. So IMHO I am doing it right.
  21. Not true at all. I worked a major match for 2 years straight, I got to shake the hand of over 800 competitors and watch every one of them shoot. 90 percent of them were there with winning in mind. 10 percent of them were there just to have fun.
  22. It's not kinda participation trophy, it's is participation trophy. You only have to fire 1 shot on the first stage and you won. This is a major psychological problem in our current society on so many levels. Dont worry about the match not feeling up because it always will with people willing to work hard and place as high as they can. I'm seriously not trying to sound like a dick but there's no other way to say it. If you don't think you should be rewarded for your work you should just give your paycheck to the bum on the corner.
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