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  1. I went up to a 115 grain bullet at 144 power factor. Definitely has a sharper impulse.
  2. I reworked my design for this lower. This is printed from a nylon based, carbon fiber filament. I need to weigh it, but it is super light. It is also a very stiff, not quite 6061 aluminum stiff, but close. I don't see this distortion while slamming a mag in like a tpu based magwell.
  3. I tried autocomp and hs-6 in my blowback gun, and it didn't really do anything different other than run extremely dirty. I made a comp similar to an egw comp for my gun and I have been happy with it. I helps for muzzle rise, but doesn't do much for recoil. Running different velocity and bullet weight combos, to me, the 95 grain bullet at 130 power factor was the softest and flattest combo for my rifle. Recently I have went up in bullet weight and power factor because I have had problems with poppers at local matches with the 95 grain bullets. When shooting a stage at speed, I don't think the little extra recoil effects my time.
  4. Diy Hydraulic Buffer

    Ok, thanks.
  5. Diy Hydraulic Buffer

    Great work! From the quick research I have done, this looks to be rated at best for 41 cycles per minute. Apparently it is capable of recovering quicker than that? I have been thinking about buying a hydraulic buffer to try. Thanks for posting this.
  6. I am up to my 3rd one now, I know what your talking about.
  7. 14.5" intermediate gased barrel

  8. 14.5" intermediate gased barrel

    What are your velocities in the 13.7" barrel?
  9. Vepr 12 Zhukov hand guard adaptation

    You just have to remove the front handguard retainer on the shotgun. I cut mine off with a dremel. The gasblock is a real pain to get off of a vepr. It takes extensive mods to the Zhukov chassis, as well as making mounts to fit the barrel. Going to be selling a kit in the near future.
  10. 14.5" intermediate gased barrel

    Did 14.5" have more concussion towards the shooter? Which barrel are you running?
  11. 14.5" intermediate gased barrel

    http://www.primaryarms.com/RF14.5-223WYLDE?trk_msg=GMR912I5TIV459RQUH1PF6GH04&trk_contact=O7RL5C126K4INF01AN0S6MIGDG&trk_sid=BSAKAV1R04A820U10HI759OMU8&utm_source=listrak&utm_medium=email&utm_term=SLOT_15&utm_campaign=17_07_Ad01_Part_3 This was on sale for $129.
  12. 14.5" intermediate gased barrel

    Thanks. I the back of my mind something is telling me to stick with my 18" GUNNER.
  13. I saw were these were on sale at primary arms. Does anyone have one of these? Spinta had a 16" rifle gased barrel on sale as well. Has anyone had one of these? I am intrigued by the longer gas systems on these barrels, wondering if they actually function reliably.
  14. who makes PC lever guns?

    I love my marlin guide gun in 45-70. I have been wanting to buy its little brother in .45 long colt. It would be a very versatile rifle, you could down load it with bunny farts and stoke it with 300 grainers that approach a mid-level 45-70 load. My current 3-gun and pcc addiction has complicated me buying one. P.S. Shooting a .45 Long Colt doesn't seem to have the same crack as a .357 or .44 to my ears. When it comes to filling freezers, I prefer the .45 LC to the other calibers.