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  1. you could always fill your STI trigger with black epoxy.
  2. WAC open maj/min TG prod
  3. PD were slower in 2 of my guns. Not much, but slower.
  4. I load 7.0 wac w/121mg to get 170pf. My new 8# takes 6.8gr to get 170pf. Same out of 2 guns w/3 holes.
  5. I shot his load thru his gun and mine. It is a nice load. If I remember correctly, it is with cfe.
  6. Shmella, I did not use a file for the magwell. Sanding drums will take care of it all and it goes quickly. I did it in small steps and there is a lot of meat in those areas.
  7. Exactly what I used.
  8. Same issue. Worked on one grip so far and big difference. Hard to tell in pic. Rounded the front and removed the side edges.
  9. Same as teros.
  10. I did when I got it. Didn't say much, just the registration email. Went back this morning and it won't go past the final checkout screen. Thx
  11. Thanks. Just ordered it, I think. Got an email but it is all in Italian. I'll wait for another email.
  12. Thanks, I have decided on the Pal. Out of stock everywhere I can find in the US. Tried to order it on their website but no buy now link. Sent them an email.
  13. I have 2 EVO's and have not had this issue. Does it hang up with the slide off? Or the mag release removed?
  14. still trying to decide between the pal and the rf100.
  15. I load everything except stepped brass(FM, IMT, ammoland, etc). No issues with CBC.