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  1. Very nice, thank you! I may have to upgrade my old Chrony someday.
  2. 231 has worked good for me as well, especially with 147 grn bullets. Can I ask you what kind of chronograph setup you have?
  3. These are .356, 500 rd boxes, at Powder Valley (as of this morning).
  4. 115 grain HAP’s in stock at powder valley (at this time). 500 round boxes.
  5. Thank you guys, I was concerned that there may have been an issue of some sort with case hardening or neck tension, over time, as the cases get reused. This helps me.
  6. I am not a competitor, in fact I am just now getting into target shooting and reloading for the 9mm and trying to learn all I can. I read somewhere that competition shooters only use their brass for two firings. Is this because of accuracy issues? With the price of new brass being high, this was discouraging to me. Does anybody know how many accurate reloadings you can get from 9mm cases?
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