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  1. I'm with focker and grumpy.
  2. I will PM you Vince's phone number. He does an awesome job.
  3. I cracked my 2 mos old STI slide yesterday. The builder(not STI) is standing behind their product and replacing it.
  4. I run mine at .350 rear and .357 front.
  5. Switched to an RTS2 and have not looked back. Just wish C-More could make an RTS2 with this size glass.
  6. I ran a 7# with a 130pf round. It didn't like much lower than that.
  7. Try a diff recoil spring if it has the recoil master still in it. Also a slower powder.
  8. 118pf. 115 mg, 4.8 wac.
  9. Second picture is my gun. The slide weighs 8.4oz. Has a EGW comp.
  10. The last one is a STS body.
  11. If you are looking to practice machining, try these.  I bought a few a while back.

    1. Edge40


      Thats awesome!! Thanks man.

  12. Any multimeter will do. If you have a harbor freight near you, they are free with a coupon or a few bucks. It tests the same as the Fluke I have.
  13. Or mag release spring.
  14. I agree with Ron. Can't be right.