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  1. P320 X5 Thread

    For me its about the amount of reach to the trigger face.
  2. P320 X5 Thread

    Rule question regarding the X5, if you were to change out the trigger on an X5 for the curved trigger on the 320, would the X5 be legal for Production?
  3. P320 X5 Thread

    At the state match yesterday one of our local, very good shooters, was bumped to open from CO due to magazines not making the gauge. I know this has come up before, but it would be a nice move to see it addressed from Sig. Of course it is the shooters responsibility to be sure that equipment meets the rules, but not many folks have a magazine gauge and the difference is so small it would be difficult to see without the gauge. Yes, stock magazines and base pads that come with the X5.
  4. P320 X5 Thread

    Just got back from putting another hundred or so rounds through it since I just installed the dot. Positives: Dot worked well, very bright, easy to zero Mount worked well Love the extended mag release Gun is super accurate Cons: Trigger is awful for a competition gun Grip tape didn't last 1 magazine. Not sure if the grip needs to be scuffed up, superglue used, etc. Still very tight (not really a con). Because of how tight it is the gun is way over-sprung.
  5. P320 X5 Thread

    Does anyone know the answer regarding the mag well for CO? From what I have read it does not appear to be legal.....
  6. P320 X5 Thread

    I took a bit off the back lip of the mount to get it to fit. Not a big deal.
  7. P320 X5 Thread

    Set up the X5 last night. Thanks to Scott Springer for the base pads, extended mag release and mounting plate. Went with the Vortex Venom. I will try to get out in the next couple of days and see how it does.
  8. P320 X5 Thread

    I am in the same boat. Thinking about the Leopold with the 7.5 min delta, with the Springer adapter. Anyone set up something like that?
  9. P320 X5 Thread

    Has anyone tried grinding down the grip yet? Would love to make it as small as possible.
  10. P320 X5 Thread

    Picked up my X5 today. Seems like a very good platform. Needs trigger work :). I would like the grip to be a bit smaller....we will see what happens with it. I am thinking about running a Leopold dot, Springer base pads, etc. just to play around in CO. Any thoughts?
  11. Far more important than the number of mags is that they work. I take 6 or 7 with me that I have absolute faith in and clean them as necessary during the match (which means not much)
  12. Sig P320

    I sent mine to Bruce. I did not weigh it prior to sending it, but I can tell you that it dropped WAY more than 1.5 lab's, along with being a much cleaner break.
  13. single stack

    I have shot both the Trojan and Para SS' quite a bit. Either will do what you need them to. Both will require a bit of work to truly make them a "competitive" pistol. One of the nice features on the Trojan is the flat topped slide. One of the nice features on the Para is the checkered front strap. I shot both with ammo loaded long, 1.180, in 10mm mags.
  14. Sig P320

    Just got the 320 back from Bruce. I have some 147 AAA loads to try in it. What (if any) has been the consensus of loads for these? Thanks!
  15. I am going to try and make it. Sounds like a great match.