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  1. which bullet

    Think I remember seeing that you were shooting ACME coated bullets in your PCC's before... how is the comp build up after lots of rounds down range with these? I've settled on the ACME 124's for my PCC and really like the colored bullets to easily distinguish from my 9 Major pistol rounds (MG-JHP's). Accuracy out of my GMR-15 is around 1.5" @ 50, so it's in the ballpark.
  2. Throat ream a PVD barrel?

    The first two reamers I tried were not new, but still very functional on untreated barrels. At any rate, the new PT&G carbide reamer did the job quick & easy. Also liked the sleeve & lock screws on it used to set the depth precisely.
  3. Throat ream a PVD barrel?

    Was yours the black PVD finish?
  4. Throat ream a PVD barrel?

    16 weeks later... Received the carbide uni-throater today. Using the PT&G Vipers Venom cutting fluid, it cuts through PVD like a hot knife through butter. Wow.
  5. 9mm Barrel Question, WHO?

    Who made your carbide throater? I ordered one from PT&G back in March and am still waiting. Supposed to ship at last today, but 14+ weeks is a long time to wait!
  6. AA#7

    9mm case holds 13.8 grains of AA#7 full to the top. I tried a little a few months ago and while it shot nice, it was very dirty in a gritty way. Had 1 malfunction where some of the unburnt particles got into my trigger bow area and limiting trigger travel so that I could not break shot. Not for me.
  7. I'm shooting through my first batch from ACME and they seem like a very good value. $365 delivered (with 10% discount) for 6,000 9mm 124 Grain RN-NLG Coated = $60.83 / 1000 Accuracy is good and I haven't had any I wanted to discard yet (loaded & shot 700 so far). They come in nice wooden crates and with lots of targets as well. Bullets were at my doorstep 2 days after placing order too.
  8. 9mm Major Primer Results?

    I get 10.2 gr of 3N38 in a resized 9mm case - flush with the top of the case.
  9. 9mm Major Primer Results?

    I ran nearly 5000 rounds at 1.200 before I had a bullet fall out. Was running True Blue at the time as well, so it wasn't compressed at all. 1/5000 isn't a high failure rate, but I still don't like to get burned by the same thing more than once if I can avoid it either.
  10. 9mm Major Primer Results?

    Thanks, that is correct - I did mean 1.200 Seemed like it was enough tension on the bullet, until it wasn't.
  11. 9mm Major Primer Results?

    My experience is that doesn't leave enough of the bullet in the case. Not enough case tension to hold bullet reliably. I ran MG 124 JHP's at 1.200 until a bullet fell out of case inside magazine during a stage. Kinda messy malfunction. I adjusted OAL to 1.185 with 124's and 1.165 with 115's and have never seen this again.
  12. 100rd sample pack. Acme. Quality concerns.

    I received my first order from ACME last week (124 RN) and have loaded several hundred so far. Bullets seem pretty consistent for coated with zero found that I wouldn't load & shoot. Not saying the finish is Montana Gold level, but they aren't in that price range either. ACME seems like a really good value and they look NOTHING like my 9major loads (MG-JHP).
  13. Most dependable Open Gun?

    Absolutely not a myth. Both of my CK Thunder 9's purchased this year have short throats. Many other reports of the same on BE. Max I load to in my CK's is 1.130-1.135 OAL with MG JHP's - bullets contact throat at 1.140-1.145. Also, many folks simply do not plunk test their loads. Just because someone loads to 1.165 does not confirm the bullet isn't pushed into the throat a little in that gun.
  14. 2011, Random inconsistent trigger pull

    +1 Not enough overtravel will present just like this. You may also have got a tiny piece of grit in there that pushed it over the edge from just barely enough overtravel, to not always enough. Try increasing OT by 1/2 -1 turn and see if that fixes it.
  15. Anyone using Tru blue for 9mm major

    I first used True Blue for 9major in 2008. Overall, it is a great powder. Pretty clean burning, not temp sensitive and very dense - 14.2 grains to fill a 9MM case to the top. Definitely NOT a compressed load for our uses. I really like the smell when it burns too The major load I used in a 5.5" Trubor S2 barrel was: MG 124 JHP OAL 1.165 8.2gr 172PF With that said, I recently tried it with my new CK Thunder 9 and the short OAL this gun needs right now... not a good match. Very flat primers when loaded to 1.135 OAL and major PF. Recoil impulse was very harsh compared to similar HS-6 & WAC loads at same OAL.