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  1. Is 10.5 over the top for lots of popple holes?
  2. Can anyone recommend powder weight to make major in an open gun?
  3. Does anyone have experience with this sight on an Open gun mounted slide ride?
  4. I shoot limited minor with 140 SV mags and Dawson base pads. I can load 23 9mm by hand. Only one of the three needed a touch of sand paper to make the gage.
  5. The new ones will work in an STI, but require the release notch to be squared out. I have two old and two new SVI mags and they all work in my TruBor after the newbies had a bit of work done on them.
  6. Just spit out my first 29 rounds right out of the package. Sweet!
  7. Thanx. It took a bit to find them. It just took a tad bit more mussle.
  8. I just got an MBX mag today. Can anyone give me some guidance on how to remove the base pad? I don't want to damage something as finger pressure does not seem to do the job.
  9. Is a round count available for both matches?
  10. The 1050 has two big advantages 1. It handles crimped primer brass as mentioned above. 2. The internal stepped brass from FM, IMT, and AMMOLOAD will be very apparent in the swage stage if one of those POS got past your cull. That alone is huge, particularly if you load 9 major.
  11. If you are going to shoot competitive, get yourself a chrono wether you reload or not. Just because you made PF thousands of rounds ago with ammo made with different lot numbered components does not mean the latest batch will.
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