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  1. Maybe somone with the real reason will chime in but all the timmies and operators I know hate the whole competition scene and think competition shooters are dumb. Every time they see or hear the words competition shooting or match they run away and want nothing to do with it.
  2. The wife and I have them and they are pretty tough like you said. It will get a little bit easier the more you shoot it but not really noticeable. You best bet is to get one of the handles that go on the back of the bolt so your grandson can slingshot it. There's a few different styles, one is a ring, one is a cone looking thing.
  3. Where can I get it for that price? Please let me know if there's a code or what website
  4. How's your accuracy? Are you actually flinching low left/right? JJ explains it best
  5. Also just a friendly reminder... Keep at least 2 fire extinguishers near the exit of your reloading room and keep up on their inspections.
  6. Wasn't really sure how to title this thread. I'm wondering if anyone has looked into if we're allowed to keep powder, primers and ammo in the house. Like most of you guys I have a reloading room in the house and we all know all the flammable stuff we have. I like to keep pictures of all the stuff I own just incase something tragic happens and I have to use my homeowners insurance. Do you guys take pictures or have your reloading stuff on your insurance policy? Has anyone had to or know anyone who did have to deal with the insurance company for a claim from a house fire? I'm wondering if the insurance company got out of it because you had a reloading set up in the house. Side note, Any facts or thoughts about ammo or components going off during a house fire and the fire fighters putting it out? This is something I've been wondering about for some time now and just read a thread on national match forum about not leaving your chamber loaded because if a home fire occurs it will go off with the same affect as pulling the trigger.
  7. What happens when you need it repaired?
  8. Thanks bud I'll check it out
  9. Really wish I'd have known this stuff a couple of years ago. I did the EGW kit on my range officer and it's pretty much the same as stock, maybe a touch lighter. My STI is easily less than half of it. There's only 1 gunsmith shop here in South Jersey, I think it's called winters or something, I talked to him once on the phone and he was a total miserable POS.
  10. Not sure about that one. I always empty mine and store it with the dryer sheets.
  11. Whenever you're not using it leave new dryer sheets in it.
  12. Why is this thread still going on? He's never going to admit he f*#ked up
  13. louu

    Long range .308

    Buy a good scale, weigh every charge and use varget powder.
  14. What press did you get?
  15. Yeah, his name is tripod and no I'm not talking about your cell mate.
  16. Very nice. I did the same thing but had trouble with it falling over so I put a magnetic strip on the bottom. My press sits on a metal plate.
  17. You guys know you got trolled right. Dude started this thread last year and hasn't been back on this forum since.
  18. That pretty cool man, you handle that s#!t like it's a 22
  19. Are they brass or brass colored steel? Checkem with a magnet to be sure. I think freedom munitions is the only one doing that weird stuff but you never know these days.
  20. Are you just looking for a trimmer? This is what I use https://www.giraudtool.com/giraud-tri-way-trimmer.html It trims, chamfurs and deburrs all in one step. You have to resize first. I have mine on an old blower motor from a heater with the shaft sticking out of a barstool (stop right there lol) and on top I have about a 2 foot by 18 inch pice of wood with wood around it so it holds 2 of those plastic shoe size boxes with the trimmer head in the middle. I wear those rubber dipped gloves for grip, take them out of the front bin, cut them and drop them in the back bin. If you want a picture send me your email. I don't know why it has to be so complicated posting pictures here. The easiest way to get that trimmer head going is to get a small bench grinder from harbor freight and a shaft coupler from eBay. It has to spin counterclockwise when looking at the opening. Some guys just put it in a drill but drills are loud. Believe it or not the cheap bench grinder is pretty quiet.
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